Kannou Mukashibanashi – Banchou Sarayashiki

Banchou Sarayashiki

Normal Route

A long time ago, lives the young lord names Aoyama Harima. A young woman, named Okiku, works for him. Okiku is 16 years old. Harima and Okiku becomes closer, she often goes to his room. One day when Harima invites her to his room to give her sweets, he notices her hands is rough because from works. He kisses her hand and she should tell him if anything is happen. Later Harima asks her to massage him, and when she finishes, Harima offers to massage her. He massages her shoulder, hands, and then her neck. He says her neck is pretty and he licks it. Okiku is surprised and tries to run away, but Harima grabs her and asks her to be his. Okiku accepts his feeling.

One day Harima’s aunt comes and orders Harima to marry a woman of her choice. He gets married but he still keeps his relationship with Okiku. While Okiku is cleaning in the storeroom, Harima comes and tells her about the precious plate belongs to Aoyama’s household. Those plates mustn’t be broken. Thinking about Harima and his wife, Okiku start crying. Seeing her tears, Harima hugs her and pushes her down into the floor. He apologizes for making her sad, but Okiku is happy because he is still be with her.

Later Harima’s wife gets pregnant. Harima says even though he has a child, he will not stop his relationship with Okiku. Harima tells her to believe in him. Okiku accept it but she is still in doubt. To test his feeling, she breaks one plate; Harima is smiling and forgives her. Hearing it, Okiku apologizes and promises to take care the remaining plates. But their happy moments is not last long. Harima’s wife knows about his affair. She finds Harima and Okiku together in the room. She threatened Harima and orders him to atone his sin. Harima cuts Okiku’s right arm.

After he cuts her arms, Okiku vows to take revenge. She takes a suicide by jumping into the well. Later there is a rumor about Okiku’s ghost; the people in Aoyama’s household can hear a woman voice counting the plates. Harima knows that it is the truth, so he comes to the well where she died. He apologizes for betraying her and asking for forgiveness. Then Harima hears the voice from the well, counting the plates from 1 to 9. And suddenly Okiku’s ghost appears behind him, holding his neck. He runs away from the well but he knows she will come to him again. Because of the ghost, the servants are scared and they resign from their jobs, leaving him with only with his wife.

His wife behaves strangely, she is possessed by Okiku’s ghost. Seeing his wife, he is scared and asks for forgiveness again. But Okiku (in his wife body) says she won’t forgive him. Okiku says she will have her revenge, she loves him but he betrays her love. She strangles him, Harima’s says he loves her too, but Okiku’s doesn’t believe his word, and she kills him. Okiku’s voice is still heard from Aoyama’s house.

Curse Route

When Harima’s wife finds out about their affair, Harima kills the wife instead because Okiku is the one for him. Realizing he has killed his wife, Harima comes to his sense and hugs Okiku. He is trembling with fears. Okiku calms him, then they decides to throw the body into the well. Harima asks Okiku if what he did is proper or not. Okiku is glad he chooses her over his wife, she pats his head and says it will be alright. Harima makes Okiku as his wife and they have a happy time together, Harima says he wants to see the face of their child.

But one day, Okiku hears the rumor about the ghost of Harima’s deceased wife. She tells Harima about rumor, but Harima is laughing. He doesn’t believe in such tale. At night Okiku awake because she hears a strange voice. She wakes Harima, but he says it is only a wind. The not long after they goes to sleep, Harima hears his former wife’s voice. Harima sees the ghost, he tries to wakes Okiku, but she is still asleep. The wife’s ghost grabs his neck and kills him. Then Okiku wakes up and sees the dead body of her husband along with wife’s ghost. But the ghost leaves her alone and disappears. Okiku leaves the Aoyama’s house, she says all of this are nightmare. Later the servants are leaving because they are afraid of ghost, Aoyama’s house is abandoned. At night Harima’s ghost appears, searching for Okiku.

Monopoly Route

When the wife’s ghost comes to Harima and Okiku’s room, Harima grabs the katana. He goes mad, swinging the sword blindly. Okiku wakes up and tries to stop him. Hearing the ruckus, the servants come to their room. Seeing them Harima mistook them as evil spirit and swinging his blade again. Next day all the servants leave the house, but Okiku remains with him. She strokes Harima’s head like a child. In the end Okiku stays together with a crazy Harima.


Harmonious Family Route                                                                 

Harima refuses to get married with woman that has been chosen by his aunt. He comes to Okiku and proposes to her. They get married even though the Aoyama’s family doesn’t agree with his decision. Later Okiku gives Harima a son, he is very happy. He doesn’t believe that right now he is a father, and he will take care of her and his son.

Years later, their son is growing. He asks about the precious plates that are belongs to Aoyama’s household. He is very interested with it and begging his mother to show it to him. Harima doesn’t allow it because he is still a kid. But the child is persistent and begging them again. Harima gives up and show it to him. The son is amazed with the beauty of that plate, when he tries to grab it, the plate fell. Harima catch it and scolding his son. He says the plates is valuable.

Next morning the son is thinking to collect many plates, he wants the plates just like his father (I don’t really understand with plates thing….lol). Harima against the idea, he says their plates are different. It is a family plate, and has been protected by generations. Okiku agrees with Harima, and in the end the child understands. Years later the plates are still protected by Aoyama’s family.

Plate Otaku Route

Harima agrees with his son, collecting the plates. He shows his collection to their son, and he is amazed by it. He says he will collect another plates and shows it to their son. Now Harima is obsessed with plates, he praises, cleans, and brings it everywhere. Okiku asks him to stop, but Harima refuses. He ignores Okiku and their son. The son is crying and blaming himself, he begs Harima to consider his mother’s feeling, but Harima says he doesn’t care. One day Okiku is tired with him and decides to leave him. When Okiku and the son come to say the farewell, he ignores them.  In the end Harima is alone, he still praises and takes care of his plates.


Weird Route

Their son breaks the plates, and he is crying, but Harima doesn’t blame him. After they clean the mess, they return to the house. He calls the servant but no one is coming. He searches the house but he can’t find them. Their son is scared and they decide to sleep together in one room. Harima need to guard them but he falls asleep. Okiku wakes him up and says their son is missing. He searches for him but in the end he can’t find him. Next morning, Okiku is missing. He hears the plate’s sound. He goes to the storeroom, and find out that his wife, son, and servants are trapped inside the plates. Harima begs to release them and take him instead, but he gets eaten by the plate, and become one of them.

Horror Comedy Route

At night Harima hears the voice from storeroom. The plates are flying and talking with each other. The plate no 5 blames the child for breaking the plate 1’s bride (Nana-chan = plate no 7). When they are talking about the plan, Harima comes out and asks their explanation. It seems the sudden disappearance of servants is done by the plates. They demand him to return Nana-chan. Harima apologizes for breaking the plate, but they can’t accept it. They go out from the storeroom and make some noise to scare his wife and the son. They also breaks things in the house, Arima collects the pieces of Nana-chan. Nana-chan scolds the remaining plates and orders them to stop.  They released the servant, but the plates decide to live inside the Aoyama’s house.



Okiku and Harima come to the well. He apologizes for betraying her, and cutting her arm. Okiku says it is ok, in the end he chooses her, and they have a child together. From now on they will live happily together.




When you finish all the stories, the guide’s book asks the Oujo to return the phone back. He thanks her for finishing all the stories. Oujo is sad to part with him, the guide’s book then tell her that he will give her the reward. This book is a magical book that can make her happy, now he gives it to her. She can read it and calls him whenever she wants. The book and he belong to her now. Before he disappears, he tells her that he will always by her side.


At last I finish this game, took me a long time lol.  Sorry for the shortness of this post, I kinda lost interest with Kannou and Banchou’s stories are boring. While I got freak out in the normal route, other routes are not good enough for me. I feel Harima is a coward, and their son is annoying ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8 .

After you finish all the routes, you get the CG bonus featuring all of the guys.  Somehow I want the butler to have his own story, unfortunately he doesn’t have it (T▽T)


9 responses

  1. “Plate Otaku Route”
    “Harima begs to release them and take him instead, but he gets eaten by the plate, and become one of them.”
    (  Д ) ゚ ゚
    Wha…WHAT? LOL. There’s a route called “Plate Otaku Route”?!?!?! That… is extremely…. wow lol I don’t – I have no words for that LOL! That is hilarious to me xD And extremely strange. I didn’t understand what was up with this route, or, more like I didn’t get what was up with the plates…. Σ(・□・ ) Now I’m scared to go get plates to put my food on…lol!
    I don’t think I liked this route so much, mostly because of the story line and the ghost really. I guess the normal route is pretty interesting, but everything else just seems strange and extremely weird (ಠ_ಠ) it confuses me LOL. BUT YAY~ Congratulations on finishing Kannou~!!! I was hoping the butler would have a route too, but sadly that isn’t true :C I think I would have preferred a butler route over a Banchou route LOL
    I just…I don’t understand… the plates….lol

    • Right… my reaction for this route is pretty the same with you. Normal one is okay and I kinda love the thriller in it but others are a major failure ( ̄□ ̄;) I truly can’t understand what is so special about plates, and their son is annoying ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8. Otomate what have you done ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8

      He2 I guess the plates’ spirits are pretty amusing rather than Harima, I dunno I just don’t like everything about him. He is pretty coward (IMO). And I just realized this game has no woman VA lol, even the wife is voiced by a guy and I am pretty scared hearing it (^_^;)

      Thank you~ this game is pretty short but it took a lot of time for me to finish since I lost all the motivation lol. Yeah the butler is very tempting, why he has no route (T▽T)

      • Yeah Harima is sadly over shadows by his creepy plates LOL quite pathetic, y u do dis kusomate!? sigh ~_~;; I dunno, I won’t ever understand the plate thing and I agree, the son seems to be quite annoying as well. Harima just doesn’t have very many redeeming points, huh? Lol he very cowardly, plus he has a creepy obsession with plates o_o and wow really? All male VA even for females? xD isn’t it usually the opposite? LOL!

    • Yeah he has no redeem quality, I rage a lot when I played his route, he slashed Okiku but then when the ghost was coming, he freaked out and begging to forgive ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8. I’m shocked too since it has no female VA, the male VA done a good job for other stories as a girl but in Banchou’s story the voice is kinda scary lol.

      • IKR LOL. What’s up with his inconsistency lol like if you’re going to slash once why would you run away after (ಠ_ಠ) geez. Haha I guess it was supposed to be scary in Banchou’s, but it’s too bad Banchou’s story was so bad >_<

  2. Lol..
    Kukira bancho ini cerita tentang apaan ternyata horor yah,,terkejut juga loh sis^^
    Hampir semua rutenya ini horor yah,,waah jadi ga minat mainin rute doi nih =”=
    Ga sama kayak rute cwo yang lain..
    Yg paling aneh tuh horror comedy route >u<

    Btw selamat sis udah nyelesein ,,otsukaresama ^^
    Hbat loh,,aku aja belum ke tulis2 review otome ku d karena kan akhir2 ini sibuk ngegambar ama ngerjain tugas =_=|||

    • Ha2 iya horror xD Buat rute normal aku suka sih cuman rute yg laen aduhai bener2 lebih mengecewakan daripada Zeus kayaknya. Aku beresin rute ini setengah hati he2 abisa udah ilang minat, mana Harima tuh nyebelin banget lg xD

      Makasih sis akhirnya beres juga ini game, wah…kuliah yang sis?Aku juga sibuk ma kerja, istirahat cuman bisa minggu aja…. Pengen cepet2 liburan panjang rasanya lol. Sekarang lagi main game apa sis?

      • Ahahaha,,aku juga pengen libur,,cuman klo libur malah kepikiran skripsi =_=|||

        Sekarang lagi mainin Oumagotoki ^^ (tinggal satu cwo lagi lalu abis deh,,)sbnarnya ngincar Tengu sih kayaknya cerita doi kecampur ama cwo lain jadi selesein cwo lain dlu baru ke rute dia^^
        Sbnarnya aku main omocha ama renai bancho 2 cuman kepotong2 gitu (kadang ada minat kadang engga,,susah juga =”=) klo ouma selese mungkin aku nyambung dua game tadi dlu sblum main game lainnya >u<

        • Wah lagi skripsi yah? Moga2 cepet beres sis and good luck ^_^ Oh lagi main Ouma yah? Aku malah lg break otome game dulu deh, harus tamatin game2 RPG, udah numpuk xD

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