Tokimeki Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story – Sakurai Ruka

Title: ときめきメモリアル Girl’s Side Premium ~3rd Story~

Publisher: Konami

Platform: PSP

I should play kannou but my mind is distracted by this game and amnesia later (*´▽`*).  I already played the DS one and decided to try the PSP port. The story and setting are the same with DS. You (heroine) is the student of Hatabaki High School, you need 3 years to pursuit the guy you like. In PSP port they add one more guy you can pursuit, Hasumi Tatsuya.



The art and color in PSP are much better from DS, and when they talk, their head sometimes will move around to left or right lol. While I like all the guys, I don’t like the character design for Niina and Arashi (but I totally like their personality).



You will have 2 girlfriends, Karen and Miyo. Both of them are totally kind and adorable, and I am so glad there is no more love rivalry. If they are in 🙂 or higher, one of them will invite you for a double date with the 2 most guy with highest affection. In my case Karen invite the heroine, Ruka, and Tamao. Karen is totally adorable, when I choose Ruka to accompany heroine riding a Ferris Wheel, she is grinning and said なるほど. Unlike the previous series, if you choose a guy she likes, she will disappoint and get angry with heroine (* ̄m ̄)

Hanatsubaki Karen

She is the one who help you with fashion. If you phone her on Sunday she will give tips about fashion and she will tell you the style that the guys like. I think she is quite popular with the girls lol, she even has her own fan-club (#^.^#)

Ugajin Miyo

Miyo is the one who will give you information about people. She will inform the guys (or the girl) affection toward you. Miyo is really cute but she hates it if people mistake her for a child ^_^.

And you can phone Karen/Miyo to hang out together; it is good to raise their affections.



In DS it is called skinship, but since PSP don’t have a touch screen, they changed it into approach system. You can press O = smile, grinning; Triangle = touch, hold hands, square= prank, and you can use your analog to get closer and become intimate with the guy. I did it with Ruka and he started to blush, so cute(*´▽`*). And depending how you approach the guy, you can become an angel or sweet devil. Pink feather = angel, purple feather= sweet devil.


Mini Games

There is a total 4 mini games, 3 for sport festival (Rolling the ball, three-legged, and ball fight) , and 1 for trip school (pillow fight). In DS, I think the easiest one is ball fight but for PSP it will be rolling the ball. You just need to roll your analog like crazy ^_^


Boy’s Life

You can freely visit the boy in real time (depending on your PSP time setting). So at 3 am, I was looking into the guys room, everyone else is sleeping but Ruka and Niina are still awake ^_^ and they are watching TV.

Ruka…. it is already 1 pm, why you are still eating breakfast (*°∀°) ?


Part-time jobs and club.

Both of it are good to increase a certain status. I choose Tennis for club and since I pursued Ruka, I pick Anneri flower shop for part time job. Ruka is there and you will get a CG scene with him later.



I am so glad they changed the system for bombing, now you can only get bomb from the guy(s) that you already date. In 1st and 2nd series, once in a month I always get the warning from the guys.  Really… I didn’t date them and they started bombing me…..



Ruka is the brother of Kou, both of them are heroine’s childhood friend. Unlike previous prince, Ruka is not perfect; he is rather a troublemaker and likes to fight. His favorite word: 満足満足, and he likes to say he is a hero lol. Ruka likes to tease the heroine, he says for a white day he will give you a chuu (kiss) (≧∇≦), but in the end he says it is a joke and give her a present. And also when you got sick, Ruka will visit you and offer to feed you (*°∀°).

I really like the scene in hospital when heroine brings him a valentine chocolate. She searches him to the rooftop and he suddenly hugs her from behind (≧∇≦), totally so cute…. And they include more scenes for PSP, when the heroine is working in the Aneri flowers shop, she accidently pricked her finger on the rose’s thorn. Ruka sucks the blood from her fingers and starts talking about sleeping beauty (*°∀°), heroine is a princess and Ruka is a prince. He says the princess needs a kiss from a prince lol, but as usual he only teases her ≧∇≦.

Sugita Tomokazu ≧∇≦, I love his voice.

For the ending, I get ending 1, I don’t know the differences since I never get Ed2 but his confession is adorable. The silhouette when they kissed is totally romantic.

Overall this game is really fun to play, I recommended it if you like light romance.

PS: I never did a PVP mode so I don’t know how it is work.


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    • He2 iya soalnya Ruka fave sih, wah Fuji yah, dia juga cute, aku suka semua characters di sini ^^ Kayanya ga sis, soalnya agak males klo hrs ngulang dr awal hehe

  1. Wah! Hasumi!
    Gimana cara ketemunya. . ??!!
    Parameter requirement nyah?

    Wawawawawawaw. . .. udah selesain . . fuji,seiji,en tama.. nggak ketemu sama Hasumi!!!!

    Mohon bantuannya!

    • Wah sis cepet juga yah aku cuman selesain ruka doang he2. Oh klo aku baca dr wiki jepang ada 2 cara:
      A: kalo parameter style kamu 200 kamu bakal ketemu dia di tahun ke 2 bulan january, ketemunya pas shopping sis.
      B: Parameter 100-200, ketemu di tahun ke 2 bulan Maret.

      Terus pertemuan ke-2 kamu bakal ketemu lagi pas Sunday di minggu depannya.

      Pertemuan ke 3->Bulan Agustus
      Pertemuan ke 4->September

      Aku baru ketemu dia sekali sih jadi ga yakin bener apa ga terus jawabannya juga menentukan sis. Dicoba dulu aja sis ampe pertemuan ke 3 soalnya abis itu ada requirement lagi kayanya.

      Moga2 kebantu ^^

  2. Ah! Arigatou!
    Udah maen sejak masih di DS. . jadi dah berpengalaman. . .
    cuma ngejer ending aja dulu .. biar dapat queen training suit. .. .
    banyak secret chara yang butuh itu . . .

    ooh. . .sip deh!


  3. Ruka~ (〃∇〃)

    I think PVP is when you date 2 guys at the same time? And they’ll fight over you. Though I haven’t done that too since I can’t bear to leave the other guy D:

    PS i forgot to follow your blog ^^;; hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll 🙂

    • O.O so I need to date Ruka and Kou at the same time to activate PvP… Ha2 I think I’ll stick with one guy from time being since I too can’t bear to choose one of them lol.

      Thank you for following my blog ^_^ Of course, I’ll also add your blog, (*≧▽≦)オハツでっす♪

  4. oh my precious little baby Ruka why you so adorable (人´∀`*)I played him after I’m done with Kou because I’ve seen Kou being so protective over Ruka as if Ruka is his little sister orz ;;

    I’ve never gotten sick before but, it’s kinda nice to see Ruka visits you can spoon-fed you (/ρ\)いやーん might worth to try even though my stats will be lowered

    I took part in Rhythm Club because it increases intelligence, arts, charms and fitness but tennis is not bad too ^^

    Actually, I cried towards the end. It was a moment of truth or something and the painfulness he had to went through before this. That really got me when he was hospitalized. Seriously what are you doing Konami I cried a river ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

    PvP is Pride vs Pride right? I think i’m going to play Kou vs Ruka mode right now. It’s kinda fun but risky to play with these Sakurais’ fufufu ❤

    • Ruka and Kou is truly adorable, I am playing Kou right now, and the blushing Kou when you poke him is beyond cute (≧∇≦)/. While Kou is serious and protective, Ruka is more playful, I really like the Sakurai’s brothers (*´▽`*)

      Yupz PvP is Pride to Pride, but I think I have no gut to play that mode yet (I don’t want to break Ruka or Kou’s heart lol) (T▽T) .

  5. first, I want to say sorry first because my questions maybe seems weird, since this is my first time play tokimeki…
    I wanna ask, I heard in NDS you can give birthday present. How about in PSP version? then, I have finished this game once, and at the end, I was with Miyo, not any other guys. I kinda want to know, how can I date them?
    Please help me >_<

    • Hi, oh the system for NDS and PSP are the same except the skinskip when you date with the guys. Yes you can give the b’day, valentine, and Christmas presents for the guys.

      First you must phone Miyo to get the B’day date and also their phone number.

      If you already got their phone number, you can call them for a date on Sunday and holiday.

      Hope that will help you ^-^

            • Hmm did you phone Miyo on Sunday? There will be a choice to ask the information about the guy(s). If you do this, you can start call the guy for a date and gives them a b’day present. ^-^

              • Question onto this thread, why can’t I buy a birthday present the guy likes? It seems like no matter how high the affection and how much money I have, I don’t have a smaller option to buy something of his preference. I passed the DS version and i still remember what they like and don’t like but I don’t have an option to buy their favorite item, only Karen and Miyo. I’m on the Arashi route btw. I have a large screen with random items that don’t appeal to him.

                Also, why can’t I do anything but smile? I’ve gone to the favorite date spots, wore the right clothes and colors, have the right responses lol. His affection finally hit ” 🙂 ” but it wasn’t until the second year (i dated almost every weekend of the month) and could still only get the option to smile.

                Maybe there’s something I don’t understand or something I’m not getting? I do love the graphics in this much better than the DS, but for me the approach system is really hard to adapt to/understand. I had a blast with skinship on the DS lol and it was easier for me to pick up.

                Tips and info please!!

              • After you saw Arashi for the first time have you asked Miyo for his information like B’day Date, phone no etc. Because if you won’t you can’t give him any present. Hm for the affection its should be really easy since I got Ruka to highest one with lots of dates, have you activated 3P? Or dating other guys?

                It’s been a while since I played this game so maybe I forgot something. And iirc there is a choice to make you as sweet devil or angel, you should choose the correct one for particular guy like Ruka = angel, and his brother: sweet devil.

                Sorry I can’t help much but hope it helps you a little.

  6. It’s so hard for me to get the guy to like me T_T All of the guys are in friend zone still for me and I can’t get there affections. First time playing otome games, so I’m clueless about these relationships. >..>

    • Just keep dating him every weeks, giving him presents, chocolate, etc my affection went from 🙂 to 😀 in 1 year by doing that. And also don’t forget to choose correct answer for a date.

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