Kannou Mukashibanashi – Bluebeard


Normal Route

Once upon a time  lives a man who is rich and has  a mansion. He has a blue beard and a scary face; he is called Aohige. Aohige has 6 wives, but people don’t know where they are, nobody ever sees them again. One day Aohige sees a woman with beautiful face and her skin is so white. He thinks she is like a goddess and decides to make her into his 7th wife.

He invites her, her mother and 2 brothers, also some of her friends to his mansion and holds a party. The woman thanks him for inviting her, but he says seeing her smiling face makes him happy. The woman feels that he is the kind man, so every day they are spending time together. One night, they sit on the bench in the garden. Aohige asks her what she thinks about him whether she is afraid of him or not. The woman says she is not afraid of him because he is kind and honorable. Aohige is surprised, he says that he likes her a lot, and he wants to know if she has the same feeling with him or not. The woman returns his feeling. Hearing this makes him happy, he hugs her and proposes to her. If she marries him, all his money, and also his eternal love will belong to her. She accepts his proposal and they hold a wedding ceremony afterwards. Both of them are happy, and Aohige is glad to choose her as his wife.

One day Aohige must leave due to his work, he gives her a lot of keys that can be used to open all the rooms in his mansion. He suggests her to use it and invites her friends so she won’t be lonely. But Aohige says there is one small key that she mustn’t use. This key can be used to open one small room, but he forbids her to enter it.  The wife promised him not to use it, Aohige trusts her. He kissed her cheeks before he leaves.

For a moment the wife does as Aohige has suggested, she invites her friends and having a fun. But she remembers about the room, she is curious so she enters it. The room is dark, she almost can’t see anything. When she examines the room, she finds 6 bodies with blood in there. All of them are Aohige’s previous wives. Seeing their dead bodies, she panics and run away from the room, but she drops the key into the pool of bloods. She quickly grabs it and exits the room.

When she returns to her room, Aohige comes back from his work. He immediately goes to her room, saying he misses her and will not leave her again. But when he hugs her, the wife is shivering with fear. Aohige feels there is something strange with his wife, so he asks her for his keys. With trembling hand, she picked the keys from her pocket and gives it to him. Aohige notices there is blood on it. He immediately knows she broke her promise. He thinks she is different from other women, but in the end she is the same because she betrays him. He says he will kill her and drags her into the room with corpses. He puts the knife into her throat, and orders her to pray for her last-minute. When he is ready to kill her, her brothers comes to visit. Hearing their voice the wife shouts for their helps. The brothers immediately follows her voice.

They are shocked at what they saw inside, they quickly save their sister, and kills Aohige. Because her husband is dead, all of his possessions belong to her now. The wife invites her mother and brothers to live in the mansion. The wife is still thinking about Aohige and her love for him, she feels guilty because she broke her promise.

Scheme Route

It is the same with normal route, the wife betrays Aohige, and knowing it he tries to kill her. Her brothers come in time to save her. But they begin discussing how to kill him and who will kill him (actually they are a marriage swindler). The wife volunteers to kill him and her brothers binds Aohige’s body with rope. The wife orders him to plead for his life but even he does it, in the end she still kills him by stabbing his heart with an arrow. After Aohige was killed, they live in the mansion and always use that room to kill their next targets, another rich men.

Mysterious Route

Using the key, the wife opens the door. She sees two men and two doors inside the room, they say they are gatekeepers (left and right gatekeepers).  Because the previous door is disappeared, she can’t go back and she must choose one of the doors in front of her. The wife decides to enter the right door, inside she sees two doors again but this time there is no gatekeeper. She chooses right door again and again until she return to the entrance of the mansion.

There, she sees Aohige who just comes back from his work. Seeing her scared face, he asks her what has happened. Touched by his concern, she confesses to him about breaking her promise and entering the forbidden room. Aohige is glad for her honesty; he forgives her and asks her not to enter the room again. This time the wife keeps her promise, she never goes to that room again, and they have a happy life.

True Love Route

Aohige gives the keys to her but she is not confident to keep such a precious thing. Then Aohige gives the keys to his butler to keep it for her. While Aohige is away, she invites some of her friends, but she still feels lonely without him. So she calls the butler and asks him what activity that she can enjoy. The butler brings her into one of Aohige’s room, it has cards table and billiards, but the wife doesn’t want it. The butler notices her loneliness, he offers her his time. She can talk with him if he feels lonely. The wife is happy to have someone who can listen to her.

Because they spend a lot of time together, the butler begins to fall in love with her. He confesses to her. He knows she is his master’s wife but he can’t stop his feeling. The wife enjoys talking with him but the one she loves is Aohige. The butler accepts her decision and he gives up.

The next morning, Aohige returns home, the butler reports him that his wife doesn’t enter the forbidden room. Aohige goes to his wife, hugs her and he says that he misses her a lot. Still suspicious, Aohige asks her if there is nothing happens when he is away. She assures him she never breaks her promise. Aohige begins to kiss her lips and ears. Both of the confessing their love, and he apologizes for making her lonely.

Then one day, Aohige must leave again. He says this time it is for her sake, he promises her this will be the last, so he asks her to endure it. She understands and will wait for him. Aohige gives the key to his butler again, but this time he gives his wife a small golden key. Again, he forbids her to use it. The wife keeps her promise; she puts the key in her jewelry box. When Aohige comes home, she returns it to him, and tells him that she always keeps it in her jewelry box. Hearing her faithfulness, Aohige apologizes for testing her. He says he did it on purpose. In the past he always got betrayed by others and he loses faith with people. The wife is sad because he doesn’t trust her but she forgives him. Touched by her kindness, Aohige promises her that from now on he will always believe in her. He says he wants to show her something, and then he takes her hand, and brings her to the forbidden room.

With his small golden key he opens the door and enters the room. Inside the wife sees a small garden. He says this garden was given to him by his parent as a present when he is small, and it was full with flowers. But right now the flowers are gone. He likes to play there where he was a kid. But one day his parents were killed by servant, and after that he lives alone for a long time. He wants love so he married his previous wives, in the end all of them only want his money. But when he is in sorrow, he met her. She gives him a light in his life, he thanks her for opening his heart. The wife is touched by his story, she decides to plant the flowers in his garden. Aohige is afraid to accept her warmness, but she assures him that she will stay by his side. Aohige hugs his wife, kisses her again and again. It is the first time he experiences such a love. He says that she is his light and his life.

At the end they have many children, all of them playing in the garden that already full with flowers. Aohige says the garden is like his wife, pretty, warm, and kind. He is very glad he meets and marries her, and he will love her forever.

Quintuplets Route

After Aohige gives her the small golden key before he leaves again, the wife curious about the room and enters it. Inside she sees 4 men who have the same face with her husband. She is so surprised and immediately exits the room and locks it. Right after she locked the door, Aohige comes and he sees his wife came out from that room. The wife apologizes to him. She wants to know what is inside his precious room, he is an important person to her so she wants to know him more. Aohige forgives her but he feels sad because his wife broke her promise. Aohige takes his wife to enter the room once again, and explain to her that they are quintuplets.

The five Aohige has a different role. Aohige no 2 is an expert in real estate management. Aohige no 3 is responsible to appraising and collecting work of art. Aohige no 4 is an expert in war and intelligence. Aohige no 5 is an expert in high society. And the Aohige that brings her inside is an expert in love (恋愛専門). He says there is only one who is her husband, and she must choose.  The wife picks the right man (the one who is an expert with love). She hugs him, she always remember his scent and warmness.

Hearing it Aohige is happy and he apologizes for testing her.  He says she is the person who he loves the most in the world. The wife forgives him and they live happily together, protecting the secret about Aohige’s brothers.

The Wife over Blubeard Route

When the butler confesses his feeling, Aohige’s wife accepts it. He hugs her, he won’t make her feel lonely and will always make her happy. When Aohige is not around, they spend time together. One day the wife needs to go away from home, she gives her small key to the butler. That key leading to her secret room. Then when the butler returns to his work, he remembers the key. Because he wants to know more about her, he chooses to open the door and goes inside. Seeing many dead bodies in it, the butler quickly exits the room and locked it. He is afraid and can’t believe with what he saw. He keeps denying and then returns to his work.

The next day, the wife comes back. The butler greets her, but when she hugs him, he is trembling. Because of it the wife knows he enters her room. Although the butler begs for her forgiveness, she still kills him. Then she has new butler, but she keeps repeating her deeds.

At last Aohige comes home, he notices she has a new butler and asks her about the previous butler. She lies and says the butler steals the jewelry from his room. Aohige believes her.

The wife keeps repeating her activity when Aohige is away. Aohige notices that she changes the butler again. This makes him suspicious; he accuses her for having an affair. The wife begs to believe her, he is the one she loves. Aohige believes her words and apologizes for doubting her. Then one day he hears about her secret room and opens the door to go inside. He sees a lot of dead bodies and among them was his butler. Suddenly the wife appears with sword in her hands. She tells him she has no choice but to kill them, they betray her by breaking their promises. Aohige grabs her hand and orders her to drop the sword, but she resists and she slashes him.

Before he dies he touches her cheeks and apologizes for making her lonely, all of it is his fault, and he loves her. The wife grabs his hand and crying. After that no one know what happens with his wife.

Passing each other Route

When the wife lies about the butler, Aohige doesn’t believe her. The wife is crying and telling him about her affair. Aohige is disappointed with her, and he can’t forgive her easily. The wife grabs him and asks him what she should do when she feels lonely without him. She tightens her grips, and when Aohige tries to release himself from her. The wife falls and hits her heads. Aohige runs into her and keeps calling her name but she already dies. Then Aohige drives away all of his servants. He stays together with his dead wife body, showing her the flower that she likes. He will love her forever.


The wife is afraid and runs away from the forbidden room, but what she sees is a small garden with Aohige in there. They discusses about their experiences in the past routes, how he kills her and vice versa. Then Aohige begins talking about his brothers, he is afraid she likes them more than him. She tells him not to say such thing; her love is only for him.


Well Aohige’s story is a lot better than Zeus, although some are creepy but the true love route is really sweet (#^.^#) , and I really like the CG with the children.


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    • Yuoz aku juga baru tau bluebeard ceritanya agak creepy he2. Kagok sih sis jadi aku terusin, cuman progressnya lama xD Hmm kayanya abis ini Hensel & Grettel ^^

  1. Kok judulnya aohige yah. . padahal kaga ada janggutnya. . XD

    Maunya gambar si butler dimasukin juga biar lebih jelas. .^^

    Waah . . ga sabar buat reviewnya. . henzel n grettel . .

  2. Aku saranin pas maen rute. . bancho sarayashiki jangan pake headphone. . bisa teriak.. sumpah yang rute2 awalnya menakutkan semua. .

    Udah beres. . . . yang Extra part paling bawah. . juga udah kebuka. . .

    Udah nyoba Otoge apa aja bulan ini sis?

    • Ha2 iya katanya nyeremin abis yah? Pas banget dong, aku suka nonton film horror sih (#^.^#) Wah sis cepet yah, aku progressnya lama banget ^_^

      Hmm baru coba Tokimeki ama Amnesia Later. Itu juga baru rute Ruka, sama Ikki doang (≧∇≦)

  3. HIYAAA! ! ! Sampe sekarang belum kelar DL amnesia later T_T
    Nyunyunyunyu . . . . Kent-sama ~ =3=

    Oh iya tuh Hosokawa Tadaoki. . . rutenya rata2 Guelap~

    Wah. . ga jauh beda playlistnya. . . bedanya kemaren aku baru nyoba Hana Oni Yume wo Tsuzuki. .
    Uooo~! Rute kaki-sama disini romantis banget. . ~ XD

    Bakumatsu Musouroku juga udah coba. . sayangnya bikin bosen dan monoton banget~

    Uoo! Ganbare yah!
    Selamat menuntaskan all rute. .
    Di tunggu review2 lainya. .~

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