Kannou Mukashibanashi – Issun Boshi

Issun Boshi

Normal Route

A long time ago lives the old man and his wife who always praying to have a child for their own. They don’t care even the child is small . Then one day they has a son but his size is so small, a size of fingertip. Because his size, he is called Issun Boshi. After 15 years the grown up Issun Boshi wishes to travel to the capital, he wants to see the outside world. The grandma doesn’t agree with his decision, she worries for his safety because other human is not small like him.  But Issun Boshi is determined, and at last the grandma allows him to go. The grandpa makes him a small sword, and the grandma makes the small bowl from wood for him to cross the river.

Using the bowl to cross the river, Issun Boshi arrives at the capital. He goes to the big house and asking the lord’s permission to serve in the house. Because his small body, the lord wants him to be a princess’s playmate. When Issun Boshi meet the princess he feels that the princess’s hand is pretty and has a scent of flower.

The princess is really happy to have him as a friend. One day the princess asks him what he can see with his small body and eyes. He says the princess can see what he can’t see and also he can see what the princess can’t see. But right now what he can see is only her, the princess. The princess sees the small wound in his hand and she offers to tend it. Issun Boshi really feels that the princess is kind, because she worries for his small wound. One time the princess hurts her finger when holding the flowers. Issun Boshi helps her by removing the thorn on princess’s finger using his small sword, and the princess finger is bleeding. Issun Boshi apologizes for hurting her finger and he immediately sucks her finger to stop the bleeding. They get closer everyday.

One day when the princess and Issun Boshi go to visit the temple, there is a big red oni (demon) attacks them. Seeing the princess’s pretty face the oni decides to make her into his. Using his sword, Issun Boshi fights the oni. But the oni grabs him and eat him. Issun Boshi finds himself in the oni’s stomach, and he stabs the oni’s stomach from inside. He defeats the oni and gets out from it. When the oni dies he drops 打ち出の小づち (magic wand/mallet). This mallet is mysterious one that can grant any wish. The princess asks him what his wish is. Issun Boshi wants to have a big body just like everyone else.

Seeing his body in normal size, the princess hugs him. Issun Boshi kisses her finger, the one that get pricked by thorn, and finally he kisses her lips. In the end, they get married, and Issun Boshi works hard for both of them.

Friendship Route

When they go to the temple they don’t meet the oni, and when the night comes, the princess tells him the story about mononoke (specter/ghost). Issun Boshi tells her not to worry because he will protect her. And when they are talking there is a strange voice, calling for Issun Boshi. Issun Boshi fears that the voice belongs to mononoke, but the fact is the voice belongs to another small human who has the size like him, his name is Issun Tarou. Issun Tarou goes to the capital to search for Issun Boshi. Issun Tarou is always alone, the other villager hates him. And then he hears the story about Issun Boshi, he thinks Issun Boshi is alone just like him. But he is wrong because Issun Boshi has a princess in his side.  The princess feels sad for him so she invites him to live with Issun Boshi and her. Issun Tarou is surprised but in the end he vows to protect the princess along with Issun Boshi.

The three of them lives together with happiness, and also Issun Boshi and Issun Tarou are really close, they are like the sibling. Both of them love the princess and they always want to see her smiling face. They both playing together with the princess, closing her eyes, both of them whispering to her left and left ears to guess who is the real Issun Boshi.

Then one day when the three of them go to the forest, the red oni appears and attack them. And just like in normal route the oni wants the princess, but this time Issun Boshi and Issun Tarou works together to fight him. They attack the oni’s feet and defeat him. The oni drops the magic mallet . Issun Boshi refuses to use it for now, he wants to get stronger so he can protect the princess. This time he can defeat the oni because he works together with Tarou but if he is alone he doesn’t sure. Issun Boshi asks princess’s permission to leave her side to get some training; he promises he will come back. Hearing it Issun Tarou decides to go with him. After years of training they go back to princess’ side and use the magic mallet to make them bigger, and they are protecting the princess everyday.

The Contest of Love route

With the magic mallet they make a wish to become bigger just like a normal human. In the capital both of them are chased by many women. But they are not interested with them because their body and heart belong to princess. Then one day they decide to confess their love to the princess. The princess can’t choose one of them so both of them stay as a rival.

Mystery Route

Issun Boshi goes to his grandpa to seek the permission to go to the capital but when he goes to his room he finds his grandpa was murdered by Miyako Oni (Capital demon?). Issun Boshi decides to have revenge although his grandma opposes the idea. When he arrives at the capital he hears the rumour about Miyako Oni. It seems the Miyako Oni has killed many people since years ago.

Issun Boshi tries to get some information from the lord’s of the big house. Inside he finds the beautiful princess instead. He introduces himself ask the princess for information. The princess doesn’t know about Miyako Oni, Issun Boshi is disappointed with it, but the princess offers him to live there with her. They spend time together and get closer each day. The princess is happy to have him by her side, and the same with Issun Boshi.

One day Miyako Oni strikes again and kills people. He wants to investigate it and get revenge, when he tells the princess about his grandpa, he is crying. The princess comforts him by stroking his head, and they go together searching for information. But it is in vain, they don’t find any clue at all. The princess worries he will leave her when he finds the Miyako Oni, but Issun Boshin promises he will not leave her.

Then when he hears about the Miyako Oni again, Issun Boshi asks Princess’s permission to leave for a while to find the oni. The princess is screaming saying he is lying and will leave her. Seeing her strange behavior, he stabs the princess’s finger with his small sword that already fuses with sleeping drug. Issun Boshi sings a lullaby for her and he sleeps together. Issun Boshi is curious about her last behavior, he suspects the princess knows about the Miyako Oni.

One day Issun Boshi finds the scroll with the name that already killed by Miyako Oni, he finds his grandpa name on it. And he also finds the same cloth that he sees in grandpa’s house. The cloth has the princess’s family crest. The next morning Issun Boshi gathers the people and reveals the identity of Miyako Oni, it is the princess. At first the people doesn’t believe him but he reveals the scroll and the cloth. The princess denies it but eventually she confesses her crime. The reason she did it because she is lonely and most people will leave her, including her parents. Issun Boshi tells her, even she is lonely but she is wrong. The princess is crying and saying sorry. Her father comes and put her into prison.

Issun Boshin visits her everyday and playing with her. He says he will be by her side, even though she is a killer but he will always love her.

Elopement Route

Issun Boshi reveals that the Miyako Oni is princess’s father. He explains about the scroll and family crest. But in the end he is wrong so the lord locks him in the prison. The princess begs her father to release him but Issun Boshi tells him it is fine, he is happy because she is worried about him. In prison the princess comes to him, he is very happy to see her again. The princess plans to release him, and after he goes out from cell, Issun Boshi confess his love to her. The princess loves him too, and Issun Boshi asks her to go with him. The princess agrees and they leave the capital. On the road when princess asks for the next destintion, Issun Boshi suggests going to the sea.

Suspense Route

The next day after Issun Boshi makes the princess sleeps, they go to the forest. At night Miyako Oni attacks them. Issun Boshi attacks him but he loses. Miyako Oni wants to see the blood from the princess, but before he reaches her, Issun Boshi attacks him again, and he is bleeding. Both of them are running away from the oni, and ask for help in the nearby temple. But temple is empty because the oni has killed all the monks.

Both of them get inside the temple and hide. When they are hiding, Issun Boshi plans to attack the oni but the princess is worried for him. He asks to believe in him, and the princess already does. The oni begins to search them and to calm the princess, Issun Boshi whispering into her ears. Then they see the light on the floor, and finds out it is the magic mallet that can grant any wish. The princess uses the magic mallet to oni and makes him into stone. And in the morning when they are walking the princess uses the mallet to make Issun Boshi’s body get bigger.

Issun Boshi is really happy to have the size as normal human, he grabs the princess and carrying her. He promises her to protect her and never let her in danger again. He kisses her and in the end Issun Boshi always stays by her side.

Action Route

Issun Boshi uses the mallet to make him bigger, and he fights the Miyako Oni. But the oni is stronger, he spots the princess. Issun Boshi immediately goes to her side and protects her.

Issun Boshi loses and has deep wounds. The princess uses the mallet to make the oni becomes weaker, Issun Boshi slashes him and the oni dies. Issun Boshin is tired and he has a wound from before. With the pain voice, he asks the princess to listen to his wish. He wants the princess to be by his side and he wants the princess to take him as her husband, because he loves her. The princess also wants to make him as her husband. Then when they go back home, the princess’s father satisfies with his action, and he agrees with his wish. They live happily together.


Issun Boshi tells the princess by meeting her, he meets many things such as oni and another Issun (Tarou).  He says he will be by her side, and he also jealous by Tarou. When they talk about Miyako Oni, Issun Boshi thanks the princess; because of her he can defeat the oni. And also he is glad to have a bigger size, because he can holds and protects her.


I like Issun Boshi stories, though the rival route is kinda bother me, maybe because I don’t really like 3P thing (^_^;). And the CG where he is carrying the princess is absolutely lovely, the color is really nice (≧∇≦)/


8 responses

  1. 1 lagi story yg kusuka di Kannou Mukashibanashi! Apalagi suara Tatsuhisa itu bener2 hot! CG nya pun warnanya bagus, jd gampang suka. Dan story yg dibuat Otomate ga berbelit2, beda sama Aohige atau Zeus. Yang dikejar-kejar miyako oni itu thriller banget ya? Tapi pas action serasa, akhirnya…Isshun boushi bisa melawan!

    • Yup selain mermaid aku juga suka Issun Boshi, bener banget warna CGnya bagus (≧∇≦)/, storynya juga simple, Issun Tarounya juga lucu banget ^_^. Ha2 iya pas dikejar2 malem2 itu bener2 berasa banget thrillernya apalagi pas ngumpet di temple ^_^ (serasa aku yg deg2 an) (≧∇≦)/

  2. Issun boshi yah,,ceritanya romantiss!!
    berbeda banget dengan aohige ama zeus yah !! aku suka deh cerita yang ini
    Aku sbnarnya ngincar Issun boshi kalo aku main gamenya hehe^^
    Mkasih review nya sis!!

    • Sama2 sis makasih dah baca juga, iya romatis loh jauh lbh bagus dr aohige sama zeus he2, salah 1 fave aku sesudah little mermaid xD Btw gmn starry skynya dah bisa?

  3. I saw the picture under the “Contest of Love route” and I thought “3P ending anybody?” LOLJK /gets shot/

    Anyways, I really liked the idea behind the Kannou games. I hope they release more otome games~ And dat mic. So awesome. Lol anywaaays.

    Every time I see Issun/hear his name I can only think of the game Okami for Wii/Playstation2 LOL ^^;; sometimes it screws my perception of the otoge ahaha!!

    • Ha2 the “Contest of Love route” ending is really 3P lol since the princess can’t choose between them lol

      Yupz Kannou is pretty refreshing especially the fairy tale one, Little Mermaid, Issun Boshi. Err actually when they are whispering in my ears, I kinda freaked out at first lol but I got used to it and pretty missed it when I played other games *shoot* キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

      Ah that game … my bro have it but I never touched that game lol. Maybe I’ll try it after I finished marathoning Atelier’s series xD

      Thank you for reading ^_^

      • Ahaha! Same here, when I first heard the mic I freaked out and was like WHO IS THAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME?! It somewhat sent chills down my spine ahaha~! ^_^ I know how you feel, now I wish every otoge had the dummy mic xD

        Ahaha~ I liked it, it was a cute game but Issun is so silly in that game ^^;; ahaha~ And ooh, are you currently playing the new Atelier? I really want to play it but QQ no time sigh….

        And of course ^-^ I enjoyed reading your post~ 😀

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