PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Remy

While practicing, Christine is thinking about Remy. He recommended her for taking the audition, that’s why she will work hard so she will not disappoint him. After her first debut as opera singer, she comes to Remy asking for her performance. Remy says she still needs to work hard. In the dressing room, Raoul comes to invites her for dinner, and in the hallway they meet with Remy. She introduces Raoul to Remy. At the restaurant, Raoul asks about her father and brother. Her brother is missing since she was child, and since then her father health is worsen and eventually died.

Days later, Byukei is killed and his body is hanged in the center of the stage. Seeing the body, Christine is trembled with fear, and she bumps into Remy in the hallway. Remy escorts her to her dressing room, he tells her to lock the door. Christine thinks that Remy is actually a kind person.

Before she performs, Carlotta accuses her for having an affair with Remy, because she saw them together in the dressing room. She says Christine won’t stay long in the Opera’s Theater. While thinking about her words, she makes the mistake on the stage and eventually Carlotta saves her.  The next morning, she sees Remy in the hall. He tells her not to worry about the yesterday, because other people also will make one or two mistakes in life. He advices her about the performance and the singing. Hearing his words, she doesn’t feel depressed anymore, and she thanks him for his kindness.

(The next event is the same with Raoul, she meets the Angel of Music and practicing with him every evening, and Richard make her the next primadonna for the upcoming performance).

She is invited by Philippe to have dinner at his mansion. On the way to his mansion, Remy comes to her apartment; he will escort her to Philippe’s mansion.  In the carriage, Christine is very nervous because Philippe is someone from a high rank, so she doesn’t know how to act in front of the noble. But Remy says she needs to relax, what more important is to enjoy herself.  After she is having a dinner with Philippe and his younger brother, Raoul. Remy escorts her back to her apartment. Inside the carriage Christine apologizes for making him wait. He doesn’t mind since it is his job, and next time he wants Christine to consult with him first if there is an invitation from others.

After her first debut as primadonna, Remy is waiting in front of her dressing room. He smiles and praises her performance. He is very pleased by her hard works. Christine is really happy and almost in tears after hearing his words.  As she is practicing, Carlotta’s dressing room is in ruined; her dress is torn and destroyed. Because Christine goes to Carlotta’s room before to pick her pouch for Carlotta, she accused Christine.  Remy comes to the practice hall, he defends Christine because there is no enough evidence, and then he orders Christine to go to her room. Not long after that he goes to Christine’s room to give her the herbal tea. He does it to make her calm, and he tells her not to worry about the dress.

Raoul comes to see her and he brings her to the church where they used to play together as child. He confesses to her, saying his feeling since child is still the same. But Christine can’t answer him because she is thinking of Remy.  Raoul tells her to take it slowly because he won’t rush her. And since then he often visits Christine at the Theater.

Carlotta visits her in her room, she says some hurtful thing, such as she seduces Remy so she can become primadonna. Christine endures it and when Carlotta is gone; Angel of Music comes and comforts her, but somehow she suspects him as a Phantom. Later Lucas, Raoul, and Meg come to inform her about the letter from Phantom again. It said to make Christine as primadonna again or something bad will happen.  At the practice hall, Richard and Remy comes, Richards says he can make her again as primadonna but she must prove herself. She needs to sing in front of them while Richard is playing the piano. But her skill is not enough to impress Richard.

After the practice, Remy comes to see her. He says she doesn’t need to be discouraged because her song is able to make people smile. She feels warm but hearing his words. Next morning Christine is not feeling well, Remy can see it but she says she is okay. In her dressing room, Angel is coming again, Christine asks him about his identity.

Christine: Angel –sama, maybe… are you a Phan…..

Before she finishes the sentence, someone knocks at the door. She finds out her visitor is Remy, he brings her the ginger tea because she looks pale before. He hears she is talking with a man through the door, but Christine lies. Then Remy notices she has a fever, he scolds her because she needs to take care of her body.

Days later Remy visits her again in her dressing room, brings her tea again. He talks about Angel of Music, Christine smiles because her father tells her about the same thing. Then she tells him the reason why she wants to be a primadonna. If she becomes primadonna, she will be in newspapers, and she hopes her bother can notice her. She hopes to find her brother.

After the practice, Remy finds her and praises her improvement. She feels happy to hear that word from him. She goes home and when she is walking at the street, someone tries to kidnap her. But Remy comes and saves her. He punches the kidnapper again and again until he is bleeding. Christine feels Remy is different that his usual manner, she tries to stop him, fearing he will kill the kidnapper. Remy escorts her home, and in the carriage he apologizes for scaring him. He says that is his true self. (I wonder what he means by that lol).

The next day, news about Christine was attacked is spreads out. Lucas, Meg, Raoul and even Philippe ask her condition. The Angel comes again in her dressing room, and this time Christine asks him if he is the Phantom or not. The illusion is broken and the Phantom is surprised, he immediately disappears into the mirror.  Christine goes out and she sees Remy waiting for her. Because of yesterday event, he decides to escorts her home for time being. In front of her apartment, Remy notices she is acting strange. He takes her hand and draws the sun on her palm, saying that is a good luck charm. Christine feels warm and she decides to tell him about the Phantom tomorrow.

 At the theater, Christine tells Remy about the Phantom, the Angel and how he is disappeared into the mirror. Remy feels the Phantom is using some tricks to do it. Because her room is dangerous, Remy brings her to his office. For the time being she will stay there. Christine is glad that she tells it to Remy, since he is a kind man.

While they are walking at night, they help the boy to find his missing sister. It seems the sister is helping the injured puppy. Remy offers to tend the puppy. They decide to bring it to Remy’s office. While he is tending the puppy Christine blurts out that Remy is cute and it makes him blushing. Several hours later, the puppy can’t make it, he dies from the injury.  They meet with the boy and girl again to inform about the death, and bury him together. Seeing the boy and girl, Christine is remembering about Kyle brother, where they were walking together in the snow. Kyle calls her Lotte and holding her hand.

After they burry the puppy, Remy and Christine are walking on the street and suddenly the snows are falling. Remy finds the umbrella and he playfully says Oujo-sama to Christine, offering to use the umbrella together. Then he holds her shoulder to protect her from the carriage.

Remy: Because it is dangerous, get a little closer to me.

The closeness of their body makes her blushing.

Next day, Meg and Lucas tease her about Remy. Meg sees them together while Remy was holding her shoulder. And it seems they are already a rumor about their closeness. Then Raoul comes and asks her about Remy too. He notices that Christine likes Remy, and she doesn’t deny it. Raoul says he still can’t forget her and he will keep loving her ( lol poor Raoul…). He apologizes for making her discomfort by his feeling but he just can’t give up.

Later the Phantom strikes again, this time he paints the floor on the stage with red color and puts the letter beside it.  Because Remy and Richard is away at the moment, Lucas takes the letter and read it. The letter says to make Christine as Primadonna, and if his demands is not fulfilled the misfortune will happen.

In the morning Christine greets Remy but she feels Remy is a little pale. At night as usual Remy will escort her home. But Christine rejects the offer because Remy looks tired. Remy insists his offer since he is worry about the Phantom and Christine can’t refuse him. The rain starts to fall, she touches Remy’s forehead and finds out he has a fever. Christines invites him to stay at her apartment for resting.  She gives him her father cloth, and she can see lots of scars in his body. Christine offers him to sleep on the bed while she is on the floor.


Ending 3 (誰よりも優しい人  )

In the middle of night Christine awakes, she sees Remy is shivering. She comes to him and checks his forehead. She can’t find more blankets to keep him warm so she lay down beside him to keep him warm. She touches his face and says: Remy, I love you. Then Remy opens his eyes and she begins to panic. But Remy smiles and kisses her. He says that he has the same feeling with her and always loves her.


Ending 1 (外の)

It’s almost the same with ending 3, Christine lay down beside him but this time she doesn’t say the word love.  Remi awakes and she is in panic, she wants to make him warmer so she lays in the bed with him. While she tries to get up Remi holds her tight, he wants to stay like that for a while. She feels warm and thinking that she might fall in love with him. After Remy sleeps again, he mumbles’s a word ‘Lotte’. Christine remembers that her brother used to call her that name, and Remy also know about the story of Angel of Music. But she casts aside the idea and says that all of it is a coincidence.

Next morning they go to work separately and when she sees Remy again, he apologizes for the previous incident, and asks her to forget about it. Later Lucas informs Remy and Christine that someone dirties her dress by paints it with ink. Meg and Lucas suspects the culprit is Carlotta.

Remy escorts her again, but suddenly a man (a shop owner) comes to Remy and asks for the forgiveness and he wants Remy to help him. Remy pardons himself and talks with the man. Christine is wondering what they are talking about but she can’t ask him.

One day when she is shopping she sees Remy with the woman and a group of men in black. Remy ignores her and then Christine meets Daroga. He tells her about Milieu (something like a dark organization).  Christine suspects Remy is a part of the organization.

At the day of the performance, Carlotta is killed and her body is hanged in the ceiling. They needs to cancel the performance and returns all the guests. The news about Carlotta is printed in newspapers and for a while the Opera’s Theater is feared by people, but somehow Richard and Remy manages to save it. Richard makes Christine as the next primadonna. But since the Remy avoids her and the one who will escort her will be Lucas.

In her room, Christine gets the letter from Phantom. He wants to lend her a power so he tells her to meet with him at 23 o’clock. Christine decides not to go and searching for Remy. On the way she meets Meg and Lucas. Lucas tells her that Remy is under house-arrest, he is actually a member of Milieu and Richard is the boss. Remy get arrested because there is a rumor that he betrays the organization.  Because Christine ignores the Phantom’s letter, he hurts someone from the theater so Christine decides to meet him at her previous dressing room (and he drugs her again…).

As times passes, Christine worries about Remy. Lucas tells her to visit Remy at Richard mansion since Richard will be away for a while. Meg against the idea since Milieu is a dangerous organization but Lucas assures them that she will be okay, and he will arrange her to meet Remy.

Christine meets Remy at Richard’s mansion, she is crying but Remy turns cold to her and asks her why she comes here. She says because she loves him. Hearing the word Remy pushes her to bed, Christine doesn’t feel scared and she trust Remy. Then Remy releases her and orders her to go home. He says not to waste time on him, and he plans to marry a woman whom Christine saw at the market.

Next morning Meg tells Christine that Lucas resigns from his job. Christine comes to see Richard to asking about Lucas but instead Richard tells her about Remy. He says that Remy plans to go to France with Christine. Richard finds the two tickets in Remy’s room. Remy does it to protect Christine from Phantom and also Milieu. He reveals that Remy is actually her brother. Remy can’t tell her the truth because by entering the organization, he needs to sever the family ties. Richard gives her the tickets and suggests her and Remy to run away and he already forgives. Later he says that Philippe has come to offer the marriage proposal. He wants Raoul and Christine (who already become a primadonna) to get married.

Raoul comes to see her; he apologizes for his brother behaviors. The marriage proposal needs to be decided by him and her, and then he formally asks her to marry him. Christine wants some time to answer his proposal. Raoul understands and he will wait until his birthday.

Remy comes back to Opera’s Theater and when Christine sees him, she is asking his opinion about Raoul’s proposal. Remy doesn’t against it and while Christine tells him again that she loves Remy. He harshly rejects her and saying that he doesn’t see her as a woman.

The next day Christine rejects Raoul’s proposal. Raoul smiles and he accepts her decision. He is sad but he will pray for her happiness, and he still want Christine to come for his birthday party. (Raoul…. (≧∇≦)/  I think I like him more)

Christine asks Remy to accompany her to Raoul’s party. Remy replies e is busy in that day but Christine will wait for him. After the party is finished Remy comes, he apologizes for being late. Using the umbrella, both of them walking together.

Later Christine gets the letter from Phantom again, she ignores it and tells it to Remy. On the day of her performance, the Opera’s Theater is in chaos and the Phantom abducts her. Remy remembers about the mirror and he breaks the wall behind it to find the path to the underground. Daroga accompanies Remy to look for Christine, but on the way he gets hurt by the trap. Remy finds the Phantom and Christine, he fights the Phantom but he gets stabbed instead. At the crucial moment the polices come and Phantom runs away.

Remy stays at Christine’s apartment to tend his wound. Several days later his wound is healed. He tells her that he loves her. He can’t say it before because they are sibling, and that kind of love is forbidden, he always thinking about her happiness. And when the Phantom abducted her, he realizes that he can’t lose her, that time he doesn’t care whether they are sibling or not. Christine is happy hearing his word and he embraces her. Then they decide to go to France, runs away from the organization.

At the port Richard comes to see them off, he reminds him not to get caught since the organization will kill him if they find his whereabouts. He also tells Remy to make Christine happy. And in the France they live happily together, shopping and holding hands.


Ending 2 (写真の二)

Christine accepts Raoul’s proposal, and since then she lives in his mansion. Later Christine tells Remy that she knows he is her brother. Remy says he belongs to the organization and she needs to forget about him and starts the new family with Raoul. When her wedding is near, Richard offers Christine to stay in his mansion for time being. He also wants to hold the wedding in his place and gives her the wedding dress because she is the Opera’s primadonna. When the dress has arrived, Richard urges her to try it and for wedding rehearsal Richard takes the picture of Christine in wedding dress and Remy.

One day before the wedding, Christine gives Remy the letter from his father. And for the last time she wants him to embrace her. At first Remy refuses her but seeing her tears he hugs her tightly. He confesses his love for her.

The day of her wedding comes; they get married at the church where Raoul and Christine met when they were child. Richard orders Remy to walk her down to the aisle. Just for one day he can become Kyle and forget about Milieu. Then Richard tells Philippe and Raoul about Remy relationship with Christine, the fact that he is her brother.  Days later Remy and Christine in separate places are looking to the photograph that Richard took at the rehearsal. Christine puts it into the photo album and starts looking into the future, meanwhile Remy prays for her happiness.


Ending 4(渡せなかった手)

Christine rejects the Raoul ‘s marriage proposal, and the Phantom abducts her on her performance’s day.  Remy comes to the underground to save her but the Phantom stabs him in the stomach. Remy is dying, Christine calls him Kyle-nisan, and she gives him the letter from their father (because he is heavily injured he can’t open the letter).

Remy: If it is possible, I want to live with you again. I… love….you…

After he confesses his love, he dies in Christine’s arms. Days later, in her apartment Christine opens the letters from her father to Remy.

“Christine and Kyle, how are you fare? By the time you read this letter, I am already in heaven.”

The rest of the letter is only a wish for Kyle and Christine happiness. After reading the letter Christine is crying and she hopes that father can meet Kyle in heaven.


Ending 5 (青空の下)

While Remy has a fever and he stays at Christine’s apartment, he kisses her and quickly apologizes after he realizes what he had done. He tries to get up and return home but Christine urges him to stay in her place until morning, because she worries of him. Just like in previous route, he mutters the word “Lotte”, but this time he awakes and Christine questions him. He admits that he is Kyle, ever since he met her again, he knows that she is actually his younger sister. And he tells her about Milieu and the vow to sever the family ties. He confesses his love and kisses her, and in the end they make love. (Remy becomes half yandere lmao, and Christine at first saying no, we are brother and sister, but later she enjoys his love making and tells him that she loves him LOL). Later Christine gives him the letter from their father.

At the practice hall, Christine struggles with the dance step. Remy offers to become her partner for the waltz but since there are lots of people in the hall, he will come to her apartment after work. They are eating the dinner together in her apartment and start to dance.

The next day Christine hears from Meg that Remy is under house arrest. She tries to ask Richard about Remy but he ignores her. Then Lucas tells her the reason of his arrest. Remy betrays the organization. Lucas says that he will bring Christine to meet Remy at Richard’s mansion. After Christine is away, Lucas mutters “Unforgivable, to make her unhappy” (well I think Lucas falls in love with her …)

At Richard’s mansion, she meets with Remy, and they are hugging each other. He says she needs to return soon because the place dangerous. Back at her apartment, Remy comes to say goodbye to her because he will go to Paris soon. Christine begs to take her but he refuses. He says their love is impossible because they are actually a sibling, but he will always love her.

Next morning Richard comes to Christine to talk about Remy. Remy will be killed by the organization and he doesn’t have the power to help him. At night, at her apartment Remy and Christine are watching the sky together through her window. When they see the shooting star, they make a wish. Christine always wants to be with him.

Remy: In the next life, I want to be together with you again.

In the morning they visit their father grave and the church. Inside the church, Remy wants to have a wedding in this church, but it won’t be a normal one since they are sibling and also he doesn’t prepare a wedding dress and ring. Christine agrees and with the priest permission (the priest doesn’t know they are sibling), they get married.

Back the theater Richard tells her about Remy, the organization will kill him today. Remy lies about leaving to Paris, in fact he prepares to die. Richard prepares the carriage in the suburb and tells them to run away. Christine immediately returns to her apartment, she urges Remy to run away together. At first Remy doesn’t agree, if she runs away with him and they find them, they will not only kill him but also Christine. Christine already makes up her mind, she will follow him whenever he goes. On the way to Richard’s carriage, the organizations attack them, but the Phantom and the man with the hood (it is obviously Lucas) help them.  They manage to go to the port and sail away to Paris.

In France, they live as a husband and wife in the small village. The village holds the festival, Remy plays the violin while Christine sings.


Ending 8 ()

While they are on the run, the organization attacks and shoots both of them. Crawling on the floor, they move closer, and hold hands.

Remy: Even if it is short….the time I spent with you…filled…with…happiness.

Christine: Me too..

Remy: I ……for eternity.

With their last strength, Remy brings his face closer and kisses her.  Days later Richard, Daroga and Meg come to their grave; Meg tells her that Lucas is missing, and she feels lonely without them. She hopes for their happiness in heaven.


Ending 7 (かなわない約)

After they get married at the church, they makes love in her apartment (wedding night lol). In the morning before she goes to Opera’s Theater, Remy hugs her and he acts strangely. She goes to the Theater and meets Richard, he tells her about Remy’s betrayal and how they will kill him. While Christine returns to her apartment, she can’t find Remy and there is a letter from him.

“To my beloved Christine”

“I am sorry for leaving you again.”

“To separate with you is difficult for me too; I want you to forgive me because I lied to you”

“Although it was short, but the time I spent together with you filled with happiness.”

“Will you do me a small favor?”

“I want you to be happy, can you do it?”

“Your body is not very healthy, so I want you to take care of your body more.”

“I will pray for Christine’s happiness.”

“Wherever I am, I will watch over you.”

“I love you, Christine.”

Days passed but she can’t find Remy, she is crying while holding the shoes that is given by Remy. She will keep waiting for him.


Ending 6 (もう遠慮はしな)

The previous event is the same with ending 5, Remy and Christine becomes lover, then later Remy is under house arrest for the betrayal. But while she is at theater, the Phantom kidnaps her and brings her to his room. He drugs her and rapes her. (I don’t know what to think about this ending. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Mirai why you should put explicit rape scene in this game.) Later the Phantom releases her and she goes home.

She comes to visit Remy at Richard’s mansion, while Remy tries to kiss her. She pushes him because she feels guilty. Remy doesn’t know what was happening with her but he doesn’t plan to lose her. He soothes and kisses her. Her fear disappears, and because the mansion is dangerous Remy tells her to go home.

The next day the Phantom comes to her again, this time she pleads him, she doesn’t want to betray Remy again. He disappears and Remy comes to her room. He sees the kissing mark from the Phantom. He gets really angry and tells Christine to strips the clothes. Then he cleans her marks by kissing her and making love to her.

Remy resigns from his job, he can’t tell her the reason yet but he will protect her from Phantom. He will not forgive him for what he has done to her. He orders her not to come back to Opera’s Theater for time being. He even forbids her to go out from her apartment. (He becomes yandere just like Raoul lol)

When Christine asks about Lucas, or talks with the postman, Remy will get jealous. Then one night, he finds the Phantom and kills him. Remy allows her to return to Opera again and he will get back to his job.  But strange things are happening within the Opera. The man who are talking to Christine (her fan), falls from the stairs and is hospitalized. Carlotta who insults Christine injures her leg. (Well you can guess who did it lol)

Because Carlotta’s injury, Christine becomes the next primadonna. Remy comes to her dressing room and congratulates her. They are hugging and Remy says he will always protect her, because she is his.


Other Ending (貴女がすべて)

While Richard takes interest with her (dating, kissing her), Christine doesn’t return his feeling.  When the lights in her dressing room is out, she asks for Remy help. In the dark room, when Remy lights the lamp with the matches. Christine is surprised by the sound of thunder. She hugs him and he drops the matches. Both of them kneel to pick it up. They realize their body is close, Remy face gets closer to her as if to kiss her. But the moment is interrupted by Richard.

Then the story becomes weird, both Richard and Remy make love to her. But in the end she chooses Remy. Remy resigns as Richard’s butler but he is still working as a secretary in the Opera. Richard resigns and replaced by new manager.  Then Remy and Christine have a happy life together.



Remy’s stories are pretty long, he has 8 endings and 1 other ending. The incest thing kinda bothers me but the story is pretty good, lots of drama and I totally like Remy.  Why they don’t make Remy as stepbrother (;一_一). While I like happy ending but the story where they both died moves me to tears. It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

PS: I made a change for the name. Philip=Philippe, Ryukas=Lucas, Remi=Remy, Charlotte=Carlotta.


12 responses

  1. I like ending 6 for some reason wwww but it’s like “okay done with my job, ok you go home,” lololol what phantom XDDD

    and to think that there’s 3P in this ending just omg errgh ~_~ I mean Richard is super do S lol I don’t know what to do with him as I mostly skip his dialogue wwww

    hey, if you actually ignore the kyoudai thing going on, this route is pretty good y’know o_O;
    it’s a shame since miraii is milking the brocon siscon too much D:

    • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ That’s what I feel about the Ed 6, well actually I don’t really care about the rape thing but the fact they explained it in detail kinda shocked me lol. Maybe I’m not used with it. Playing the vs route makes Richard more blehh for me. I tried to read lines per lines for him but OMG I want to smack his head at the certain event xD

      And I think I’m liking Phantom more here, he helps them escape ^-^ Can’t wait to see his route but I think I’ll save him for the last.

      Yeah his story is good IMO, and I dunno why I like their sad ending better xD But urghh Mirai, you should make them a step-sibling or something D:

      And Lucas, now I totally want him to be capturable lol

      • Good to see you changed your mind about Phantom. He deserves good ending for himself. And yeah, I actually didn’t feel suck at siblings concept in here. They have pure love and most of the endings were tragic

        • Yupz somehow he feels lonely and I don’t dislike him just like before xD
          I agree their love story is pure and the ending where they both died are so tragic. Their bonds are strong ^-^

  2. Endingnya bener2 banyak and bikin bingung >.>

    Sekarang lagi main route remy and setelah cari2 guide yang lebih mudah dimengerti akhirnya berhasil juga dapetin ending lain2nya, sebelumnya selalu cuma dapet ending 2-4 terus walopun udah ngulang dari awal >..<

    aku sendiri lebih suka sama ending 5, waktu main biola and nyanyi itu feel-nya bener2 dapet menurutku, baik sebagai sibling maupun pasangan.. tapi tetep aja harusnya lebih baik lagi kalo mereka bukan sibling *aargh*

    game ini selain phantom apa selalu ada route 3P nya ya? and rape scene juga selalu pake drugs, emangnya rape aja ga cukup ya? *hammer*

    setelah ini, rencananya mw mainin route-nya siapa sis?

    • Aku juga pas awal liat guidenya kurang lengkap terus baru nemu lg untunglah cukup gampang buat diikutin. Iya sis semuanya ada rute VSnya kecuali Phantom sih.

      Nah itu mending klo adegan rape cuman dibil aja aka no CG etc yg di sini parah ampe explicit segala, kaget aku liatnya hehe

      Nah itu pdh klo bukan sibling aduh ceritanya bagus deh sayang banget yah. Hm kyknya Philippe klo ga Richard xD To kynya bakal singkat sih mereka berdua, endingnya ga banyak xD

      • mungkin karena cerita raoul-philippe and remy-richard saling berhubungan, jadi ada 3P nya.. kalo phantom kan emang ngarah ke semua cerita, jadi ga bisa dihubungin khusus kaya’ mereka b4

        ha2 bener bgt, rape scene udah lebih dari batas normal.. agak gimana gitu rasanya >.<

        iya padhahal ceritanya remy udah bagus bgt, sweet campur bitter… kena bgt di hati, tapi sayangnya mereka berdua sibling =.= .. atau mungkin justru karena sibling jadi ceritanya terasa bagus ya? XD

        ditunggu review selanjutnya sis ^^

        • Iya nih aku klo batas normal msh bisa lah liatnya tp klo dah kek gini aku skip2 pas ngegame jadi gak dramatic ^-^ terkesan biasa yah, tp aneh sih aku ga suka incest route tp pas Remy mayanlah msh bisa namatin xD

          Siap sis, makasih dah baca ^0^

  3. Hello!!
    I just played Remy’s route today and found your entry.
    Absolutely agree with you, I prefer Remy’s bad end. THey’re brother and sister, why good ending is their marriage!? ~0~. Good end make me thinking a lot. Choose Remy or Primadonna, every choice has a bad things =.=. Aw, so sad!
    Remy’s route story is deep and I totally enjoyed it.
    (just finnished ending 1)

  4. Guys, I have a question.. I can’t seem to go on with any other endings. I dunno what’s missing.
    I wish there was a guide somewhere, or is it only just random?
    I have this problem in Richard’s route, Remy’s Route and Phillips’s route.
    In Richard’s Lucas keeps killing me.
    In Remy’s I don’t get the part where they manage to run away, they are always killed.
    In Phillip I’m not able to get the first ending.

    I don’t know what’s missing.
    I think I’m missing some Lucas stuff? Some where apparently he decides to help me?
    How to trigger those????
    (I’ve already finished Phantom and Raoul)..

    Any help would be appreciated!

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