Kannou Mukashibanashi – Hosokawa Tadaoki

Hosokawa Tadaoki

Normal Route

Hosokawa Tadaoki is the son of Hosokawa Fujitaka, and at age 15, he went to war with his father. When he is 17 years old, he is married with Akechi Mitsuhide’s daughter, Tamahime. Tamahime is shaking because she marries someone she never knows. Seeing this Tadaoki orders her to look him into his eyes. Tamahime does what he says and Tadaoki is explaining to her that he doesn’t know when he will die since in the wars it is unpredictable. Tamahime is crying, but Tadaoki wipes her tears. He tells her to become his and vows to love him only.

Then Tamahime gives birth to a daughter, and Tadaoki is very delighted, he is thanking Tamahime for giving him a beautiful daughter. One day when Tadaoki returns to his home from his job, he goes to Tamahime’s room. He sees the man trying to do something bad to his wife. He gets angry and kills him. Tamahime collapses from her wounds, and when she wakes up, Tadaoki is beside her. Tadaoki apologizes for not rescues her faster. Tadaoki asks her to show him her smiling face, and Tamahime does it. Tadaoki is very glad with her response and tells her to take a rest.

On June (Tenshou Era) Tamahime’s father, Akechi Mitsuhide betrayed Oda Nobunaga. Because of her father action she becomes the betrayer’s daughter and her life is in danger. To protect her, Tadaoki hides Tamahime in Tango Mountain (there is another Hosokawa’s house in that place).  When they arrive at Tango Mountain, Tadaoki apologizes for isolating her. Tamahime knows he fears for her life so she doesn’t mad at him. Since the place is rather cold, Tadaoki hugs her to make her warm, and he begins to tell her about his Christian’s friend, Takayama Ukon. After hearing his story, Tamahime is interested with Christian.

One day Tadaoki goes to Tama’s side after the war. He hugs her and says he misses her a lot. Then he sees the Rosario in Tama’s chest. He is really angry and pushes Tama to the wall. He orders her to see only him (is he jealous of God?), he forces her to accept his mind and only thinking about him.

Two years later Tamahime can finally return to Hosokawa’s house. Even though living together again with Tadaoki makes her happy but she still yearns for the Christianity. Then years later Hideyoshi fights against the Christians, hearing the news, Tamahime makes the decision to baptize herself as Gracia. Tadaoki is angry again with her, and because the war against Christiany, he hides her again.

Later Ishida Matsunari captures the castle in Osaka, and Tamahime becomes the hostage. Tama asks her servant to kill her. She fears for Tadaoki’s safety if he comes to save her. At first the servant doesn’t want to do it but Tama is determined and finally he accepts it. He kills Tama and then he kills himself. Not long after that Tadaoki arrives, before the servant dies, he tells her about Tamahime and her decision to die. He tells Tadaoki that his wife loves him a lot. Tadaoki holds Tama’s body and he is crying.

Tadaoki buries her in the Christian’s cemetery. When he visits her grave, he is thinking about Tama. He knows she lives just for him, and he will love her forever.

Preacher of Love Route

When Tama is hidden in the Tango Mountain, she is very interested with the Christianity. She comes on Rouban (prison’s guard)’s house and to learn the Christianity from him. At first the Rouban is very scared if Tadaoki knows about it but hearing the Tama’s kind words, he teaches her about it. Tama is very faithful and she feels peace after learning it. One day Tadaoki visits her, he knows she learns about the Christianity and wondering how what the reason that makes her feels happy and peace. Tama explains that it is about forgiveness of sin. Tadaoki is wondering whether his sin can be forgiven too or not. Tama says the God will forgive his soul if he believes in it, and also he can feels peace at his heart. Tadaoki trusts her words; he says he will accept whatever she believes. And he is at peace when she is near him.

Months later Tadaoki brings Tama back to his house. Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hashiba Hideyoshi notices that Tadaoki is changed. Tadaoki spents his time with his wife, feeding her a food. Tadaoki declares that all of it is because of their faith to Christianity. He explains about the God’s love and the peace. Seeing Tadaoki and Tama are at peace, they decide to study about Christianity. And later Tadaoki teaches the Christianity to many people, and orders them to abandon their sword. Both of them spreads the love of Christianity and have many followers.

Devotion Route

When Tama explains him about Christianity, Tadaoki apologizes because he can’t accept it. Tama understands his feeling and she will not force it. Back at Tadaoki’s home, he is thinking about her father’s betrayal and Tama also converted into Christians. He needs to think a way for a solution. Then he decides to visit Tama. He invites her to drink sake with him. The sake is already poisoned, and Tadaoki gives her the sake mouth to mouth. He asks her to see only him, and then Tama vomits some bloods from her mouth and dies. He apologizes to make her suffer but he won’t let her die alone. He burns the house and dies with her.

Overcome their Trouble Route

Tadaoki finds Akechi Mitsuhide (Tama’s father) when he goes back from his work to see his wife.  Mitsuhide says he wants to take a bath together with Tama, just like when she is still small. Tama says she wants to take bath together with Tadaoki too. Hearing it Tadaoki is blushing and also happy, but later Tama says it is only a joke (and Tadaoki is disappointed lol). When Tadaoki leaves them alone, Mitsuhide asks Tama to return to his home. He is worried for her and he feels that one day Tadaoki will make her sad. Tama rejects the idea because she loves Tadaoki. Then Mitsuhide is angry and uses the force to bring her back to his home.

At Mitsuhide’s home, Tama is crying and misses Tadaoki a lot. She is wondering what is he doing and how his welfare. Meanwhile Tadaoki is angry with Mitsuhide about the separation. Tadaoki grabs Tama’s kimono, burries his face into it and kisses the kimono. He misses her and wants to see her. Days later Mitsuhide betrayes Oda Nobunaga, Tadaoki is scared for Tama’s safety and tries to find a way to save her. He decides to go to Mitsuhide’s house. At last he meets her again, but when both of them try to run away, Mitsuhide finds them. Mitsuhide won’t let Tadaoki brings Tama. Tadaoki is angry at him, asking about his betrayal and putting Tama into danger. Tama is surprised about her father betrayal, and then Tadaoki asks Tama to choose one of them. Tama decides to go back with Tadaoki, hearing her decision Mitsuhide finally releases her because he wants her happiness.

One day Hashiba Hideyoshi (his nickname is Saru, and he is a womanizer) visits Tadaoki. He is impressed with Tama’s beauty and flirting with her. Tadaoki asks him what is the reason for him to visits them. Hideyoshi wants to find a clue about the betrayer. Tadaoki and Tama are shocked and very afraid if he already knows the truth. Then Hideyoshi wants Tama to accompany him and have a drink. Tadaoki can’t refuse him so he leaves him with Tama. Hideyoshi wants Tama to get closer with him, Tama is afraid, she is trembling and falls into his chest. Hideyoshi is not angry; in fact he is very happy and begins to touch her. Tama is scared and she is crying. Then Tadaoki comes and he is angry with the Hideyoshi. Tadaoki drives him out from his house. Tadaoki hugs her and asking if she is okay. Tama says she is fine but she is afraid Hideyoshi will come back and have revenge. Tadaoki tells her not to thinking about it for now.

Tadaoki hears the rumor that the betrayer is in Hosokawa’s house. He realizes Hideyoshi is the one who spreads the rumor because he wants revenge.  Tadaoki decides to hides Tama and their child in the usual place (The Hosokawa’s house in Tango Mountain) until the situation is clear. At first Tama doesn’t want to separate from him but seeing his determination to protect her, she agrees and decides to endure the separation. When the situation is finally cleared, Tadaoki comes to Tama and he brings Tama and their child back to his home. They live happily together.

Loyalty Route

When the rumor about the betrayal spreads, Tadaoki comes to Tokugawa Ieyasu to seek for help. Ieyasu agrees to help him. Then after the entire problem is cleared, Tadaoki finds out that Tama dies and commits suicide. Tadaoki finds the letter from Tama, it is said that Tama doesn’t want to be a burden for him and makes Tadaoki in danger because of her. Tadaoki is crying, and he shuts himself inside the house. One day Ieyasu comes to visit Tadaoki, he tells him if he keeps doing something like this, Tama will not be happy and her effort will be in vain. Ieyasu says Tama will live inside Tadaoki’s heart. Hearing his words, Tadaoki finally opens his eyes. He is very thankful with Ieyasu, and he swears his loyalty to Ieyasu.

Loser Route

When Tadaoki learns about Mitsuhide’s betrayal, Hideyoshi comes to see him and tells him about the entire event. Mitsuhide betrays Oda Nobunga, burns the temple and finally Oda Nobunaga commits seppuku. Hideyoshi is suspicious with Tadaoki having a conspiracy with Mitsuhide. Tadaoki decides to clear his name, so he decides to kill Mitsuhide and bring his head. Tadaoki comes to Mitsuhide’s house. Mitsuhide knows the reason for his visit. He decides to give his head and Mitsuhide asks him to protect Tama. Tadaoki hesitates to kill him but finally he does it and brings his head to Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi apologizes for doubting him.

Tadaokis is very guilty and he can’t face Tama properly because he killed her father. Tama asks Tadaoki for the truth. Tadaoki confesses all his sins but he did it because he wants to protect Tama. Tama can’t forgive him easily and she doesn’t want to see his face again. Tadaoki wants to live together happily with Tama but he doesn’t know how to do it because right now Tama avoides him a lot.

One day Tokugawa Ieyasu, Ishida Matsunari, and Hashiba Hideyoshi come to visit Tadaoki. The three of them decides to help Tadaoki. Hideyoshi and Ieayasu explain to Tama that Tadaoki kills Mitsuhide to ensure her safety, and it is a hard decision for Tadaoki. Then Hideyoshi whispers to Tadaoki, orders him to kiss Tama. Ieyasu agrees with Hideyoshi and he is also pushing them, trying to make him hug. Tadaoki is blushing and asks Matsunari for help, unfortunately Matsunari agrees with others, the three of them cheering him. First Tadaoki asks for her forgiveness, but Tama can’t give it. Hearing her words, Tadaoki is cyring. He says it is natural for her because he kills her father, but he wants to protect her. Seeing his crying face Tama forgives him. Tadaoki is crying again and hugs her. The three of them are very satisfied with the result. Tadaoki and Tama lives happily but Tama likes to order Tadaoki around. (She treats him like a servant ^_^; )

Misogyny Route

Tadaoki is angry because Tama is avoiding him. And when Tama comes to see him, she asks for a divorce. After he divorces her, every night he drinks sake with Hideyoshi and Ieyasu. He gets drunk and says he will never touch a woman again. He doesn’t trust woman and from now on he will have a relationship with man.


Tadaoki declares his love to her, and apologizes for killing her father. He hugs her, he doesn’t care if she loves God too, since he wants to be beside her. Tama understand, she already forgives him about her father, and she loves him too.


Surprisingly I like this stories, though Tadaoki is a jelaous and obsesive man, but I can totally feel his love for Tama. The Loser’s route one is totally hilarious (*^▽^*) .


4 responses

  1. Yeeeess.. Loser Rute lucu banggett XD
    Cuman Agak terkejut juga di mysogyny rute dia malah milih cwo k timbang cwe kekekek XD (beralih k aliran MAho yah (?)) =_=|||

    Ceritanya bagus sis!! Waa..thx buat review nya,,Ternyata ini cerita tentang suaminya Gracia yah ^^ (main samurai warriors juga,jadi ngebayangin para karakter d sni ama karakter d sna,,lucu juga XD)

    • Ha2 iya kaget pas dia milih co drpd ce, kayanya saking keselnya sama Tama pas cerai ^_^.

      Makasih juga udh baca sis, wah tau ttg Gracia yah? Aku malahan baru denger ceritanya di sini he2, taunya cuman Oda Nobunaga doang ^_^

  2. oh dem it’s Hirarin.
    LOL teenage hormone kicks in even though they’ve never met before Tadaoki plays his role pretty well and knocked the poor girl upon first night lolololol

    Tadaoki is a full fledged yandere oh my god he’s jealous of god i dont know whats wrong with this guy wwww and lol devotion route true love dies together ww.

    I dont know what’s wrong with Tama’s father. She’s already married and it’s normal for her to be with her husbando what are you doing you daughter con (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    and loser route is a lot of fun but nothing can beat misogyny route where Otomate throws in BL hinted romance what are you doing kusomate ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
    thanks for this! I played his route and only gotten misogyny route

    • Oh.. yeah now you mentioned it, he is a total yandere (^_^;), I didn’t realize it ha2.

      I don’t understand what Tama’s father is thinking. Tama already married to Tadaoki so it is her duty to stand by his side (*´▽`*). I guess just you said, he has a daughter complex lol

      In Loser’s route, Tadaoki becomes a crybaby lol, he cries a lot. First when he needs to kill Tama father, and he cries again when Tama can’t forgive him. ( ´∀`)

      (⌒▽⌒) and misogyny one is funny too, I’m dying with laughter when hearing his drunken voice and then hinted BL romance xD

      Thank you for reading too (≧∇≦)/

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