Kannou Mukashibanashi – Little Mermaid

Kannou Mukashibanashi

One night the girl (I named her Oujo) was woken up by voice, she saw the book fell from the shelve. The man in the butler uniform appeared before her and said that she needed to treat the book as the important item.  She was surprised and asked him who he is. He said that he is a book’s guide. He is asking for her name and told her that he bore no ill minds toward her. After telling him her name, he said that this book is Kannou Mukashibanashi (sensuality folklore). She could experience herself as a character in the book. He said this book is not ordinary book. Just like the title said, it is not suitable for children. The stories in the books have a lot of endings, that can be decided by herself. The butler told her he will protect her so she doesn’t need to worry, and asking her to trust him.

Oujo agreed to do it, and he said to put the earphone or headphone (I picked earphone). And he started to whisper to your right and left ear.

Little Mermaid

Normal Route

Beyond the transparent wave and in the deep blue sea, lives the sea people, the kingdom of mermaids. The king has so many daughters, and all of them are beautiful. But among them, there is the youngest daughter, who is most  loved by the king.

Her cheeks are like a rose petal, her hairs are shiny. She has the most beautiful voice among the daughters. When she reached 15, she went into the surface for the first time. She saw the mansion, and the king held a party in there. Seeing a people dancing and doing a step, she longed to dance too but she can’t because instead having the legs, she has a tail.

One night, she sees the big ship, and a prince in there. She is mesmerized by his face. But the storm is coming and hit the ship. The prince fell into the sea, and the mermaid princess immediately saved him. She brings him ashore. His body was cold , she was anxiously shaking him, and holding his hand praying for his safety. As the morning comes, he begins to wake up and sees the woman’s figure. The mermaid princess immediately lets go of his hand and goes into the sea.

‘Never let be seen by human’ … That is the law of their kingdom.

Then as the time passes, the mermaid princess wants to see the prince again. She goes to the sea witch’s place to give her human leg. The witch gives her a potion, with it she can have leg, but in exchange for this, whenever she walks she will feel pain like 1000 knife stabbing her and also takes her voice. The witch also says if the prince marries another girl, she will disappear and become foam in the next morning. Because she longs to see the prince, she drinks the potion.

After a while, she wakes up at the beach and seeing the prince’s worried face. He asks her if she is okay. Since she loses her voice, she can’t reply him. When she tries to stand, she feels a pain. The prince realizes she can’t talk and her legs are hurting. He is worried and takes her with him.

One day, the prince invites her into the garden and sitting on the bench. He says he wants to show her his beautiful flowers. He puts the プリマル flower and kisses her hairs. He told her this flower resembles her, the pink color of petal looks like her cheeks. He goes closer to her lips, but before he does it, someone called his name, he has some works to do. Before he goes, the mermaid princess grabs his hand. It surprised him, but also he feels happy, because it is the first time she acts like this toward him.  So he asks her what she wants, she tells him to spend time with her after works. He promises he will do that.

He goes to her room and hugs her from behind after he finishes his works. He asks her about her legs whether it is still hurting or not. She desperate to say something but can’t. The prince saw her anxious face and wonders what she wants to say to him. He asks her to laugh, because seeing her face like that make his chest hurts.  Then he says that he wants to eat her lips, and asks her to be his side forever, she agrees.

One day, she can’t find the prince and starts looking for him. At last she sees him from the balcony, but her legs starts to hurt and she falls.  The prince notices her and goes to her side with worried face. They watches the scenery together from the balcony, and he tells her about a woman who saved him. He wants to see her again but he doesn’t know where she is from. He remembers hearing her voice :よかった. Then he begins to tell her he feels peace just being with her and promises her one day they will go together to the palace where he met his savior.

But the prince breaks the promise, he should marry the princess from another country. And that princess tells a lie to him, telling him that she is the one who saves him. Believing the story, the prince is happy and marries her. At their marriage party, the mermaid princess is left alone, and when she goes to balcony with such sadness, she hears her sisters calling her, and tells her it is still early to cry. The sisters give her a dagger and tells her that the spell can be broken if she kills the prince.

Filled with misery she goes to prince’s room. She tries to stab him but stops herself. She can’t kill him because she loves him. The prince wakes up and because he can’t see her face, he thought she is his wife.  When he grabs her hand, he realizes that this hand is the one who save him. A kind, strong, and warm hand. He will never let go this hand again. Then he starts kissing her again and again, deeper and deeper, and professes his love. The mermaid princess says in her heart that she loves him too, and it’s enough to have his love.

The prince asks her to show her face, and he is surprised when he sees it. The mermaid princess runs away and jumps into the sea and becomes foams. The prince chases after her but he only finds her foams. He grabs it and holds it in his hands. He is crying because he didn’t realize that it’s her who saved him. Even though she is near but he didn’t notice it. He says thank you for saving him and sorry because he is such a fool for not realizing it. He couldn’t recognize the most precious person in his life. The mermaid’s princess will remain forever in his heart.

Happy End

At the balcony, she hurts herself but she doesn’t want a prince to notice her so she keeps quiet. She sees him looking at the sky and talking to himself, saying that he wants to meet that person again. The mermaid princess is wondering herself who is that person. She worries if the prince loves another woman, she will become foams and disappear in the sea. Her eternal life, her voice, will be taken away, and she can’t see her sisters and father again.  With this kind of thought, she is quietly step away from the prince’s sight.

The prince goes to balcony and he sees the mermaid princess in the sandy beach. He jumps off the balcony and runs to her. The mermaid princess surprises seeing him there, she starts running away. But he follows her, and asking her with pained expression why she is running away. He asked her whether she doesn’t like living with him or she hates him. She screams in her heart that is not the reason. And they fell into the sea because the wave. She lands on his tops and he is asking her if he is okay. He is relieved because she is not injured. When she tries to get up, the prince holds her still. He said it is her punishment because he makes her worry.

Thanks to the sunlight, he realizes that she is the one who saved him. He remembers her face and the feeling of her hands on his cheeks. He didn’t realize it the person that he longs to see is always beside him. He says that he loves her and wants her to be with him forever. The mermaid princess crying happy tears. Then the prince asking her to marry him and she agrees. Suddenly her sisters and father comes from the sea to see her and gives her a potion. This potion gives her voice back and the pain in her legs also disappears. And she says I love you to prince for the first time.

Suicide Route

The mermaid princess goes to prince’s room and stabs him, but she only make a scratch. The prince wakes up and notices her face. Seeing her crying face, he asks her why she is crying. Then he feels a pain a blood flowing from his hand. Seeing the dagger he realizes she wants to kill him. He doesn’t know why she is crying and asking her if there is something wrong.  Suddenly the mermaid princess kisses him. He notices her feeling and he too loves her. But he feels guilty because he marries another woman and hurts her. He says that all of this is his fault and he can’t forgive himself. Using her dagger the prince stabs himself. The mermaid princess is crying and holding his hand. When he touches her hand, he realized that she is the woman who saved him.

The prince touches her face, he feels strange that his life is saved by her, but now, his life will disappear in her arms. He always searching for her, and he is happy if he can die in her arms. His last wish is to kiss her, and he can feel her warmth.  Before he dies, he tells her he loves her, and says goodbye to her.

The mermaid princess crying and saying she can’t live without him, so she stabs herself. The next morning the prince’s guards searching for him and they finds him covered with blood in his room. And beside him lays mermaid princess, her legs are no more, it goes back to her tail. The tales of their loves is spreading, and their story will never disappear inside people’s hearts.

Love Comedy

In the sea witch place the witch gives her a potion to make a prince a mermaid. He will lose his legs and replaced by a tail. But the condition is if the prince is not loves her, he will become a foam, and also she will lose her voice and her eternal life. Then at the beach she pretends to faint and kisses him to pass the potion. The prince loses his consciousness and he wakes up in the sea. He is surprised to see him with a tail but later he is having a fun and enjoy it.

One day because there is a ray of light showering mermaid princess’s face, he recognized her as the one who saved him. The he asks her to marry him and she agrees. He meets her father and asking for permission. He won’t agree and hurts him but the mermaid princess slapped her father for hurting him. The king is surprised, and the prince said to him he loves his daughter and will make her happy, he still doesn’t agree, but he threatens that he will run away together. The king gives up but he gives him a condition. He needs a training and can’t see mermaid princess until he finishes it.

He needs to collect 1000 sea urchins in 3 days, before the dinner party begins. The king’s servant dispose all of sea urchins that he has collected to make him give up. But because he wants to marry the mermaid’s princess, he will not give up. In the third day, he is worried whether he can collect it all or not. He is collapsed and wanting to see her. But suddenly the mermaid princess comes and helps him. And when they are searching for urchins, the giant clam eats the mermaid princess’s hair.  To release her, the prince cut her hairs.

When they come back to report to the king for their success, the king is mad because mermaid princess went to help him and her hair was cut short. The mermaid princess starts to cry and the King finally gives up, he gives them his consent, and holds a marriage party.

Man Pride Route

They finish collecting the urchins but they come late for the party, so the king will not approve them to get married. The prince is sad and begging the king to give him more training. The mermaid princess is always waiting for him even it takes years.

Woman’s Fight Route

The prince goes to the sea witch place to retrieve the mermaid princess voice. The mermaid princess doesn’t want to go there because she is worry for him, but the prince assures her he will be fine. The witch refuses, but the prince tells her he will do anything to get her voice back. The witch then tells them to get a jewel, a mermaid’s tear that shining in 7 colors at the labyrinth, and they can’t get out if they can’t get it. There can only be one person who can go to the labyrinth, the mermaid princess offers herself to go there.

In the labyrinth she is lost, but she finds a group of fishes and decides to follow them. She finds the mermaid’s statue and takes the mermaid’s tears. When she comes back, the witch breaks the promises and already cast a spell on the prince. Then the mermaid’s princess makes a wish to a jewel, and the prince returns to his normal self. The two of them defeat the witch, but  before making a wish to give back her voice, the jewel loses its power. The mermaid princess doesn’t mind as long as she is with him. The prince too doesn’t mind since they are together.

Horror route

Instead the princess now it is the prince who will get a mermaid’s tear. He tells to wait for him. He says he wants to hear her voice. At labyrinth he is lost too, then he sees someone resembling mermaid princess, he follows her. But when he tried to kiss her, he saw the mermaid statue and he is turned into stone. Before it he says sorry because he can’t keep his promise. The mermaid princess doesn’t know about it, for 100,200 until 300 years later she keeps waiting for him. And many years later in the sea, the people in the ship can hear her voices, asking where he is. They can hear the Prince’s voice too, searching for his princess.


The mermaid princess sees the prince at the beach and he says he likes it here and it was the place where she saved him. He says the biggest obstacle is her father by making him to gather 1000 sea urchins. But he understand his feeling, if they have a child he will do the same, especially if they have a daughter, because she will be cute. He wants to have a child with her soon, but he will wait for it. If they have a child she will be busy, he wants her for himself for now.

The little mermaid’s story is so good, I like the story, the prince VA, the art, the colors and the song. In the suicide route, I was in tears because it is so sad, I feel like I can feel the prince’s pain.  But because I really like happily ever after so the happy ending one is my fave^_^

Maybe I’ll do a bluebeard’s story next time.


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    • Ha2 iya makasih sis buat bantuannya juga, kemaren aku banyak nanya sis he2. Ha2 iya sis sekalian ngelatih bahasa inggris aku supaya makin lancar ^^ Yupz gamenya singkat kok makanya cepet beresnya he2

    • Hm kayanya abis ini aku mau main storm lover, kemaren belum beres udh pindah ke kannou ha2. Sekarang aku lg mau review Zeus’s story. Aku bisa bilang deh, di mana2 Zeus tuh pasti selalu jadi playboy haha. Sis msh crimson yah? Rencana bikin review ga sis? (soalnya aku pasti baca klo sis bikin xD)

  1. Zeus yah hahaha dia emang terkenal Playboy (d legenda nya bnyak cewe kan..)
    Review Crimson? Wah mau sih cuman belum dpt gambar CG nya sis..klo dapet pasti langsung aku posting deh.. (sekarang quinrose system nya ga bisa save CG kayak dlu.. Jadi susah mesti nyari CGnya di intrnet..)

  2. Congratulations on your blog~ 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

    I really want to play Kannou but I just couldn’t find the time orz judging from your review… I think I’ll cry A LOT when I play this. (I’m really bad at sad things that’s why ;_;) You’re doing Zeus next? 楽しみよー oh, also, if you’re planning on doing SL, it has a lot of lulzy moments xD

    • Hi^^ thank you, it is the first time I’m doing the review, hope it is ok ^^ Yeah, little mermaid one really makes me cry. Yup, I’ll do Zeus next 🙂

      Lol, so Storm Lover is really funny? Ah can’t wait to play it xD

      Edit: Btw can we exchanges the links?

      • Well, I found some parts of it rather silly that’s why xD a few routes could be boring as well (at least for me) if if you like heavy shoujo manga-ish kinda story, I think it’ll be just interesting.

        I’ve added you to my blogroll~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

  3. thank god i found your blog lol. someone said that this game is really good but i just don’t have enough time to play games lately orz. But then after I read your review, I have the sudden urge to play it too

    Can’t wait until finish all of my schoolwork ヽ(;▽;)ノ

    • Thank you for reading, yeah while I have a mixed feeling before I played it but in the end I really enjoy it ^_^

      Definitely you should try it when you have time ^_^

  4. I heard this from your friend (also your friend) that you had finished all of the Kanou Mukashibanashi route.
    Can you please help me on getting out of the normal route!? I know it has to do with something with L and R button but somehow i cannot get it right… It keeps on going ‘Would you like to quick save/load?’… that isn’t what i want!!!
    Would you please help me on how to get out of the normal route?

    -nA-chan (former blog owner of 白黒悪魔)
    it would be great if you send it to this email foreverblue25@gmail.com
    if you are interesting in otome drama cds, please tell me~

  5. Selamat atas blognya!. .
    jarang2 aku ketemu orang indonesia yang juga suka Otoge. . >.<
    aku mau nanya hal yang sama tuh dengan Na-chan. .
    soal yang . kannou. . aku udah dapat ed normal. . trus gimana guna'in tombol. . R n L. . . keluhannya mungkin sama. . yah. . yang keluar. . QS sm QL. .

    mohon bantuannya. . . 😀

  6. Eh, maaf apa ini saya yg lupa ya? Ternyata org Indo juga yah? Haha.. Saking byknya org Indo yg main Otoge.

    Prince di sini chara design-nya salah satu favoritku. Ceritanya juga masih Good-lah dibanding Zeus. Paling parah yg horror yah? Merindingnya sama kaya cerita Banchou Sarayashiki.

    • Wah…. sis org indo juga yah? (≧∇≦)/ . Beneran ga nyangka he2, iya sekarang banyak org Indo yng main Otoge sih (*´▽`*).

      Bener aku juga plg suka cerita yg Little Mermaid, terus backgroundnya bener2 kayak fairy tale (*´▽`*). Zeuh sih, aduh bener2 kecewa pas ke rute dia he2. Yg Banchou aku baru beresin normal route aja, tobat deh aku pake earphone terus ngegamenya malem2, sampe ampir ngejerit (pedahal aku suka ntn film horor haha).

      • Pdhal Zeus itu seiyuunya Kondo Takashi. Aduh, suara dia kalo di drama CD berubah2, salut juga. Kalo lg jd narator dan Zeus beda jauh! Tp sayang, designya begini dan cerita buatan Otomate-nya begitu.

        Yup, aku juga tamat-in Banchou & Little Mermaid sendirian sambil begadang. Merinding gitu..

        • Bener, kalo dari segi suara emang dia pro banget, pas jadi Zeus dia kedengerannya cheesy abis haha. Dan ternyata pas aku cek dia pernah isi suara jadi Leon di Agarest War, bener2 beda jauh, gak sadar aku klo itu org yg sama (≧∇≦)/.

          Jujur sih drpd Zeus mending mereka pilih cerita ttg Ares ato Eros hehe. xD Eros di sini lucu banget ^-^

          Edit: sorry ada typo:P

  7. (tidak bisa reply jd terpaksa yg baru) Yup, Eros sepertinya lbh hot drpd Zeus. Orpheus lbh menyedihkan. Kalo ada Ares sih…Sakurai! *bakal happy banget*

    Aku pertama dengar Kondo dr Black Cat (Train Heartnett). Di situ suaranya keren!

    • Orpheus tuh yg musician itu yah? Wah klo itu kaynya lbh tragic lg ceritanya (⌒▽⌒). He2 iya suaranya Sakurai tuh (≧∇≦)/ apalagi pas dengerin di little mermaid waktu suicide route, terasa banget kesedihannya ヽ(´ー`)┌

      Oh Kondo isi suara juga di Black Cat? Harus cari animenya nih, pengen denger haha \(≧∇≦)/

        • He2 tp rata2 greek mythology emang berakhir sad ending deh, kyk cerita aphrodite sama Achilles, endingnya mayan tragis juga(ーー;)

          Black Cat dah lama banget sih animenya, Kondounya juga msh muda haha(≧∇≦)/ .

          Oh iya sis lg main amnesia yah, ga sabar nunggu reviewnya (br sempet mainin Ikki aja sih (≧∇≦)/ )

  8. Ahhh!! I listened to the Drama CD and totally melted away with Sakurai Takahiro’s voice. I also love the background music in this tale, it’s so soothing and beautiful… Your post let me want to play Kannou Mukashibanashi too!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ But being a fangirl is really expensive… ^^

    Oh, dear god, I almost fainted, when I saw the charming prince half naked. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He’s too handsome for me to handle. xD

    • ^-^ IKR his voice is so AJSHDKSH. But when I heard him crying, I almost break my heart, his voice totally in pain :v: The background music for Little Mermaid is absolutely sooting, and also the art xDDD If you like fairy tale I recommended playing this game. But avoid Leda & Swan story LOL. Naked prince charming is the best LMAO ^-^

      • I think, I will buy it someday, since I LOOOVE fairy tales AND dummy head mic, so can’t really skip this game… orz
        Leda is sooooo beautiful (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, but I heard, that Leda & Swan is a quite messed up tale in this game, since it always ends not so good?! … LOL

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