Kannou Mukashibanashi – Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Normal route

Once upon a time, in the entrance of the big forest lives the poor woodcutter with his two children and his new wife. The older son is Hansel and the younger one is Gretel. One day the poor woodcutter doesn’t have anything else to support the children; his wife suggests abandoning the children in the forest. At night in the forest, Gretel is crying because she is scared, Hansel hugs her and tells her not to worry. He already uses the pebble to mark their way. By following the trails they can finally return to their home. The next day they wife is angry and orders the woodcutter to leave them again in the forest. This time Hansel uses the bread to leave the mark but unfortunately the animals in the forest ate all of it.

Seeing Gretel crying, Hansel vows to protect her and not make her sad. He takes her hands and together they are trying to find the way home. But after days walking around in the forest they still can’t find the way back. One day when they are walking, Gretel falls and hurt her ankle, and Hansel carries her on his back.  They saw the strange white bird; following it they finally find the house that was build from sweets (cookies, chocolates, etc). The sweets smell tempts them, Hansel says that it is okay to eat it since the house is big and they will only eat some parts of the house. When Gretel is eating chocolate, her face is dirtied by it and Hansel licks the chocolate from her cheek.

Hansel: Ahh … Gretel. The spot that I licked right now, do you know what the taste is? It’s almond.  Then I’ll do the same with your other cheek. This spot …hmmmm… the taste is …. mango jelly….

(I’m kinda shocked with this scene, aren’t they are still a kid? Lol)

They are continuing eating the house and feeding each other. Not long after that the grandma comes out from the house. Hansel apologizes for eating her house, but the grandma invites them inside to eat more cookies and milks, she is also allows them to sleep at her bed. But when Hansel and Gretel are sleeping the grandma reveals her true self. She is actually a witch who likes to eat children, especially a beautiful one. Hansel starts to wake up but seeing her evil smile he begins to notice her evil intention. He wakes Gretel but the witch sees it, and uses her magic to bind their body. The witch decides to eat Hansel first, Gretel pleads her to release her brother, but it is futile.

The witch orders Gretel to cook and feeds her brother to make him fatter. At night Gretel goes into Hansel’s room and crying. Hansel takes her in his arms to let her cry, when she calms down he tells her to eat some soup and bread. But before she reaches the soup, she collapse due to hunger. Hansel makes her drink the soup from mouth to mouth.

Then the witch comes to their room and angry for their closeness. She drags Hansel and Gretel to the big stove, preparing to cook and eat them.The witch orders them to jump into the stove but Gretel tricks the witch by saying the stove is not big enough. The witch goes near the stove, explaining that the stove is big enough for them. When she turns her back Hansel pushes her inside the stove and locks the hearth. After the witch dies, both of them hug each other and crying. Hansel asks Greta to stay together with him from now on, Greta agrees. Before they exit the house, they take some diamond, and gold into their pockets. Then they go to the deep of the forest.

Wizard Route

When the witch decides to eat Hansel, Gretel offers the witch to eat her first. The witch agrees and she chains Gretel’s feet with chains. Then she orders Hansel around, she even kicks him when he did a mistake. At night Hansel goes back to their room, seeing Gretel with chained feet, Hansel vows to protect her and becomes stronger for her sake.

Then one day Hansel sees the witch transform the small bird into swan, he is amazed. He begs the witch to teach him magic (so he can save his sister). The witch reminds him the training will be difficult and harsh, but Hansel determines to learn it. Finally Hansel learns the transformation magic, he shows it to Gretel by changing the book into a chick. Seeing her happy face is enough for him.

Hansel: You are my important treasure.

Hansel is thinking to beat the witch, and retrieve the key to release the chains that binds Gretel’s legs.  Gretel is thankful for her brother but she worries about the witch. Hansel is surprised because even the witch chains her, she is still thinking about her well being. Seeing her kind and beautiful heart, Hansel drops the idea.

Next morning Hansel follows witch’s order with happy mind. Seeing his determination and his love to Gretel, the witch gives him the key to release Gretel’s legs. After releasing Gretel, Hansel decides to stay with the witch to learn more magic. He wants to make all children happy with his magic, giving them foods and presents. Hearing it Gretel too decides to stay and learn magic. One day Hansel teaches her to fly in the sky, and they are eating the clouds. When they return back to the ground, the witch greets them. After that the three of them live together with happiness.

Brotherly Love route

When Hansel decides to defeat the witch, Gretel supports him and she too wants to learn it so she can help him. Hansel is happy for the thought but he won’t let her to do it because the battle will be dangerous. He promises to return and asks her to wait for him. But the witch already knows his plan and they fights with magic. When Hansel is losing the witch goes into Gretel’s room and beats her. Seeing Gretel in danger Hansel gets mad and defeats the witch with his fire magic. But even Hansel defeats the witch, he don’t release Gretel’s legs. He doesn’t want to let her go.

Hansel:  In here, you and I will live together. You are mine….mine…

(He is so possessive lol)

Because Gretel loves her brother too, she doesn’t mind being chained, and they live happily together with love.

Harlem Ghost route

When they explore the forest, they find an abandoned old house. Even though they are scared they have no choice but to enter it and decide to sleep there. But strange things happening in the house, from the window they can feels the cold wind. Hansel leaves Gretel to check the house and asks her to wait for him. When she is alone, she can hear someone laughing and it turns out the voice belongs to two ghosts. The ghosts wants to eat her soul, but fortunately Hansel comes back just in time. It seems the two ghosts are the resident of the house. Wanting to protect Gretel, he attacks the ghosts. The ghosts are surprise because Hansel can hurt them. Gretel decides to fight them too; and they confess to each other.

Hansel : I’ll protect you

Gretel  : Brother, I’ll protect you

Hansel : I love you…

Gretel  : I love you too….

Before they attack them, the ghosts writhe in pain and their body becomes smaller. Hansel doesn’t know what happens but it is the chance to attack them and they lock them in the cupboard ( …. and the ghosts’ voice sounds like a chipmunk lol).  After that another ghost appears, but he assures them that he is harmless. He is actually the ghost leader, and he tells them that they can win the fight because of their love. He knows the 2 ghosts are in wrong side but he pleads to release them. Knowing they are not in danger Hansel and Gretel release the 2 ghosts and their size return to normal.

The 2 ghosts apologize to Hansel and Gretel, and the leader asks the reason they enter this old house. Hansel explains everything to him, and because they don’t have a place to go, the leader offers them to leave with him and the other 2 ghosts in their house for time being. Hansel and Gretel are happy and accept his offer.

They live happily, and one day the leader asks whether they want to live in his house forever or not. Hansel is really happy but he needs to ask Gretel’s opinion (accepting his offer means they will be the ghost too). Gretel accepts his offer too, because the ghosts are really kind, so she doesn’t mind living with them forever, and at the end Gretel is loved by Hansel, the leader, and 2 other ghosts.

Denouement Route

When the ghost leader offers to live with the forever, Gretel rejects it. Even though their parent abandon them but Gretel still wants to go home and lives together again. The leader ghost and 2 ghosts decide to help them. Hansel and Gretel along with the ghosts go to the parent house. When Hansel greets the parent, they are disappointed and angry, they still don’t want the children. Then the ghosts are trying to scare the parent and bind their body. The leader wants them to experience Hansel & Gretel’s pains.  In the end the parents apologize to Hansel & Gretel, they realize they are wrong. To forgive them or not, Hansel will leave the decision to Gretel. Even though they did an unforgivable thing but Gretel forgives them. From now on they are living together as family, and after Hansel thanks the ghosts, they go back to their house.

A few years later they are still living together, Hansel and Gretel already grow up. Hansel tries to wake Gretel in the morning but Gretel still want more sleep.

Hansel:  Then, right now… I can do whatever I want with you right?

Revenge Route

When Hansel fights the ghost he loses and they run away. The ghosts manage to capture them and eating their souls. Hansel and Gretel become ghost and their body are transparent, they can’t touch each other again. The ghost leader appears, and Hansel gets mad at him. The leader says that they can go to heaven instead being a ghost, but since Hansel has a grudge with his parents, they can’t go to heaven right now. Gretel already forgives the parents, but Gretel decides to help him if he wants the revenge. The leader tells them a way to go to heaven, they need to get rid of their vengeance. Hansel asks the leader why he is still being a ghost if he doesn’t have a grudge with someone. The leader explains to them that it is his job to lead the spirit so they will not fall into darkness.

Hansel and Gretel go to the parent house, and knocks the door. The step-mother comes out, she find the beautiful horse standing nearby. She calls her husband and they decide to capture it. The horse runs away and they chase it. But when they get near it the horse disappears, and they fall into the cliff. Hansel and Gretel appears before them, they are freaked out because Hansel and Gretel become the ghost. They beg for forgiveness, Hansel and Gretel decides to stop it and forgive them. The parent realizes their mistake and they are crying for them. Hansel and Gretel are saying goodbye and go to the sky.

In the sky the blue light covering their body, Hansel wants Gretel becomes his sister again in heaven.

Ghost Route 

Hansel decides not to take a revenge on his parent and he doesn’t mind staying as a ghost as long as Gretel is with him. Hansel takes Gretel hand, they go into the sky and watching the stars together. From now on Hansel and Gretel watch the forest from the sky, if there are a lost child, they will guide them to safety. Because of their help the people call them a guidepost ghost.


In the bonus they find themselves in their house, after experiencing all the possible routes, the witch uses the magic to return the time (before the father abandons them in the forest). Hansel says he will always be together with Gretel. Then when they hear the father is coming, Hansel tells Gretel not to be afraid, because whatever future awaits them, they will face it together.


Hansel and Gretel story is okay for me, but their brotherly and sisterly love is kinda strange. They are more like lover than siblings lol (^_^;)


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  1. Cinta antar kakak beradik yg kayak cinta sepasang kekasih…. Wah,kayak ini aku pass sis XS heheh
    Hbat lo sis,bsa melalui jalur spt ini,,aku ga than hee
    Masih mnding sih klo kakanya ga sdarah hee,, Hansel type shota yah, juga bukan type aku… Kalo sedikit keren mungkin aku mau aja jalur ini hehe XD

    • Ha2 aku juga awalnya agak2 kaget, apalagi mereka msh kecil tp perkataanya udh kayak org dewasa (^_^;)

      Udah kagok sih jadi aku terusin aja. Shotanya aku msh gpp secara Gretelnya juga msh kecil, sibling lovenya itu loh haha.

  2. O ya,,klo ga slah otome koi kakumei juga cinta sibling kan?? Main juga tuh sis?? Awalnya aku kuat loh soalnya kakaknya lucu bnget (siscon) tapi ga smpe habis matinya hehe,, aku denger akhirnya ga smpe mnikah cuman hidup berdua aja,klo smpe mnikah…………

    • Wakaka iya yg sama onichannya itu yah, aku main tp ga ambil rute dia, ga kuat uy klo temanya kyk bgt. 😦 Tapi msh mending sih drpd Gekka Romance, main juga ga sis? Ada yurinya….sampe shock haha

  3. Aku main loh Gekka rouran,,awalnya kukira itu cwo!! Keren bnget,, eehh ternyata Cwe!!! Shock juga,,cukup dngan shota ai n sibling ai,,Yuri aku ga bisa bnget,,pass.. Bner2 ga bisaa.. Jadi aku tinggal aja deh!! (pdhal semua chara udah selesai loh,tinggal dia aja ) =_=|||

    • Ha2 pdhl rutenya dia bagus loh, klo dia co aja, udh deh plg bagus rutenya malahan he2. Aku juga ga bisa sis main yg yuri gt, tp asal ga terlalu berlebih sih msh bisa ^_^

  4. Oh, Hansel. Lol all dat brocon and siscon – I mean, what?? xDDD LOL gosh so off topic… and omg the Brotherly Love route… wow lol I can almost smell the yandere in him :p lol I agree, I thought it was a bit interesting that they put these two together lol but oh well \^o^/ I mean look at Hansel in the Denouement route… He became such a bishounen (  Д ) ゚ ゚ haha! I have to admit I have a pretty big bias towards Hansel, especially after Zettai Meikyuu Grimm….. (♡´౪`♡) haha!

    • Ha2 Hansel is cute and dat voice ( ̄ー ̄) lol. Yeah he becomes yandere in brotherly route, I got freaked out for a little while. He chained her and he sounds possessive lol Grownup Hansel is the best (≧∇≦)/

      Ah Zettai Grim…. I agree I love the Hansel in that game, and kinda disappointed because he is not capturable _| ̄|○, orz

      Oh I’m playing Atelier Rorona, not the Elkrone, but judging from friend’s review Elkrone is very cute. Must play it someday xD

      • I know when I saw grownup Hansel I was like “WHOA. Was not expecting that.” o(≧∇≦o) He suddenly just became so ikemen xD Hahaha! Yeah I’m disappointed with Zettai too that you can no capture Hansel 😦 but Ludwig was just as good ohoho 8D

        :0 oohhh~ I wish I could play the Atelier games, but alas no PS3…. for now 8D lol! But yeah I agree, the Elkrone game looks really cute and kind of funny too~ I like the Atelier games a lot, which surprised me cause I thought I’d hate the alchemy mini-game stuffs but then I played it and was like, “this is so addicting. 0__0” lol!

    • Ha2 I agree Ludwig is enough for me xD He is so adorable especially his grownup Ludwig xD

      Ah I don’t like alchemy’s stuff to since I am lazy to collecting the ingredient but I agree this game is addictive and the battle system is cute. For Rorona the story is kinda linear though sometimes I got bored with it but I need to finish it haha. xD

      • I know right? xD Grownup ludwig is just love ❤ 8DD haha~!!

        I don't like collecting the ingredient too much either, but I have to say the battle system is pretty good. I think that the Atelier series is a good combination of all these things? xD Although yeah I agree, the story line would probably be somewhat linear because of the request system lol. Sometimes I prefer the linear story line and sometimes I don't, I've noticed lol

  5. Siblings lover?? :/
    waah,sma kya Love Revo dgn Onii-chan ya sist,knynya klo aku ga tega sis klo mau main ini,apalgi klo saudara kandung, T.T
    aku jga blum mainin route nya Love Revo sma Onii-chan, 😦
    pdahal pngn,tpi entah knpa ga tega,hhehe…, =_=v
    tapi dsini chara Hansel nya cute,hehe ^////^

    • Sama sis, makanya aku ga bisa main yg onichan gara2 sibling lover. Pas Hansel sama Gretel aku juga udh agak males main tp udah kagok jadi selesain aja hehe

      Aku tuh paling ga bisa nyentuh yang sibling lover, harem lover etc haha. My heart can’t handle it lol

      • hem,iya sist,kan krna dlam agama Islam ga boleh,mkanya agak mles mau main route nya Onnie-chan, 😦
        tapi cman game ya sist, tapi ttep gmn gtu,hha, 🙂

        sma sis yg berbau sibling lover,yuri,yaoi,harem,ga bsa knynya sis aku,hha, -///-

        • Ha2 bener sis emang sih cuman game cuman tetep aja aku juga ga bisa sis. Pernah sekali aku coba baca manga yuri, agak kaget hehe, kynya ga bakal baca lagi heheh.

          • haha,iya sist,wktu itu aku jga ga sengaja bli kset dvd anime,dri cover sih ga ada brbau hentai nya sist,,hiks..trnyata.. 😦
            aku ga nerusin lgi nnton nya sis,tau anime Yosuga No Sora ga sis?

            • Ha2 sama dong aku juga beli anime judulnya Momoka apa gt cover sih normal aku ntn sama ibuku dong, sampe kaget liatnya haha. Mama cuman ketawa2 aja xD Wah anime apa ttg apa sis? Baru denger xD

              • iya sis,brati kta sama,kta udh prnah ketipu sis,haha -///-
                ga lagi lagi deh, ckckckc…
                wah,ibu sista masih muda jga trnyata,suka nnton anime jga,heh xD
                aku ga nntn smpe abis sis,iya prtma nya biasa aja,eh lama” ada mesum nya,hiks,aku ga mau nntn lgi sis, >0<

              • Ha2 iya itu dah lama banget sekarang sis mum aku dah jarang ntn anime cuman msh suka baca komik lol. Ha3 pasti kaget yah pas liat isinya, kebayang aku juga reaksinya dah kek gmn xD

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