PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Raoul de Chagny

Title: PersonA~オペラ座の怪人~

Platform: PC

Publisher: Mirai-soft


Prologue and Ending 1 (晴れて貴方と)

Christine is the heroine for this game; she is working in café, struggling to achieve her dreams as primadonna. Her father died, and her older brother is missing. At night she always has a dream about the grandma holding a machete, tries killing her. But even so, she doesn’t remember who that grandma is. One day when she walks home from job, she sees the beautiful dress is displayed in the outlet. She wants to buy it but with her current salary she can’t afford it. She continues her walking and bumps into men.  She apologized but the men keeps harassing her and dragging her to an alley. Before the situation gets worse the blonde guy wearing a white uniform saves her.


Upon reaching the apartment, she meets Remy, the Opera’s Theater manager secretary. He invites her to go to audition. Remy hears her singing at café and he likes he voice. Christine doesn’t believe his luck; at home she takes the photograph by bedside. In the picture there are her, her father, a blonde guy, a dark haired guy, and her brother, Kyle.  She tells her father that she will try her best in the audition. Then she goes to the audition and manages to pass it, from now on she will be the member of the Opera’s Theater.

–Richard and Remy–

While in Opera’s Theater, she meets new people, Richard Filman (the manager), Meg, Lucas, and Daroga. At first day in the Opera’s Theater she gets the bouquet and letter from F of the Opera’s Theater (the Phantom). F congrats her for joining the Opera’s Theater and will look forward for her song. Meg and Lucas are surprised; they tell Christine that F is a monster (bakemono).  There is a rumor that F is living in the Opera’s theater and he is god of death (shinigami). Hearing this entire story Christine is afraid. Lucas and Meg assure her that the bouquet probably was a joke, sent by someone among the members.

Next day, Christine comes to practice and meets the Opera’s primadonna, Carlotta, and the earl, Philippe de Chagny. Philippe is the important sponsor of Opera’s Theater.  He takes her hand and kisses it in gentleman manner. He wants to meet the newcomer that is favored by the manager.  One day Lucas tells Christine and Meg that someone sees the phantom, and he can disappear suddenly. Meg thinks he is a ghost but Lucas says he is probably a human and he wants to search for his identity.


At night after all the members are going home, the three of them search for the phantom. Meg and Christine are screaming when someone speaks behinds them, but turns out the voice belongs to Daroga, and he decides to help them. When they are walking Christine hears the strange voice, she follows it and sees the phantom. Half of his face is covered by the mask. He comes closer but she can’t move her body. When he is close to her, she can smell a rose fragrant, and she fainted.  Then later she wakes up in her dressing room. It seems Daruga carries her into the room after she is fainted.

A few days later, Christine gets a part in the upcoming play (as a village daughter). It will be her first time performing on the theater. Then she remembers about the photograph that she keeps beside her bedroom. She recalled the blonde guy in the picture is Raoul, he is her childhood friend. In the past he always praises her singing. Even if she gets the minor part in the play, she is nervous but she manages to finish her part. Meg and Lucas congratulate her debut.

–Lucas and Meg–

When she is in dressing room, a blonde guy who rescued her earlier comes to her room. He is actually Raoul, her childhood friend. He invites her to have a dinner because he wants to tell many things to her.  While preparing to have a dinner with Raoul, Christine remembering her past. She lived in the church with her brother and father. She met Raoul there when they were child. She wore hat and got blown up by the wind. The hat stuck at the branch, and Raoul helped her to get the hat. They always played together after that and one day, Raoul gave her the ring from clover; he wanted to take her as his bride. He would propose to her properly when he becomes adult.  But later they separated because he returned to Paris.

At dinner, Raoul apologizes for leaving her suddenly in the past, he tried to go to church again later but he couldn’t find her there. Christine doesn’t mind about it, and she was not in church anymore because she was in the orphanage.  To make up for those times, he wants to invite her to dinner again next time.

Back at the theater, Richard calls her to his office. He gets a letter from the phantom, threatening him to make Christine as primadonna. He asks Christine what is her relation with phantom, but Christine doesn’t know him.  Richard asks her not say anything about the letter to anyone else.  And later there is murder in theater, a body is hung and the floor is covered by blood (the victim name is Byuke). Meg thinks the culprit is Phantom, but Daroga has a doubt, the killer can be anyone.

Not long after the ruckus Raoul comes to see her, he hears the news about the murder and immediately goes to theater. He is glad she is safe. Christine is trembling with fear but Raoul pats her head and wipes her tears.

Raoul: I am here, don’t worry.

After Raoul leaves her room, she can hear the Phantom’s voice. He threatens that all the men who come close to her will meet a miserable end. At first Christine fears for Raoul safety, but she and Raoul are only friend.  Later she meets Carlotta, she accuses her for flirting with the man. She saw them together in the dressing room. Christine denies doing anything wrong but she doesn’t believe it, and she is sure Christine will be gone (fired) sooner or later.  Later at the stage she makes a mistake but Carlotta saves her. She thanks her after the play but Carlotta sneers to her and says that she doesn’t have the ability to perform.

The next day, within the lunch break Christine is still practicing. When she finishes singing, Raoul claps and amazed by her voice and efforts. He hears from Lucas that she is depressed so he comes to cheer her and brings her a present. He gives her the light blue ribbon with four leaf clover attached to it. She smiles and happy because he still remember their childhood. She is glad that she can meet Raoul again.

While Christine in dressing room, she can hear the voice again. This time the voice asks her to get closer to the mirror. In the mirror she can see the man with dark purple hair talking with her. Christine is surprised but she assumes that he is actually the Angel of Music. He says she will be next primadonna so she must cheer up and not to cry anymore. Then he and Christine are singing together. She feels weird because she can sing freely with him. And for the few days he shows up in the mirror again to teach her singing and she is improving every day.  He says she can be a primadonna now but there is a condition. She must dedicate herself to music and she can’t give her heart to any other man. Before she gives the answer, he tells her to sing again for today.

–Angel of Music–

It is the end of the month, Christine gets her first salary. She decides to buy the dress that she once sees in the outlet.  In the following day Carlotta receives a letter from Phantom, she shows it to Richard and Remy. “Your ability and soul are not worth as the primadonna.”  Then the letter says Christine is recommended to become the next primadonna. Carlotta is angry because the Phantom insults her but Richard is actually agreed with him. He thinks the idea is not bad, and it makes her angrier. Later the news about the letter is spread out among the members. In his office Richard decides to make Christine the primadonna, he calls Christine to his office. Christine is surprised by the decision, then Richard invites her to dinner, he wants to tell many things about the performance. Christine refuses the offer, and Richard accepts her decline calmly.

At the theater Christine practice until night time, people already return to their home and the lights are turned off, while she is walking in the corridor, someone follows her from behind. Christine is afraid and runs, and while she reaches the stairway someone says ‘Die’ and pushes her back. She trips and falls but the Phantom manages to catch her.  He lowers her to the ground and leaves her. Back at her apartment, she is thinking about someone who pushed her and the Phantom. Why someone wants to kill her, and why the Phantom helps her.

–Phantom and Christine–

The following day, Philippe visits her dressing room. He congratulates her for being chosen as primadonna. He will look forward for her performance, and then he invites her to have a dinner in his mansion.  Christine accepts his offer. She arrives at his huge mansion, and he introduces her to his younger brother. It turns out his brother is Raoul and he is a viscount. His full name is Raoul de Chagny (no wonder they look alike).  The three of them are having dinner together. They talk a lot of thing, Raoul says that Christine is actually his first love, so he is happy to meet her again.

The day of her debut as primadonna is here. Christine is very nervous, so she prays to Angel of Music to guide her.  Then a light comes from the mirror, the Angel of Music come out from it. He tells her to calm herself, she will success and has a wonderful voice. After that he is disappeared and Christine manages to stop her trembling.  At the stage she sings beautifully and receives the applauses from the audience.  And after the play, Raoul comes to dressing room, he is excited for her success and her wish to become primadonna comes true.

One day Christine sees Raoul is talking with elderly man at the bottom of Opera’s stairs. The elder is Raoul’s superior; he says that Raoul is the ace of his France naval army. It seems he is offering him something but he rejects it and the captain gives him time to thinking about it once more time. Later she is invited by Raoul to ride the horse together. Seeing his big horse Christine is afraid, but Raoul carries her and put her in the front while he is sitting behind her.  Because he is near her, Christine is blushing. After they finish the ride, he descends from the horse and tells her to jump and he will catch her.  Raoul helds her with one arm, and Christine realizes that he is actually a man, very different from the childhood. She is blushing and her heart throbbing fast. When he put her down, Christine asks Raoul why he doesn’t immediately lower her to ground. This sentence makes him blushing and he can’t answer her.

After the practices she along with Lucas and Meg comes to café, it seems there is a new rumor that the Phantom appeared again the day before.  Not long after that Raoul approaches them in hurry.

Raoul: I heard about the appearance of Phantom. All of you are okay?

Lucas: All of us… The truth is you are worried for Christine right?

Lucas’s sentence makes him blushing, Meg tells him to stop teasing the viscount. Then Raoul asks them what is happening. It seems yesterday the Phantom appeared and locked the person inside the hall. Even with the key, they still coudn’t open the door. And also he reappeared again in the morning. In the centre of the stage there is a writing “Discharge Carlotta” with a red paint, but Remy manages to clean it before anyone else is coming.  Raoul says they need to capture him and exposes his identity. Then Daruga comes and joins the conversation. He fears for Christine’s safety, but Raoul says he will protect her.  Lucas nods and tells that he will help her too.

Next day she goes to ride again with Raoul, and they are having lunch together.  He feeds her the sandwich, and when he touches her lips, she is blushing. She is wondering why she blushes a lot around him (lol the answer is easy: love xD). Raoul tells her that her sandwich is delicious and he wants to eat her cooking again, Christine offers to make him the lunch next time.  At the afternoon the angel comes again and she practices with him. He sees the clover in her table and he asks about it. She says it is given by Raoul. The angel is irritated by it, he tells her that Raoul can’t help her with the singing, and he is the only one who is able to help her. He orders her to throw that clover. She can’t throw it away, and it makes him angrier, then he disappears from her. She is shocked with his change of mood. He always speaks calmly and never raises his voice to her.

Two days later, while she is practicing, Meg points at the door. She can see Raoul stand behind it. Meg urges her to see and talk to him since there is still time before her turn to practice. Meg runs to him and asking why he is here. It seems Meg tells him that Christine comes home late almost everyday so he is thinking to wait up for her and escorts her home. But Christine suddenly thinking about what the angel has said. Raoul senses her discomfort and when he tries to reply, his subordinate comes to report him about the job. Raoul apologizes because he needs to return to his work, and he says there is another time to escort her home.  Christine is happy because he is worried for her, and she thanks him. She goes back to practice and Meg teases her about her relation with the viscount.

As usual at night she practices with the angel, she is glad because he is returns to his normal self. While practicing she keeps thinking about Raoul.  Then someone knocks her door, the angel disappears immediately. It turns out Raoul comes to see her in hurry. When she opens the door he hugs her tightly. It seems he heard her talking with someone by the door, so it makes him worry. But Christine lies and she says she is practicing. He comes to fetch her because he already finished his job. Christine is happy because he comes to her, and they are walking together.  While they are in the hall, Christine forgets to bring her pouch, so comes back to the dressing room to take it. After Christine goes to her dressing room, Raoul is suspicious, since he clearly heard someone talking with her, and it makes him worry.  He wonder why she lies to him.

Then suddenly he hears the voice, it is telling him not to approach Christine, and the Phantom threatens to kill him. He looks around but can’t find anybody. Christine comes back from fetching the pouch,  Raoul escorts her to home and she notices Raoul has a stern face. Next day the angels appears again but this time he warns her not meet with Raoul again. He reminds her about the promise, she can’t fall in love with any guy. He asks for her answer, and Christine reluctantly nods her head.  Outside Raoul looks at Christine’s dressing room window, he is certain the voice he heard in that room is the same with the Phantom. He sees the Phantom from the window, he is worried and want to come to her room but Christine is singing happily with his presence (It is so obvious the so called Angel of Music is actually the Phantom, I wonder what trick he uses to hide his face) .  After the lesson finishes Raoul and Christine ride the carriage. Christine is worried because Raoul keeps quiet.  Suddenly he tells her that he saw the Phantom in her dressing room. Christine is not aware that Angel of Music is actually the Phantom.

Raoul: I want you to answer honestly.  Who is the person in your dressing room a little while ago?

He apologies for peeking her room but he is very worried for her safety.  Christine doesn’t believe it but Raoul says there is a rumor that the Phantom can use the strange power. He suggests not meeting him again.  Christine agrees to stop the lesson, Raoul is relieved and he decides to guard her for a while. Next day she keeps her promise to stop the lesson, also Raoul gives her a knife for self-defense. But before she goes out, the angel appears in front of her. He asks where she is going, she tells him that she will stop the lesson, and thanks him for everything.  He gets mad and raises his voice, when he gets closer to her, she is afraid.  Then Raoul comes into her room, he draws his sword and slashes the angel.  The illusion is broken, she can clearly see the Phantom now.  Before Raoul can catch him, he runs away.

Later in his home, Raoul and Philippe are talking. It seem the colonel from earlier offers Raoul a marriage proposal from a women of noble family. He refuses the offer but Philippe is actually agreed with the proposal since the woman is from good family.  Raoul says it is not what he wants from the woman he will marry, he doesn’t care about her background. Philippe says he is done for now, but Raoul won’t change his feeling.

When Christine is shopping, Raoul searches and finds her because he wants to see her face. Hearing it makes her happy. The rains starts to pour, he takes her hands and finds a place to take a shelter. Then she notices a water dripping from his face, she wipes it with her handkerchief. Both of them are blushing, and suddenly Raoul grabs her hand and he kisses her.  He suddenly releases her and apologizes.  After the rains stop, Raoul escorts her home. Christine keeps thinking about the kiss, the reason he did it.

The following day Philippe invites her for a tea in his mansion again. While chatting with him she keeps thinking about the kiss, and then Raoul comes home. Philippe informs her that Raoul has a marriage proposal, Raoul is angry with his brother for telling it on purpose. Hearing it Christine feels a pain in the chest. Philippe keeps telling him that he has a duty as a viscount. He needs to marry to someone with good background. Christine excuses herself, but Raoul grabs her hands, he wants to talk with her so he will come to her apartment tomorrow.  At night Christine is thinking about him, and she is finally realized that she falls in love with him. Then she hears the knock, it seem Raoul comes to visit her right now not tomorrow.  She is afraid to open the door; she doesn’t want to hear about his marriage proposal.

He tells her behind the door, that he apologizes for not telling her earlier. He already refuses the proposal but the colonel still pushing him to accept, so earlier today he formally met the woman and refused the offer.  Then Christine opens the door, Raoul comes in. He apologizes for his brother behavior, Christine doesn’t mind it since she knows his reason, he has a duty as a viscount. But Raoul tells her that he doesn’t care about his position, he will only marry to someone he loves.  He confesses his love, he always likes her even from the child. Christine tells him that she loves him too, she feels the pain when hearing about the marriage proposal.  Raoul smiles hearing her answer, he takes out the 4 leaf clover from his pocket, makes it into a ring, and he proposes her. Christine is surprised with his sudden proposal but she accepts it. They kiss and suddenly Raoul asks her to be his, but he will wait if she refuses. She is blushing a lot but she wants him too, so they make love (and in the morning they act like a married couple lol).

Next day, Raoul invites her to his mansion. It seems Philippe knows about their relation and tries to reasoning with both of them.  Raoul still rejects his offer, if possible he wants to follow his brother words, but the marriage is different matter. He wants to marry Christine and have a happy life with her. Philippe grimaces with his answer and he asks Christine’s opinion. Before she gives her answer, Raoul looks at her, and he wants to propose her once again. He will protect her, and he wants to live with her. Christine nods happily, but Philippe still doesn’t agree with it, he will give Raoul time to think again. At night Raoul comes to her apartment, he tells her that tomorrow his troop’s needs to go for the mission. It is a dangerous mission so Christine fears for his safety. Raul assures her he will be fine and he promises to come back for her.

In the morning Christine comes to see him off. It seems all of his subordinates really respect him as a lieutenant. She feels happy because everyone love him, but suddenly she is crying, thinking about his safety. Raoul holds her and kisses her forehead. He asks her to wait for him.

Several days has passed since Raoul gone, but then she gets the letter from him, telling her that he will return for the dance party and he will become her partner. Reading the letter makes her smile, and she goes to theater with the happy felling. There she meets Philippe and he asks her about dress for the dance party. Since she doesn’t prepare it yet he offers to buy it for her. She refuses his offer and decides to buy the dress by herself. And then she tells him that she will work hard so she can become the suitable partner for Raoul. Hearing her words makes him smile, and she is surprise by his kindness.

While she is walking in the hallway the light suddenly out, and she can’t find someone else. The Phantom appears in front of her, he says in her current situation she can’t be a primadonna again. He asks her to take his hand, but she rejects it because she wants to become a primadonna with her own power, and she wants to do it for Raoul’s sake. After hearing her answer, he disappears and the light turn on again.

Later the navy return from their expedition, the street celebrates their return. Christine immediately searches for him, when she sees him, she hugs him and crying. The party is hold in Raoul and Philippe mansion, celebrating his return and his award. Raoul introduces her to the guest as his fiancé and the opera singer. Then Philippe approaches them still can’t accept his feeling. But Raoul says she is an irreplaceable for him and he is willing to leave his title as a viscount for her.  This time Philippe is willing to accept her but in one condition. Christine must become a primadonna who is accepted by many people. She accepts the term and she will try hard to become a primadonna for Raoul’s sake.

One day when she finishes her practice, the Phantom comes to her again. He can’t forgive her because she sings for Raoul’s sake. He then drugs her and brings her to his place (aka he abducts her). When she wakes up, he tells her that she is his. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him. She says the one she loves is Raoul, not him. Raoul is not like him, he is the kind person. The Phantom is angry and decides to kill him.  Then Raoul’s voice can be heard, he is searching for her. The Phantom is surprised because he manages to find his room.  He comes to his room and prepares to attack the man, Christine tells him to run away because she doesn’t want to see him die. But he ignores her warning, he attacks him. He gets hurt in the process but he manages to knock him. They run out together and go back to her apartment. There Raoul tells her that Daroga helps him to find her. He such is a mysterious person because he knows about the underground passage that leads to Phantom’s room.

In the middle of night Christine wakes up and can’t find Raoul in her rooms. It seems he pursues the Phantom to put an end to it. She goes out to find him but even the sun rises she can’t find him. Then near the Opera’s theater she finds Philippe, and begging him to search Raoul together. Seeing her worried face makes him thinking the situation is serious so he agrees to help her.  He will ask the navy to find him. Feeling Raoul in danger, she comes to the Opera to the Phantom place. But in the way she meets Lucas and Daroga. She explains the situation to them and they decides to help.  They enters the underground passage, turns out the road is filled by some traps. In the middle of the road Daroga injures himself, they suggest going back but Christine wants to find Raoul. Since Daroga can’t move, he leaves the rest to Lucas.

Then later she gets separates from Lucas, she sees the light and finally finds Raoul in the prison. He is injured.  While Christine decides to search for the key, the Phantom appears.  He makes the offer to Raoul, he will release him if he leaves Christine. Raoul says his foolish word will not affect him. The Phantom is angry, he opens the cage and kicks his stomach. Seeing his pain face Christine begs him to say the word, but Raoul smiles through the prison.

Raoul: Until the death comes, I love you.

He kicks him again, Christine begs to stop. She will do anything as long as he releases Raoul. The Phantom wants her to become his.

Christine: I am sorry, I… don’t love you. But … I love Raoul.

The phantom takes his sword and prepares to kill Raoul, but she pleads him. She doesn’t want him to kill her most important person. Hearing her word makes him stop, then suddenly Raoul’s subordinates comes. The Phantom smiles and say goodbye to her before he disappears.

Later, Christine and Raoul get married, she manages to become primadonna, and Philippe keeps his promise, he gives them the permission to get married.  In the epilogue, they live in his mansion, it seems after the previous event no one sees the Phantom again, and Lucas is missing too.  Raoul assures her that Daroga will find him.  Then later at night in the street someone whispering “Will not let it go” (the voice sounds like Lucas’s???).


Ending 2 (待ちに待った日)

While in the prison, the Phantom asks her to be his to release Raoul. He order her to say the word ‘love’ to him. He take her hands but Christine pushes him. She says in the end she can’t choose him, she can only love Raoul.  Phantom is surprised and comes closer to her, Raoul immediately attacks Phantom and stabs him. But Phantom manages to fight back and injures Raoul. When the Phantom prepares to kill him, Philippe and his subordinate comes to the rescue. The Phantom disappears with the hatred in his mind.

Several days later, Raoul is released from hospital, and the Phantom can’t be found. The Theater holds the dance party, she and Raoul come as the pair. On the way they meet with Daroga, and it seem both of the feels the danger inside the theater.  They take everyone out and their bad feeling come true. The Opera’s theater is on fire. Days later Philippe invites her to meet him. Because the theater was burnt, Christine can’t become primadonna. She worries if Philippe will oppose their marriage. But it turns out Philippe agrees for their marriage, he realizes that their bond is strong. And the epilogue is the same with ending 1.


Ending 3  (どんな貴方でも……)

The scene when she meets Raoul is the same but after he helps her, Raoul feels that she looks like someone he knows. He is still thinking about Christine, and wondering how she lives right now.

The rest of the events are the same only in here they explains how Byuke gets killed. He finds the underground passage and get lost in there, while searching for the exit he notices the presence from behind. The man with the hood comes closer, and he kills Byuke with the machete.

Again after this the rest of event is the same, the Phantom rescues her when she falls in the stairs, she meets Angel of Music, and then becomes primadonna at the first time. At the previous route, he takes her out for riding but in here, he invites her to have a dinner in his mansion. He comes to fetch her at her apartment and before they go, he puts the daisy flower in her hairs. At his place he serves her a lot of delicious dishes, they raise their glass and cheers for their second meeting.  He asks how the food is, she says all of it are delicious. All the dishes she ate actually was made by Raoul, he practices cooking for her sake.  This makes her happy and she is actually envy him because his cooking is better than her.

The following day, Raoul comes to her dressing room, holding a big bouquet of daisy. It is the present for her, she thanks him but she feels the bouquet is too big. Raoul is blushing, he says the daisy in his mansion is blooming, so he picks it while thinking of her and the result is that huge bouquet daisy.  Christine smiles and says actually happy with the flower.  He still remembers that Christine likes a daisy since the child. Hearing this word makes her really happy.

And later on the holiday, Raoul and Christine come to the park. They ride horse, a boat, and many other things.  Raoul takes her hand, she is blushing for a while but she likes the feel of his hand on her.  While strolling the park, they see the children are playing tag. They remembering their childhood, in the past they also like to play that game, and they feel nostalgic.

Raoul: That’s right, next time let’s go to the church together.

Christine agrees to it, and she too wants to visit her father grave. Then Raoul asks her if she still remember about the flower’s ring or not. He takes her left hand and put the flower ring into her finger.

Raoul:  Christine, that time about the promise, do you remember it? About making you as a bride.

Christine is blushing and nods her head, since that time, his feeling is never changed. Christine is surprised, her heart is throbbing fast, she wonders if it is okay, since he is a noble while she is a commoner.  Raoul doesn’t care about such thing, since he was small he always likes her, and he is asking about her feeling. Christine likes him too; he is very happy and hugs her tightly.

Next day Meg teases her about their relationship with Raoul. And in the dressing room the angel appears, he asks her about the promise. She can’t answer it because she already falling in love with Raoul. Then Christine asks him why she can’t fall in love, because when the person she loves supports her, she will try harder than usual. He says she breaks the promise, and he will not forgive her.  Christine stares at mirror with the worry face. Then days later the angel is not coming to her again.

On their date in the café, Raoul wants her to meet with Philippe again. He wants to marry her and makes it a formal proposal. Christine can’t believe it, she is very happy and she too wants to marry him. He kisses her lips and it makes her blushing.  And their happy moment is seen by Meg, Lucas, and Daruga. They tease her a lot, but Raoul is actually happy with it.

In the dressing room, she is waiting for Raoul, he is late because the work. Then suddenly the angel appears again. He seduces her to take the lesson again, she can’t move his body and he kisses her. She loses her consciousness and wakes up later in the chair. She assumes the kiss event is a dream. Later Raoul comes to fetch her, she looks pale but she assures him that she is okay, just tired. Raoul wants her to tell him her worries; he will do anything for her. Hearing it makes her feels guilty.  Next day in the dressing room the angel comes again, this time he hypnotizes her so she can’t move. He begins touching her and rapes her.   (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  I think  I will avoid the Phantom route for time being.  When she regains her consciousness, she feels the pain in the body, and realizes what has happen. She is angry, and crying and tells him not to touch her again. The angel reveals himself as the Phantom, Christine is running from the room in fear.

Nest day Christine doesn’t feel coming to theater, and she can’t face Raoul yet. While she is walking in the street, she meets with Raoul. He offers her ride to the theater, but Christine just shocks her heads and she can’t look into his eyes. Raoul then decides to walk with her, Christine feels a guilt in her chest. He decides to tell him the truth. But when she almost says it, he looks at the time and he needs to return to his work, he will fetch her after work.

After the practice, Christine doesn’t want to enter her dressing room, but she needs to get her bag. And inside she sees Raoul waiting for her.  She notices her bag is opened, it makes her paranoid, she is afraid the Raoul is the Phantom in disguise. Raoul sees her worried face and tells her that he drops the bag. She relives with the answer and they go home together.

In the carriage, Raoul suddenly stops the ride, he sees a suspicious man wearing a black mantle in the street.  Hearing it makes her trembling with fear, she assumes the Phantom is following her. Raoul sees her worried face but she assures him that she is okay. Later when they reached her apartment, she invites Raoul to have a tea. Raoul finds the letter under the desk and he gives it to her. The letter is from Phantom, he says he knows where she lives. Raoul and Christine are shocked seeing the content of the letter. He tells her to live in his house and takes a vacation since her apartment and the Theater is a dangerous place for her now.

Then Christine lives in Raoul’s mansion, he manages to speak with Philippe and he allows her to stay there.  One day she and Raoul are drinking coffee, she tells him she will return to the theater since it’s been a while and she doesn’t want to make her friends worry. Raoul against it but Christine is persistent, in the end Raoul gets angry, he slams the cups on the table. It is the first time she sees him angry, then Christine notices the coffee in his hands. When she reaches his hand to wipe it, she knocks the milk jar and spills it into her hands. Raoul takes her hands and licks the milk from her fingers. After he still forbids her to come to the theater.  Next night Raoul comes late, he hears that Christine have a dinner with Philippe, it makes him angry and jealous. He drags her to his room and at first he forces her but she accepts it in the end (Raoul just becomes a yandere).

In the morning Raoul wants to meet his brother to ask for permission to marry. As usual he doesn’t approve but Raoul is persistent, Philippe can’t say anything to them so they leave him alone.  His sudden change of attitude makes her worry, but sometimes he returns to his usual gentle manner.

One day to see the situation at the Theater (if the situation is cleared Raoul will allow her to go back to theater), Raoul will go there and check s the rumor about the Phantom. But at night when he returns, he is covered in blood. He says he was attacked by the Phantom so she can’t go there yet (I bet he is lying). She cries and apologizes because for her selfishness. Next morning Philippe says to them, he didn’t oppose their relationship but he still can accept their marriage. It makes him angry but he will accept it for now, later at night Raoul forbids her to return to the Theater anymore. She knows he is worried for her but she still wants to sing. To avoid the arguing she drops the subject and goes to sleep.

Days later Raoul says she can go back to the Opera’s theaters since the police received the letter from Phantom and they are dispatched in that place to catch the Phantom. She thanks him and feels happy to return home. At the theater, Christine goes to Richard, and it seems he thinks the letter is fake since the seal is different from the one he received. Christine suddenly remembers the letter in her apartment, the red seal too looks different, but she can’t figure out the reason.  She meets Remy in the hallways and asks his opinion about the attack that injured Raoul before, but Remy doesn’t know such event. When she tries to talk about it, Raoul comes to fetch her and before Remy can say a thing, he drags her out of there. He is jealous again because he sees her talking with Remy. He drags Christine into her dressing room and makes love to her in a rough way (yandere mode on).  After they finishes, the light out and the phantom abducts and brings her into the rooftop. The phantom tells her to separate with Raoul. Christine doesn’t want it, even though he is different as usual she still loves him. Raoul comes to rooftop and battling with him. When he almost loses, Daroga with the police come to their rescue. The phantom runs away and disappears.

At the carriage Christine tells him about the dance party, Raoul already know it, he already orders the dress for her , she can’t wait to see what kind of dress that he bought. One day before the party, Raoul comes to fetch her, when they enter the dressing room, they see a dress in the table. It is sent by unknown person, Raoul is jealous again, he orders her to wait at the carriage while he goes to talk to Richard. In the hallway she meets with Remy, he tells her not to believe everything that Raoul said. Christine wonders what he means, but she trusts Raoul.

Next day Christine wears the dress that was chosen by Raoul, and while they are dancing the Phantom appears, he and the Phantom goes to the rooftop to fight, Raoul orders her to stay there but she follows them to the rooftop.  He wins the battle and he once again runs away.  Because the appearance of the Phantom the dance is cancelled. At night in his room, he asks Christine, why she comes to the rooftop.  She tells him she is worried for him but he doesn’t believe it. He confesses that time he sees the Phantom embraces her. Christine is shocked and crying, telling him again and again that she loves him ( and his yandere button is on because of that scene lol).  They makes love again and in the middle of the night, Raul brings her to the church to get married (I guess they are eloping). Several years has passed, Raoul throws away his title as a viscount because Philippe doesn’t accept their marriage. Christine resigned from her job as opera singer, they live in the small city, and it seems Raoul still a yandere. He is jealous if any guys greet his wife or praise her lol.


Ending 4 ( これで、思い通り)

Okay this ending is weird, because of Philippe doesn’t approve their marriage, Raoul poisons him. As days comes, Philippe is weaker and Raoul is appointed to become the head in the household. In the end Christine and Raoul married legally, there is the rumor that Raoul poisoned Philippe but she ignores it and lives happily with him.


Other Ending ( いつか、きっと)

Most of the story is focusing with Philippe’s and Raoul’s rivalry to win Christine’s love. They both date her but in the end Christine chooses Raoul. Months later, they get married, Philippe disinherits Raoul. Christine and Raoul lives together in apartment nears the main street. They go shopping together, and Christine is pregnant with Raoul’s child. They will welcome their child with love. (Btw this one is not yandere route)


And there are 4 others bad endings: 

Bad ed 1: Raoul (not yandere) is killed by the phantom, he takes Christine as his wife (or I say doll, etc).

Bad ed 2: In the yandere’s route, where Raoul forces her to marry him, if she doesn’t agree with him, he kills her, and then he stabs himself.

Bad ed 3: Christine wants to sing again so she argues with Raoul. In the end he gets angry and he locks her inside his room. After a while Christine says she will resigned from theater, and she becomes a doormat and timid wife. Afraid to go out and always listening to Raoul.

Seriously the bad endings are really that bad   (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



First of all I really like the arts, and the colors are lovely too. I totally love Raoul’s 1st and 2nd endings, because he is truly a kind, gentle, patient and very devoted man. But his yandere endings freak me out. How come he changed so suddenly, he sounds like a completely different person (ಠ_ಠ). The same with Christine, in Raoul’s good ending, she sounds strong and not really a doormat type heroine, but she changes a lot in Raoul’s yandere route ⊙﹏⊙.   And also there are some unexplained answer in Raoul’s route, 1. who pushes Christine from the stair, 2. Where is Lucas, 3. Who killed Byukei. I hope it will be revealed in other routes.


41 responses

  1. Wwooooohhh..main Otome 18+ yang ini yah sis,,hebaattt O///o
    Cwo pake seragam tentara..!! Aku sukaaaaaa..!! >///<b
    Aku juga suka ama Philip n phantom nya^^ *ga sbaran deh liat cerita mereka*
    Makasih buat reviewnya sis,,walau aku g bisa main namun tetep bisa menikmati romance nya XD

    Btw sis tahan juga yah mainnya klo aku mungkin g tahan *ahahahahaha lemah bnget sih*, daya imajinasi tinggi juga..=_="

  2. Waah,,sis hebat bsa main ini,cpet jga lgi knyanya…,^///^
    pngn jga deh,tapi aku blum ckup umur, -////-
    *msih 16*
    btw,ini buat pc ya sis?atau Psp? 😦

      • iya sis,Raoul ckep sis,Phantom,nya jga keren, 😀
        tapi kapn kapn aja deh msih lma knyanya sis,lapy masih aga rusak,ga ada sound,n internet nya lgi ga connect, 😦
        ini sista main pke Atlas ga sis? 🙂

        • Phantom keren sih cuman lg bt ma dia haha. Walah moga2 lapinya bisa direpaired ^_^ Oh aku ga pake atlas sis, dulu pernah coba malah makin puyeng, mending translate sendiri aja xD Heroinenya ada suara sih jadinya mayan gampang diterjemahinnya xD

          • haha,why sist? 🙂
            hem,Amin,thank you sista.. 😀
            waah,brati enak donk ya,yaah tapi aku blum trlalu ngerti sist,hrus mlalui bntuan translate,hha.. xD

            • He2 soalnya di klo di rute co laen bener stalker abis apalagi kadang suka extrime lol. xD Aku juga banyak liat kamus kok, soalnya msh lom terlalu bisa kanji sis 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot buat reviewnya, sis ^o^

    Sekarang baru download game-nya, soalnya baru nemu link yang kuat sama internet di rumah nih >.<

    Raoul emang kalo dilihat tipe cowok gentleman, tenang and sweet ya… bisa dilihat dari penampilannya sih, walopun akhirnya di ending ke 3 dia berubah jadi yandere -_-

    Di semua rute endingnya, tetep ada halangan dari phantom and philip ya, and endingnya ada banyak juga.. tapi kalo aq sendiri lebih suka ending ke 3nya, mungkin soalnya ending ke 1 – 2nya udah biasa jadi kurang berkesan, walopun pastinya aku juga suka kalo happy end sih..

    And, bener bgt masih ada masalah yang belum terpecahkan, penasaran nih sama siapa yang sebenernya udah dorong christine di tangga? Apa mungkin Charlotte or justru orang lain ya?

    • Sama2 sis makasih dah baca juga, oh udh dpt linknya yah ^_^ adviced aja klo main kuatkan hatimu lol Aku ampir ilang motivasi main yg yandere route. Raoul emang fav aku dr awal, ke 2 Remi. *i’ll pretend the 3rd and 4th ending don’t exist lol*

      Iya loh banyak banget misterinya, kynya bakal di Phantom ato Remi ketaunnya deh. Cuman ini game panjang banget loh ampe cape mata mainnya xD

      Yg dorong kynya cowo deh jadi bukan Charlotte, feeling aku kynya Ryuka deh, soalnya dia ilang and ga ketemu ampe akhir.

      • iya, dari kemarin tertarik sama art game ini setelah lihat di tumblr and habis muter2 googling akhirnya nemuin juga blog yang emang kasih link bersahabat buat internet ( piuuh, akhirnya :D… )

        iya sih, aq juga kurang suka sama tipe2 yandere and lebih prefer ke tsundere tipe.. and, kalo aq lebih suka sama remy sama philip sis ( kyaa, remy… lol* )

        he2, kaya’nya emang ga suka bgt sama ending ke 3-4 ya, sis? kalo ending ke 4 sih bwt aq jga emang kesannya kok sedikit kejam gtu ya? setelah ngracunin kakaknya, jadi kepala rumah tangga pengganti, bisa hidup bahagia begitu aja ( ga ada perasaan bersalahnya setelah coba bunuh kakaknya sendiri *hammer* ), mungkin justru lebih baik yang other ending ya?

        iya mungkin di route phantom bisa ketahuan semua misterinya, coz kalo dilihat dari judulnya bisa dibilang dia tokoh utama laki-lakinya kan ya? and, iya nih lihat review-nya panjang bgt, mungkin ga bisa langsung dimainin sekaligus sampe selesai, ga bagus bwt mata >.<

        bener juga sih, lagian kalo charlotte kok kesannya juga jadi mudah bgt ditebak ya? and, kalo lihat sekilas sosok ryuka walopun kelihatannya innocent tapi rasanya kok memang agak sedikit mencurigakan gimana gitu..

        ok deh, dtunggu review chara selanjutnya ya sis ^_^

        • Ha2 iya aku suka Remi… abis ini aku main rute dia. Aku sebenernya suka Phillip tp pas yg VS route agak bt sih, kasian Raoul lol I am biased xD

          Iya ini misterinya banyak amit terus nenek yg bawa palu tuh siapa, ini feeling aku sih kayanya Remi=Kyle Brother. Terus Ryuka = Hooded man.

          Aku ga tau tah kapan bakal sentuh Phantom route, he marred my heart in Raoul route 😦 udh gt he is a stalker xD

          Makasih sis cuman kynya rute selanjutnya agak lama, sakit mata lol Bener2 panjang nian ini cerita xD

          • he2, soalnya suka sama raoul ya sis? jadinya kurang suka sama philip..

            iya masih banyak misteri yang buat penasaran, jadi memang harus selesain semua route biar tau pastinya..

            bener bgt sih, phantom agak2 horror gmna gtu ya, and di route raoul ini dia emang nyebelin bgt >.<.. ga tau deh di route yg lain, mungkin jga sama coz dy kan chara central di game ini.

            gpp sis, routenya emang panjang jadi wajar aja kalo harus diselingi sama yg lain coz kalo ga jenuh and kaya' yg qbilang tdi bisa bikin sakit mata, he2 😀

            pokoknya tetep dtunggu aja review selanjutnya sis, apapun itu gamenya ^o^

            • Yupz kynya yg utamanya Phantom tp denger2 sih yg Canon malah Raoul, well not sure lol

              Hmm di yandere Phantom jauh lebih nyebelin lagi he2 ktnya sih di Remi ama Phillip lbh parah 😦 Moga2 aja ga bikin bt haha

              Thank you sis ^-^

  4. Hehe, kalo melihat komen2 di atas, sepertinya memang BT yah deng Fantome atau Phantom (Ga tau kenapa di Mirainya nulis Fantome). Tapi tenang saja. Di salah 1 cerita Remy, dia bersahabat kok (Meski hanya muncul sepintas). Aku suka banget suara Kondo di sini. Membuai telinga..

    Hmm, Raoul memang memiliki cerita yg lebih jelas dan berhubungan dng intinya drpd Philip. Tapi sayang, kurang suka suara Kishio Daisuke. By the way, other endingnya Raoul lumayan bagus meski harus dipoting2 adegan dgn Philip. Remy dan Richard sepertinya jg akan mengalami hal yg sama.

    • Ha2 iya aku juga bingung napa mirai tulisnya F no Opera aka fantome, aku kebiasaan nulis Phantom jadi agak sush ketik Fantome lol. Wah untung deh seengganya dia bersahabat di salah 1 rute, agak BT juga sih, walaupun aku agak kasian ma dia, kyk yg lonely gt xD

      Yupz di Phillip emang agak kurang detail sih, lol aku malah suka ma suaranya xD walaupun lbh suka ama Kondo sih klo dr segi VA.

      Iya nih aku malah plg suka ma other endingnya Raoul, soalnya happily ever after lol. Waduh jadi di setiap rute ada VSnya yah? (kecuali Phantom xD)

    • Bener bgt sis, kemarin aq main game ini and mainin route richard yang pertama kali gara-gara salah baca guidenya *:hammer:*, and karena sadarnya udah sampe tengah2 permainan jadi lanjut terus aja deh and akhirnya jadi tau juga deh siapa hannin yang sebenarnya.. dan ternyata.. ah, udah ga penasaran lagi deh akhirnya XD

      • Lol wahhh jadi ga sabar pengen tau siapa culpritnya xD Abis rute Remi (*duh aku kebiasaan sebut Remy jadi Remi haha) kynya aku main Richard deh, walaupun ga gt minat ma dia lol

        • Ha2, sebegitu penasarannya ya sis? 😀
          iya nih gara2 salah baca guide, pdhahal niatnya mw main route remy dulu.. tp gpp deh diambil sisi positifnya aja, jadi tau juga tentang pertanyaan2 yang bikin penasaran selama ini..

          ya udah sis, dimainin aja route-nya richard kalo emang penasaran and dtunggu review-nya kalo udah, he2 :D.. sekarang aq belum lanjut lagi mainnya habis selesaiin route richard, coz bener2 cape’ mata mainnya >.<

          • Emang si philip tu route-nya bener2 bikin boring ya, sis?
            padhahal suka sama philip selain remy *lol*
            kalo aq lihat sekilas guide-nya, route phantom tu yg paling pendek ceritanya.. bener ga tu, sis?
            kalo udah mood lg, rencananya pengen mainin route remy dulu kaya’ rencana semula… tapi kelihatannya panjang ya route ceritanya?

            • Sebetulnya sih yg bikin boring itu karena ga ada hubungan sama inti cerita aja. Dia lembut bgt kok. Tipe gentleman. Masing2 ada bagus dan ga, jadi sama rata lah.

              Sepertinya rute Fantome memang sedikit, tapi entahlah. Cerianya bisa saja lebih panjang karena mengungkap semuanya. Aku belum sampai sana sih. Baru tamat-in Richard nih. Mungkin besok.

              Kalo soal length-nya cerita, sepertinya semua mirip (artinya: panjang semua)..!!

              • Wah, berarti nyimpang dari inti cerita game ini ya? tapi gpp deh, tetep suka sama philip and mainin routenya sehabis remy aja *lol*

                Iya juga sih, coz kalo ga ada nilai plus minus-nya ga mungkin jga jadi chara yg bisa dimainin routenya and semua juga tergantung masing2 opini or selera yang mainin -_-

                Tapi untung aja art game ini bagus, jadi panjang ceritanya juga gpp deh 🙂

                Kalo udah selesai direview juga dong sis di blog-nya, suka bgt nih lihat review2 otome game kaya’ gini ^o^

          • Iya sih aku dah keburu bosen juga ma ini game, tp aku mainin rute yg Phillip ama Richard bakalan kilat kayanya xD Ga terlalu sedetail Remy ama Raoul lol xD

            • Tetep hindarin route phantom ya sis? he2 😀

              Gpp sis kalo emang penasaran ma cerita tapi udah bosen ma game ini, mainin aja route yang penting or yang sis suka aja.. tapi kalo bisa tolong tetep direview ya sis ^o^

              • ^-^ Gak kok sis emang dihindarin buat time being doang kok, kayanya aku main dia yg plg terakhir, ke Remy-Richard-Phillip baru Phantom xD

                Siap sis, bakal aku review kok rute Phantomnya juga ^-^ Sankyuuu 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  5. I take back my word. Even though his good ending bored me to death i can’t even think straight, his twisted side got me hooked and I really really like it! It only took me a several hours to completed 2 yandere ends. It’s kinda scary when he turned yandere, his eyes look dead lmao ;; he actually scared the shit outta me.

    He actually killed Phantom right?

    • He2 you end up liking his yandere side right? ^_^ I kinda changed my mind too about his yandere side, after reading your post somehow I find he is rather interesting and a little bit complicated ^-^ (And he is more smexy lol)
      (#^.^#) a couple of hours? You are so fast, iirc I finished his ed3 and 4 about 5 hours xDDD

      Hmm he did injure Phantom in the rooftop, and he runs away. But in the end where they said there is unidentified corpse, I assumes he is Phantom. So yeah I think he killed him.

  6. Thank you very much for writing about PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~! 😀 Will you write about the other men too? I would love to know the Phantom’s story! 🙂 ❤

    • Sure, I already done Remy and Philippe, and right now I’m on Richard’s story. After Richard is done I’ll play Phantom ^-^

      Thank you for reading too (#^.^#)

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