Kannou Mukashibanashi – Leda & the Swan

Leda & Swan


Normal Route

A long time ago, human and gods live together. The gods live in the highest peaks of Greece, Mt. Olympus. Zeus, a powerful god, has a wife named Hera. Although Hera has unusual beauty, he still seeks and desires many beautiful women. One day he sees a beautiful woman by the lake; her name is Leda, a Queen of Sparta.

Captivated by her beauty, Zeus wants her body and mind. Wanting to see her again, Zeus transform himself into a swan. Leda and Zeus meets, and they become closer. Leda likes to stroke his wing. At one time Leda falls into the lake, seeing this Zeus offers his wing to help her. Leda refuses because she is afraid for his safety. Zeus desires her more and more, because she is such a kind and selfless woman. She cares for others rather than her own being.

Zeus returns to his normal body and brings her into surface. To save her, he gives her mouth to mouth respiration. After he is sure she is alive, he brings her into her room. He says ‘おやすみ レダ, 良い夢を’ (Goodnight, have a pleasant dream) to her before he leaves. Next morning, Leda doesn’t know Zeus saves her, she thought it is the swan instead.

One day Zeus sees Leda in tears, she tells him her husband will go to war, and she fears for his safety. Her husband is Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. Zeus, wanting to see her smile, decides to help her. He goes to Aphrodite’s place to seek her aid. Aphrodite asks him what the reason for his action. He answers her, for someone who is important to him. Aphrodite decides to give a help.

Zeus, in swan’s form and Aphrodite, in eagle’s form, goes to the battlefield to see Tyndareus. Seeing a swan, Tyndareus remembers the past. When he met Leda for the first time, there’s also a swan nearby. Zeus wants him to think about Leda and goes home to her. But even though he misses his wife, he can’t go back. He has a duty as a king. Zeus gets angry and plans to hurt him. Before he does it, Aphrodite stops him, by wounding his wing.

At night, Zeus comes to Leda’s room, he is sorry because he fails to bring her husband back. Then for her sake, he transforms himself into Tyndareus. He (in Tyndareus’s form) tells her he comes back for her. Leda not knowing he is Zeus, believes it, and spends night together.

Later Leda lays 2 eggs (I don’t understand why the narrator said it is tamago=eggs instead of sons), Castor and Pollux. The eldest one, Castor has a human body, but Pollux has a body like Zeus (immortal). Both of them go to wars and Castor loses his life. Because Pollux always wants to be with Castor, Zeus makes them into a star, named Gemini.


Jealousy Route

Instead goes to wars, Tyndareus decides to return to his wife. At night he comes to her room and saying sorry for making her lonely. Leda cries in joy, but hides her face. Tyndareus asks her to show her crying face, he doesn’t want her to hide it from him. Tyndareus tells her, he saw a swan in the battlefield. By seeing it, he remembers how they first met, and how he notices her feelings. He promises, from now on he will be by her side.

Up in the sky, Zeus and Aphrodite watching them, Zeus is happy for Leda. Aphrodite asks him why he is happy when the woman he loves is together with another man, because it is not like him to act like this. Her words pierce his heart like an arrow, he begins to doubt himself.

Next day, Leda thanks the swan for bringing back her husband. She sees him as a savior and friend. Zeus doesn’t accept it and he changes back into his usual form. Leda is surprised; the swan she knows is actually Zeus, the god. Leda asks why he always helps her. Ever since he sees her in the lake, he always desire her, she is very beautiful. He wants her for himself and grabs her hands.  He is offering his love, but Leda apologizes because she can’t accept it.

Suddenly Tyndareus appears and goes to them. Knowing the while story, he starts to get mad but later calm himself because he knows Leda won’t betray him. At night Tyndareus professes his love to Leda. But after he goes to sleeps, Zeus begins calling Leda. He tells her, he will teach her the taste of pleasure with his body.  Every night Leda will be filled by Tyndareus and Zeus’s love, and later she gives births to twins, who will become a star, Gemini.


Immorality Love

Seeing Leda with Zeus, Tyndareus doesn’t want to believe what he sees and keeps muttering to himself that this is a dream, then he goes away. Leda who doesn’t see Tyndareus, keeps talking with Zeus. Leda says her thanks to Zeus, but she can’t be with him because her body and mind belongs to her husband.  Zeus is disappointed but he understands her answer and goes back into the sky.

When Leda arrives in her room, Tyndareus informs her he should returns to battlefield. Leda is surprises and sad hearing his decision. Back in Mt. Olympus, Eros comes to see Zeus. Because Aphrodite needs to go to Sparta, she sends him instead. Eros tells him Tyndareus returns to war. Hearing this Zeus is thinking about Leda, and changes himself into swan.

In her room, Leda is grieving for her husband; she feels a hole inside her heart. Then she begins hearing Zeus’s voice and goes to the lake to meet him. Zeus asks her to accept his love, and he will teach him how his love is. He doesn’t care if she has a husband because he loves her. At first Leda doesn’t want it but eventually she agrees. They kiss and spend night together, again and again when Tyndareus is away. Both of them know such thing is forbidden and sinful but they will accept the consequences. Leda sheds a tear; this tear is not a pure one, not a sad one too.

Zeus knows inside Leda’s heart there is always be her husband, and yet he still gives her his love. Even they are in a wrong path, they’ll keep doing it.


Pure Love Route

When Zeus is talking with Leda, suddenly Hera appears before them. She changes Zeus back into his normal form. Seeing this Leda is surprised, and Hera tells her he is not ordinary swan but his husband. Then Hera reveals his intention, he changes himself into swan to be near with her. She drags Zeus back to their place, and punishes Zeus, because he is betraying her. Hera orders him to say that he belongs to him, and Zeus does it. Hera’s anger becomes thunder, and Zeus’s tears pouring into land as rains. For many days the sky is stormy.

After the rains have stopped, Leda goes to lake; she sees something falls from the sky, and turns out it is Zeus. With his body full with wounds, he asks Leda to touch his grief with his hands. Leda puts his head into her laps. From the moment Zeus sees her beautiful face, he always watches her from sky. Even he is god,but he feels lonely. He knows Hera loves him, but her love is not involving 2 person, it is the love for herself. Her love is selfish, and this kind of love can destroy everything.

Leda pities Zeus, she soothes and holds his hands. Suddenly Hera comes and unleashes her anger. She takes Leda’s voice, and changes her into swan. Hera begins to blame Zeus, she says all of this are Zeus’s fault. Hera tries to catch Leda and makes her into her slave, but Zeus saves her, and with her wings she flies away to Tyndareus’s place.

Tyndareus is surprised seeing the swan in the war, he notices the swan has the same scent with Leda, but he still doesn’t know it is her. He thinks the swan is the one who befriends with Leda. Somehow he feels strange because talking with this swan, he feels like Leda is beside him. At night Tyndareus sleeps beside her and Leda suddenly hears Zeus’ voice, he begs her to come with him. Leda agrees, because she feels helpless in that body. Zeus promises her, he will not make her feels lonely. But before they go away, the thunder strikes from the sky and there is a man appears in front of them. This man is actually Hera’s servant and he comes to take Leda’s life.

Hearing the ruckus Tyndareus awakes from his sleep. When Hera’s servant tries to kill Leda, Zeus stops him and calls her name. Hearing it Tyndareus begins to wonder if the swan is actually his wife, so he takes her and run away from them. Both Zeus and Hera’s servant chase them. Because Tyndareus is only a mere human, he starts to lose his power. At the critical time, an eagle appears and brings them to Olympus.

In Olympus, the man introduces himself as Eros, he is actually Aphrodite’s subordinate. Tyndareus feels so lost because he can’t understand why Hera after them, Eros immediately explains him everything. Eros saves them because it is a request from Aphrodite, and she saves them  not because of her kindness, but rather she is annoyed with Zeus and Hera bickering at each other. Then Eros suggests them to take arrest and settle all the matters tomorrow.

In the morning, Eros comes to wake them up and he informs them Aphrodite is with Hera right now. Eros says there is a way to return Leda back into human, but Tyndareus needs to make a decision from 2 choices. There are two arrows, if the first one strikes him, he will fall in love with someone else, and if the other one strikes him, he will forget her love for Leda. Hearing this Tyndareus chooses to erase his love, because he is confident that someday he will fall in love again with Leda. He says this is his fault, since he always goes to war and leaves her alone. That’s why he will take a punishment. Tyndareus asks Leda to believe in him, and Leda says she does.

俺は必ず … もう一度お前に恋するだろう  (≧▽≦)

Suddenly Aphrodite appears before them, and behind them are Zeus & Hera. It seems they were having a bet on them. And right now Aphrodite wins the bet. Because her promise to Aphrodite, Hera changes Leda back into human and returns her voice. Tyndareus immediately embraces her, and seeing this Zeus finally gives up.

Sparta has won the war, Tyndareus can go back to Leda again. In Olympus, Zeus is watching them, and he is getting his moment with Hera (Zeus is flirting with Hera).


Legend of the swan route

This time Tyndareus can’t decided between two choices. He doesn’t want to forget Leda, and also doesn’t want to love another woman. His heart belongs to him and he will love Leda even she is in swan’s form. Suddenly there is a light and Tyndareus changes into swan because he can’t fulfill the bet with Aphrodite and Hera. Aphrodite appears, she says whether it is human or god, men are selfish. Aphrodite tells Leda that he already forgets her. Tyndareus flies away from her, in sorrow Leda goes alone into the sky with her wings.

Since Tyndareus goes missing, Sparta loses the war. The lake that Leda used to visit becomes forest. Zeus, who still loves Leda talks with a swan, and asking her if she sees Leda or not. Zeus will always wait for Leda and keeps loving her.


Three way circle (Threesome) route

When Hera is about to change Leda into swan, Tyndareus comes and save her. Then he notices Leda already loses her voice. He is angry, he doesn’t care if they are gods or humans, their actions are unforgivable. Tyndareus attacks Hera with Hades’s sword; this sword has a power to defeat gods. Hera and Zeus retreat for now, and Leda gets her voice back. In Olympuss, Hera summons her son Ares (God of War). Ares is Hades’s relative, so his sword can’t hurt him. Hera asks him to kill a human (Tyndareus), but even she offers him a country and a woman, he refuses. Zeus and Ares attitudes make Hera resent men more.

O(≧∇≦)O ……..Ares….. O(≧∇≦)O

Despite what Ares has said to Hera, he goes to see Leda in the lake. When Ares’s hand tries to touch her, Leda slaps it; he says she is an interesting woman. One day a war breaks, Tyndareus needs to go to battlefield again, and he will not win easily this time, because in enemy side there is Ares. One day before war, Tyndareus comes to Leda’s room, he promises he will win and go back to her. Suddenly Ares appears, Tyndareus fights him, but he loses because the sword won’t work on him. Leda tries to save Tyndareus and makes Ares angry, he threaten her to cut her ears and hands. But Zeus saves her in time and Ares run away since he has no chance against Zeus.

Zeus heals Tyndareus wounds for Leda, but when he is talking with Leda, Tyndareus attacks Zeus with his sword. While they are fighting Ares appears again and attacks Tyndareus. In the mess Hera appears but the three of them still fighting. Hera gets really angry so she makes Leda disappear. (What the heck with this route ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8)


Ruin’s route

Tyndareus refuses to fight Ares in Leda’s room. He says this place is not the suitable place to decide their fate, he will settle everything in a war tomorrow. Ares laughs, because he is confident he can win so he leaves them. Tyndareus promises Leda he will win, but in the end Tyndareus can’t keep his promise. He dies in battlefield, and in despair Leda tries to take her life. But before she can do it, Ares appears and changes her into immortal, so she can’t die and reunite with her husband in Hades’s place. Ares tells her that she is his. But suddenly Zeus appears and defeats Ares. He brings Leda to Olympus and they have a happy life.



Zeus and Leda have a time together in the lake, he keeps telling her that he loves her and will do anything to drive away another man in her life. Leda is not confident since she is only a mere human but Zeus tells her not to worry about such thing.


Okay… while my reaction for Little mermaid: (*^▽^*) , then after I finished Leda & swan I changed my reaction into: (* ̄m ̄). I thought I can enjoy this story since I like Greek mythology but this one is boring. Instead of Zeus I want Eros or Ares (*^-^*).


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  1. I’m not sure how to get the motive choice to work as I usually put the game to run on auto. Any signs I should look out for? Or should I choose before I start making the choice?

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