A Girlish Love Revolution Love Revo!!

Title: 乙女的恋革命ラブレボ!! (A Girlish Love Revolution Love Revo!!)

Publisher: Hunex, Idea Factory, Gung Ho

Platform: PSP

The English patch for this game is already out (DS), you can grab and play it because this game is really fun. I decided to play the PSP version because they add an additional CG for the epilogue.

In this game you played as Hitomi, an overweight woman who loves to eat. She and her brother, Takashi, live in the mansion that was built by their parent. The top 5 popular guys in her school, the infirmary teacher, the transfer student, and her childhood friend also live in her mansion. When she introduces herself to the top 5 popular guys, they gave her the rude remarks (except Souta) about her body’s size. Feeling insulted, Hitomi decides to lose some weight and starts dieting.

There are 2 endings for each guy, lover ending and friend ending. And also you need to input 3 keywords at the end of the game to unlock the epilogue for the guy.


Dieting & Affection

You can do some exercise to lose some weight by using the equipments, slimming products, do yoga, go to the beauty center or sport centre. For me I’m using the bike with sauna suit that can be bought in equipment shop and Nipon-Ichi. And when I got some money I went to beauty centre. It is costly but the effect is good, I can lose 3-4 kg. Also don’t forget about the hunger , you can use Healing CD or eat some sweets to reduce it.

To raise affection from the guys, you need to date him at Sunday/holiday. Sometimes they might reject your offer but just do a quick save, load it, and ask him again.


The Capturable guys:


Ichinose Ren

He is the no 1 most popular guy in the school. He is handsome, rich, and smart, but he is rather cold. His story is about his past and his family’s problem. He is an adopted son, his father loves him but his mother hates him. He had the younger brother who died because of the accident, and everyone blame him. Hitomi manages to break his cold attitude and they become lovers in the end.


Hitomi is married to Ren. Since Hitomi’s co-worker is away, they entrusted their daughter to Hitomi for a little while. Ren teases her, they look like mother and daughter. Ren says if they have a child, he wants a daughter too. Hitomi asks why not a son. It seems he is jealous with his own son, but denies it. Hitomi is laughing with his reaction. But whatever it is, he will protect her and his family.

Kahara Masaki

He is no 2 popular guy. He is actually easy going and likes sports. Because of someone betrayed him in the past, he couldn’t trust anyone again. He prefers animal’s company (esp. dog) rather than human. Eventually Masaki learns to trust human again because of Hitomi. She saves him during the ski trip.


Misaki says he wants to be a veterinarian, and since he was a child, he wants to build his own clinic. He knows it will be hard, but he will do it. To achieve that dream, he will study harder. He thanks Hitomi because she always supports him in the past. Even if he will be busy from now on, he still wants Hitomi’s support, not as a girlfriend but as a bride.

Hitomi: Is this a proposal? I…

Misaki: A.. Wait a minute. The answer, I really want to hear it now.

He still have a long way to go, he knows it is selfish but he really wants to hear her answer right now. And of course she accepts, then 7 years later he has his own clinic with Hitomi by his side.


Fukami Souta

Souta is a year younger than Hitomi. He is the only guy who is nice to Hitomi in the beginning of the game. He also defended Hitomi when Yukari (the pretty girl from school) mocks her about her size. Souta likes to eat sweets and he loves his grandma. When his grandma was hospitalized, Hitomi cheers him.


After Souta was performing in the school’s festival, he brings Hitomi to the secluded place because he doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone.

Souta: This is a lucky situation, because there is only the two of us.

This makes Hitomi blushes. After this festival Hitomi will graduate, Souta feels a bit lonely, so he took Hitomi into this place. He asks her to dance the last folk’s with him. Dancing together with her will get rid his loneliness. In the end Souta and Hitomi are dancing together in the moonlight.


Tachibana Kennosuke

He is a cool guy and loves basketball. Ken is actually the heir of Yakuza gang. He dreams to become a pâtissier (pastry chef). His father opposed his dream, but with Hitomi’s support, he managed to make his father understand, and in the end he allows Ken to become a pâtissier.


Hitomi is living in France together with Ken. When they are on date, Ken says they will need to go back to Japan once more. His father send him a letter, he wants to test Ken’s skill for making a pastry. In Japan, Ken and Hitomi stay together in her mansion. Ken says his father admits the defeat and he approves his food. He says he made her a cake.

Ken: If it is ok, will you taste it?

Hitomi tells him the cake is not too sweet but the taste is delicious. Ken says there is something inside the cake, and he wants Hitomi to dig and see it. Hitomi finds the ring inside, both of them are blushing.

Ken: Because I am still a trainee. It only cost three months salary. But will you accept it?

Since his father trial is finished, he will go back to France to continuing his study. He asks Hitomi to come with him again. And of course Hitomi agrees.


Kamishiro Ayato

Ayato is one year older than Hitomi, and he is a kind guy. Ayato has a life threatening illness and he was hospitalized. Later when his friend who has the same illness with him died, he asked Hitomi not to get involved with him, because he doesn’t want to make her sad. Hitomi didn’t agree, she continued to support him.


Hitomi and Ayato is in the park, talking about Yoshihisa and Natsumi. Once Natsumi said she didn’t want to lose him. Sometimes Ayato is thinking, if this is okay. He is alive, while Yoshihisa can’t be saved. Hitomi tells him not to say something like that. He apologizes, he promised he won’t think about it again. For Hitomi’s and Yoshihisa’s sake, he will have a complete recovery. Then they are walking together and eventually arrive in front of her mansion.

Before he doesn’t care about college and stuff since he doomed to die, but right now he wants to be a doctor. He is given a new life so he wants to use it by helping other people. Then he gives her an amethyst ring, it is his birthday stone. From now on, he will study hard to become a doctor. It will take a lot of time for him to become a qualify doctor, so he can support Hitomi.

Ayato: Until then… I want you to wait for me… This engagement ring is the promise.

Hitomi says she will always wait for him.


Kinomura Tohru

He is Hitomi’s childhood friend, a shy and timid person. At first he is also overweight, just like Hitomi. But after he went back from US, he becomes slim and handsome. In US he was sick and he can eat properly, and starting to lose weight. Seeing he has many fans, Hitomi is rather jealous and she thinks that she is a nuisance for him. But Tohru said she needed to stop thinking about it because she is an important person to him.


Hitomi is still dieting, Wakatsuki sensei asks her how the taste of diet Misechi (Special New Year’s food) that was made by Tohru. Hitomi says it is delicious. Then Wakatsuki sensei explains that Tohru sought his help to make that food. He says since Tohru worked really hard to support her, she needs to work harder (dieting) for his sake too. Hitomi promises to work harder and thanks sensei for telling this.

(This epilogue is so short and there is no actual interaction between Hitomi and Tohru lol)


Tokita Kaede

Kaede is the transfer student, and loves to read. He doesn’t have a family because they are died in accident. And the truth is : he is Yukari’s bodyguard. Because of his job, he killed all of his emotions and never falls in love. But in the end Hitomi managed to break it all, and said she will teach him about many feelings (emotions).


Now Hitomi is living with Kaede, their room is full with ヒヨコ doll. One day Kaede comes home from his work, bringing the big Hiyoko doll for Hitomi. Today is her birthday, so he bought her a doll. But there is still one more present for her. Inside the Hiyoko’s mouth there is a ring.

He says it is a marriage proposal. Because of his job, he is often away from Hitomi for sometimes. But he wants her to wait for him.

Kaede: The most important person for me is you.

Hitomi thanks him and says he is important for her too.


Wakatsuki Ryuutaro

He is the infirmary teacher, he loves to cook. His father owns the grocery shop. Long time ago he had a girlfriend who he loved, but she (Miki) left him for another guy. One day Miki came back and she planned to go back to Waka-sensei. Waka-sensei rejected her, and in the end he and Hitomi live together.


When Hitomi is in the park, she meets Toru. She rather has some doubt with their relationship, so she tells Tohru that she is not confident as sensei lover. But Tohru encourages her, and she feels better. At the mansion, Wakatsuki sensei visits Onichan, asking for his help. He needs a plan to propose Hitomi. At first onichan is shocked but he supports him, saying Hitomi is an adult now. It seems Wakatsuki sensei too doesn’t feel confident as Hitomi’s lover, he thinks Hitomi is rather distant lately. But Onichan says he doesn’t need to worry since Hitomi choose him not other guys. When they are talking about it, Hitomi is listening in front of the door. She feels guilty because she only thinking about herself. At their home, Hitomi apologizes to Wakatsuki sensei. He doesn’t mind it since they will always be together from now on.

Wakatsuki: Be my side, Hitomi.

Hitomi: Yes..


Sakuragawa Takashi

Hitomi’s older brother. He supports her when she is in a diet. He gives her the monthly report about the affection of the candidate guys. He is overprotective and also has a sister complex. (Sorry I can’t bring myself to play this route so I’ll skip him)




At first I have a huge misunderstanding about Ren epilogue, well I played it years ago, my japanese is still crappy (and still am now lol) ( ̄ー ̄) . I thought the baby in the picture is their son lol. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!  I love the heroines and all the guys here, but my fave will be Wakatsuki sensei, I just can’t resist the guy who can cook, and he called himself ore-sama lol. For the epilogues, I guess most of the guys ends up proposing her lol, except Tohru, Souta. Well for Ren, they are already married (≧∇≦)/ . Btw I skipped onichan’s route, I tried to play it but sorry the routes is pure incest. Can’t bring myself to finish it, kinda sad though since I like onichan as a character orz.


65 responses

  1. Wooooww,,aku g pernah bisa melihat epilogue nya,,Thanks banget yah sis!!! Aku dulu mainin versi Nds nya sih,,buat epilogue perlu password..T.T

    Sekarang aku bisa melihatnya dengan jelas…O///o
    Ga ke rute onichan yah sis XD
    Aku sempet mainin loh cuman ga sampe abis,,kenapa yah aku juga ga tau XD..udah lama banget sih..

    • Sama2 sis, makasih dah baca juga, iya emang perlu password nih buat buka epiloguenya. Cari guide PSP Love revo susah banget, akhirnya nemu juga hehe.

      Iya sis aku main rutenya onichan sebentar, akhirnya sadar… incest sis… Aku paling ga kuat sama hal bgtan hehe jadi skip aja deh xD

  2. wah makasih bgt buat review-nya sis.. jadi semakin semangat buat main sampai akhir nih.

    cerita epilogue-nya menarik semua, tapi aq paling suka sama epiloguenya ren… and bener bgt waktu lihat gambarnya sekilas aq juga ngira kalo itu anak mereka lho, habis rambutnya sama kaya’ hitomi sih >.<

    akhirnya bener2 ga dimainin ya sis, route onii-chan? he2 😀

    sekali lagi makasih ya sis, udah mau ngreview game otometeki versi psp ini.. dtunggu review game selanjutnya ^o^

    • Iya aku suka semua epiloguenya, ini game bener2 worth it banget buat dimainin xD Hmm klo aku kayanya buat epilogue paling suka yg Ken he2, ngelamar pake kue, wahhh romantis banget lol.

      Iya bener pas pertama liat disangka anaknya Hitomi, warna rambutnya ituloh he2, taunya anak temennya xD Yupz aku udah main rute onichan sebagian, ga kuat jadi aku berenti he2. Moga2 suatu saat bisa aku tamatin xD.

      Makasih juga udah baca yah sis ^_^

  3. waaah…akhirnya..aku blum prnah liat ending nya versi PSP sis, *maklum ga pnya psp*
    keren sist…Ending nya Ren…Huwaaa…. suka,suka, xD
    akhirnya mrka menikah, :3
    ga nyangka,krain itu prtmanya anak nya mreka,trnyata bukan… -_-”
    rmbutnya mirip sma Hitomi,hhaha,,XD


    • Hi sis, makasih dah komen sama ngelike juga ^-^ Iya nih aku juga pas awal2 salah sangka sampe bertaun2 mikir itu anaknya taunya setelah main lagi bukan hehe. Abis warna rambutnya sama sih xD Yah setidaknya mereka dah planning mau punya anak xD

  4. sis buat dapetin epilog ini jadinya cuma bisa di psp ya? buat nds ada ga yg epilog kyk gini. waaa padahal yang rute oniicahn juga so sweet lo

    • Iya sis epilogue yang aku post cuman ada di PSP, aku udah tanya yg temen yang main di NDS, katanya emang ga ada epiloguenya. Wah rutenya sweet yah? Sayang uy aku ga bisa main yg genrenya sibling lover hehe. Pedahal aku suka sama onichan, coba aja klo mereka gak related by blood pasti dah aku mainin rutenye xD

  5. disempet2in ya sis :D, i’m dying to know their ending arggghhhhh udah cari dimana2 ga ada yang ngepost ending pspnya oniichan 😦

  6. oh if it’s like that,i will try to get that ending sis,jdi pngn,tpi kapn kpan deh,hihi.., 🙂
    Arigatou ne sista for review nya dtunggu yg baru lgi ya sist.. 😀

  7. Aww you skipped oniichans route lmfao I was curious about the PSP epilogue too xDDD;;

    I have beef with Tohru’s epilogue because wtf poor guy doesn’t even get a kiss scene in the game and now this! Poor guy really. Also wtf Sensei’s epilogue….didn’t he cut his hair in the original game? So wtf is this ponytail sheit again 8D;;

    Thanks for posting the epilogues I was curious about the PSP ones!

    • Yeah since I heard the story is pure incest so I didn’t play it, but maybe later (*finger crossed xD)

      Lol I totally agree with Tohru, even in the epilogue I didn’t see the actual interaction between him and Hitomi lol, though he is such a devoted guy ^-^ Poor guy キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

      Your welcome, thank you for reading too (≧∇≦)/

  8. Heeeelp! How do i get the additional CG for PSP(the epilogue ones)? 😦 I couldn’t get it and I just finished the friend and lover ending of Tachibana.

    • Oh when you are in the end of the game, you need to input 3 keywords that you got from lover and friend ending. Did you enter all the keywords? And iirc you can only input the kw from lover ending 🙂

      Hope that helps ^-^

        • Hmm are you sure you typed the correct keyword? Because the kw are different from DS and PC one.

          Or did you got all the CG beside the epilogue for him? Because that what I did.

          • I think so? ‘Cause after I type them, there’s no error message and the epilogue plays…..except it’s not the PSP exclusive epilogue version.. This is what happens: Keyword prompt appears, I type the keywords, the epilogue Tachibana asks Hitomi to stay with him in Paris plays(it’s the epilogue that’s in the DS version too), and then it’s back to the title screen. 😦 The scene where he bakes a cake doesn’t play.

              • So when you enter the keywords the epilogue that plays is the exclusive for the psp one? And you don’t see the DS version anymore? :O Noo… :(( Well if it really is a bug, that would suck big time…. The download time is so long….. and idk where else to find it… lol anyway, thank you!! 😀

                Oh and I don’t know what a CFW is… or an OFW… haha sorry

            • Oh you still get the epilogue in DS but right after that scene, you will get the new one (PSP exclusive). I really don’t know what’s is wrong with your game 😦

              CFW=Custom Firmware
              OFW=Official Firmware

              If you are using CFW try upgrading the firmware. Btw did you try with other guy?

              Sorry I can’t help much. 😦

            • could you tell me the keywords please? I had no idea about them and i played his story twice (i wanst sure about the 1st try) and it said nothing about keywords. if you want u can email it to me. thanks

    • Thank you for reading. Hmm I don’t know when I can play his route since I already updated my CFW and some my save data is not working. And Otomeki is included, if I can recover my savefile I’ll try to play onichan.

    • xD yeah I notice it, he is pretty popular 🙂 I dunno when I can play his story but there is new otomeki love revo for PSP, with new contents so maybe I’ll play that when it is released 🙂

  9. ngomong2 mau nanya nihh…aku kan udh maen game love revo tp gak berhasil dietnya T^T gimana nih?emang sih udah deket sama souta tp gak berhasil pada akhirnya bantuin dong makasih ya sis

    • Aku quote dari review aku yah,

      ‘ do yoga, go to the beauty center or sport centre. For me I’m using the bike with sauna suit that can be bought in equipment shop and Nipon-Ichi. And when I got some money I went to beauty centre. It is costly but the effect is good, I can lose 3-4 kg. Also don’t forget about the hunger , you can use Healing CD or eat some sweets to reduce it.’

      Aku lakuin itu sih dan hasilnya bagus 🙂

  10. Hello I’m here again, I decided to try again using another iso. lol. I was just wondering where you got the keywords? XD I tried this link you gave in another comment but I can’t seem to navigate it well. http://momokan.chu.jp/momokan/ I think I got to the part where it links to love revo but then it says 404 error not found or something. 😦 aww

  11. I’ve played onii-chan’s route and i was actually disappointed at the lack of incest -___-;; ( does that make me weird xD ) It’s actually about the great relationship that can exist between sister and brother, nothing gross lol

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