PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Philippe de Chagny

Philippe de Chagny is an earl, and he is Raoul’s older brother. He is the patron (sponsor) of the Opera’s Theater, and also has a fiancée named Helene. He meets Christine for the first time after her audition.

On the day when Byukei is killed, the practice has been cancelled. Christine goes home but on the way she meets Philippe. Philippe tells her not to worry about the murder; someday the culprit will be caught. At the Opera’s Theater Christine makes the mistake on the stage and is saved by Carlotta. Philippe comes to her dressing room to cheer her up by inviting her to watch the ballet performance.  He takes her hand, and grabs her waist to escort her into the carriage. Because she is nervous, she trips but luckily Philippe grabs her tight so she doesn’t fall, and it makes her blushing.

The next day she meets with Philippe again, he invites her to have a dinner together. But the conversation is heard by other members (they are girls). They talk about Christine behind her back, saying she intentionally get closed to Philippe because he is a sponsor and rich. Philippe hears this, and he politely (but with a sarcasm) dismissed the girls. Because their hurtful remark, she rejects Philippe invitation, and before she retreats, he kisses her cheek.

Christine becomes the primadonna for the first time, and after the performance, Philippe comes to her room to congratulate her. He says he wants to hear her songs again from now on. He takes her hand and kisses it. Days later Christine comes to his house to borrow a book, and having a tea with Philippe in his room. Philippe invites her again to watch a theater play. Christine agrees with the date and Philippe says he was thinking about Christine when he first got the ticket. After the play, Philippe escorts her home and he hopes to visit her often.

Philippe and Christine are having a meal together, and this time he invites her to his party. At first Christine refuses his invitation because she is only a common woman and not a noble like him, but Philippe urges her and at the end she agrees. At the party he introduces her to his friends, and he gives her a present (a book).

Philippe brings Christine to a restaurant, there they meet Baron Varowa. Philippe and he are having the argument about the works. And in the end he talks about Philippe’s fiancée. Christine feels the pain in her chest after hearing the news.  Then Philippe grabs her hand, kisses her fingertip and he says that she is a lovely woman.

Next day Philippe comes to her dressing room, he brings her a bouquet of flowers. Christine notices tiredness from his face. He admits he doesn’t sleep much because of work. Then she suggests taking a nap in the sofa. When Christine gives him a cushion, Philippe wants her lap instead. She is blushing but she agrees with his request. She sits on the sofa with Philippe in her lap. Then after a while Christine says his hair is pretty and touches it, and it turns out he is already awake. He teases her and says that her hair is prettier.

Several days later Christine comes to his mansion again to borrow a book. They are having a tea and talking about Raoul and her childhood. She says that they liked to play hide and seek. Then Philippe suggests playing the game again now. Christine agrees and she goes on hiding in one of the room. Later Philippe finds her and he hugs her from behind. He is whispering to her ear, and for the punishment she must stay still. He caresses her hands and kisses her cheek. It makes her blushing and stuttering.

Later Christine is invited by Raoul to come to Philippe’s party. There she sees Philippe with his fiancée, and it makes her sad. She excuses herself to Raoul , and runs from the party while crying. The next day Christine is still depressed by the previous event. She makes mistake in the practice hall, and gets scolded. Then Meg says that Philippe is waiting in her dressing room. Christine asks Meg to tell a lie, saying that she already goes home. But Philippe doesn’t believe her and he waits in front of the practice hall.  When he touches her, she begs to release her. He thinks that she hates him but she denies it and runs away from him. And for the few days she still avoids Philippe.

Ending 1 (貴女がいてくれるな)

One day Philippe comes to see her in her apartment. It is raining and seeing him soaking from rain, Christine invites him inside to dry his clothes. Suddenly Philippe hugs and kisses her. He asks her not to ignore him again, and then he pushes her into the bed and kisses her again by force. Christine cries and tells him to stop. She says she loves him, but she can’t do it. Hearing the word makes him stop. He apologizes for doing a horrible thing and he leaves her. The next day he comes to apologizes again and gives her a bouquet of flower. He wants to meet with her again if she is willing. Christine already forgives him and she thanks him for the flower.

Several days later Christine is invited by Philippe to his mansion. He wants to show her his garden. At noon his fiancée comes to visit him, Christine immediately excuses herself and goes home. On the ways Philippe catches her up and he offers to send her home.

The next day Meg gives her the newspaper about Philippe. It is said he breaks the engagement with Helene. Meg is happy and the reason for the broken engagement must be Christine. But Christine doesn’t dare to believe it. After the practice Philippe sends her home again. He has something to tell her, and Christine invites him inside. He says their engagement is the political one, then he gives her a ring.

Philippe:  There is a woman whom I want to marry from the bottom of my heart, that woman is you… Christine.

He is already attracted by her since the first meeting, but her kindness and purity makes him falls in love with her. He proposes to her and Christine accepts it because she loves him too. He embraces her and slips the ring into her finger. Then they both sit on the bed and make love.

Days later they hold the engagement party, Raoul congratulates them and he tells Philippe and daisy is her favorite colour.  When all the guest are going home, they make love again in the balcony. Later on her performance day as primadonna, Phantom abducts her and he brings her to the rooftop. Philippe comes to her rescue, he injures the Phantom. When they try to run, the Phantom appears from behind, he wants to stab Philippe. Seeing this Christine pushes Philippe and she takes the stab instead. The Phantom is surprised and in the end he is killed by Philippe.

Christine loses consciousness for 2 weeks, and she has limp. This makes her to abandon her dreams. She can’t become a primadonna again. She cries and Philippe apologizes because he fails to protect her. Several years later they get married, and watch the play together at the Opera’s Theater.

Ending 2 (あなたの足)

When Philippe visits her in her apartment (on rainy day), he doesn’t hold back and makes love to her. They confess their love and since then they make love almost every night. Philippe can’t break his engagement so he makes her as his mistress, and in the end she gets pregnant. (Seriously what kind ending it is (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ )

Ending 3 (最高の贈り)

Christine and Raoul becomes lover, then he needs to go for the mission. Raoul goes missing and presumed death by the military.  At first Philippe doesn’t want her as Raoul’s fiancée but after the funeral he apologizes to her.  Then she is kidnapped by Phantom but Philippe, Remy and Richard save her. Christine is often crying, she thinks about Raoul and Philippe always comforts her.

Philippe invites Christine to his mansion; he wants to show her the photo of young Raoul. When time goes by, they become closer and fall in love.  But days later Raoul, who went missing , comes back. Because Christine already falls in love with Philippe, she tells him the truth about her and Philippe’s relationship. Raoul already knows they have feeling at each other but it is hard to accept the fact.  When Christine chases Raoul she trips and falls but Philippe manages to catch her. Seeing their love, Raoul forgive them, and he tells Philippe to make her happy. Then Philippe proposes and gives her a ring.  A half year later she becomes primadonna and they have an engagement party.

Ending 4 (先延ばしにしたままで・・・・・)

This time Christine can’t tell the truth to Raoul, so they have the relationship behind Raoul’s back. When he is away on duty Philippe will come to her apartment and make love to her.

Ending 5 (交錯した想)

Philippe suggests Christine to come back to Raoul and never says about their relationship. Then Raoul wants them to get married soon because he will come back to the army again. Philippe agrees with his request and eventually they get married, but Christine doesn’t look happy. Raoul can see her change of heart but he asks her to look at him only. Christine agrees and she decides to forget Philippe.

Other Ending (いつか、きっ)

Both Raoul and Philippe are fighting for Christine’s affection. They both date her, but in the end Christine chooses Philippe. Philippe breaks his engagement to Helene, and he introduces Christine to his family as his fiancée. It will be a long time for de Chagny family to accept Christine but they are willing to wait. Philippe visits Christine in her apartment, she is knitting and she urges Philippe to try it.

Other Ending (君に触れていいのは、僕だ)

Christine chooses Raoul over Philippe. Then days later Philippe marries Helene and Christine marries Raoul. At night when Raoul is away Philippe comes to her room and makes love to her. When he comes back Raoul can see the kiss marks in her body, he gets angry and becomes yandere again, and then he makes love to her.


Philippe is such a cool gentleman, sometimes he is flirty and serious, and I love him as a character.  But I am so disappointed with his story. It is rather boring and his happy ending one doesn’t fell too happy for me. I LOL so hard for ending 2 when she becomes her mistress, and I also don’t  like his other endings (;一_一). On the other side, Helene is such a kind woman, I thought she will be bitchy towards Christine but she is not (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。


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  1. waktu tau kalo route philippe boring sebenernya masih semangat bwt mainin philippe, soalnya suka sama philippe.. tapi setelah mainin emang bener2 biasa aja, endingnya philippe bener2 ga ada yg berkesan =_=

    ending 1nya walopun happy end tp terkesan biasa aja and ending lainnya terkesan immoral bgt, udah pnya pasangan masing2 masih juga saling berhubungan.. jahat bgt mereka berdua sama raoul and helena *mad*

    and wajah philippe waktu jahit tuh ga bgt deh lihatnya, ga cocok bgt >.< .. tp gpp deh, selain remy memang tetep suka sama philippe.. walaupun sama2 gentleman kaya raoul ( sama2 bangsawan sih ya.. ), tp bwt aq dy lebih terkesan dewasa and memang dari awal suka sih sama philippe XD

    masih mainin route remy and philippe aja udah keburu males lanjutin game ini *hammer*, padhahal masih penasaran juga sama phantom.. kaya'nya nunggu review dari sista aja deh bwt tau route phantom and richard yg lainnya ( soalnya baru selesaiin ending 1 udah beralih ke philippe ), he2 😀

    • Ha2 sama sis secara pribadi aku suka banget sama Philippe soalnya terkesan dewasa banget, tapi aduh kenapa ceritanya membosankan abis. Yang happy endingnya juga terkesan ga happy gt, abisnya Christinenya cacat and ga bisa jadi primadona lagi 😦

      xD Mending ending yang lain jangan dianggep deh, bener2 mengecewakan banget, terkesan 3P lol, Iya nih ga sangka Helene ternyata baik banget ga tipe tg bitchy gmn ^-^

      Nah itu Richard, bener2 males banget main rutenya dia tp harus nih, kagok tinggal 2 org lg game ini bakal beres xD

      Siap sis, tunggu aja review Richard ama Phantomnya he2 ^-^

      • Iya bener bgt sis, knapa semua yg aku suka ( ga philippe, ga remy ) story-nya harus nyebelin kaya’ gini.. argh, mirai why are you doing this to me? *shout out loud*

        bener sis, ga bgt lihat endingnya.. terutama ending ke2 itu kesannya kok,… argh!!.. udah ceritanya biasa2 aja, smw endingnya disappointing me pula.. nyebelin2! *grrr* ..

        helene juga tipe ceweq yg dewasa pula kaya’nya ya sis, and entah kenapa di route phillippe ini aku justru lebih suka helene dbandingin christine sendiri =_=

        tetap berjuang sis bwt sisa 2 route lainnya, jangan sampai jdi males lanjutin kaya aq, he2 😀 .. makasih buat review philippe and dtunggu review selanjutnya ^o^

        • Iya nih aku suka ma Remy, Raoul dan Philippe tp ceritanya yah bgt deh, tp setidaknya Raoul ama Remy aku msh bisa toleran ga terlalu ngebosenin sih ^-^ Philippe mah lewat deh, dan curiga Richard bakal sama kyk dia 😦

          Walah aku malah ga suka ma Christine di sini, apalagi pas rute VS. Bener2 plin plan abis, ga bisa mutusin secara tegas mau pilih siapa. Sometimes I want to smack her head into the table lol.

          Sama2 sis, thanx juga dah baca ^-^

          • Hm, baiknya emang dimainin sendiri sis biar tau bosenin pa ga-nya.. he2 😀

            Ya karena itu tdi aq bilang kalo aq lebih suka helene di route philippe ini sis, coz setuju bgt si christine itu plin plan and kesannya kok jadi kaya’ whore aja mw sama sapa aja, apalagi keduanya saudara kandung pula *parah bener nih ceweq*

            • Ha2 setuju banget ttg Christine, apalagi pas 3P dia gak nolak, kaget aku liatnya lol.

              Iya nih aku lf coba rutenya Richard, he2 kyknya klo aku post reviewnya bakal singkat. Aku kurang suka ma personalitynya dia 😦

  2. ha2 bener bgt tuh.. ga di route raoul-philippe or remy-richard kaya’nya ok2 aja dy wktu 3P *OMG*

    gpp kok sis terserah aja mw singkat or jelas sampe sedetail-detailnya, coz yg mw ngreview and pnya blog kan sis jg.. jadi ikut aja mw-nya gmna, and pasti tetep akan dibaca kok, soalnya masih penasaran sama phantom and ending sisanya richard nih, he2 😀 (kenapa ga main sendiri? *plak*)

    Ok deh, sekali lagi dtunggu review selanjutnya ya sis ^o^

    • Thank you ^-^ Iya nih aku dah keburu males main yg Richard, aku sambil diseling ngegame garnet craddle xD Jadi mungkin bakal lama review Richardnya hehe. Oh iya cek PM di kaskus sis ^-^

      • Iya gpp kok sis, santai aja.. coz aq sndiri aja jga udah ngrasa males kok lanjutin mainnya, he2 :p

        lgi main garnet di psp ya? aq baru mw download yg bwt pc, sekarang bru mw nyoba game pet tantei y’s setelah selesai download kemarin malam..

        ok udah qcek pm-nya, makasih banyak ya sis ^o^

        • Ur welcome. Oh aku main yg PCnya, soalnya klo ga salah FDnya cuman available di PC xD

          Pet Tantei Y’s ttg detective yah ^_^ Baru denger sih judulnya ^-^

          • ooo berarti mainnya yg sugary sparkle ya? aq juga baru mw download game itu..

            iya sis, pet tantei y’s otome game amadeo pnya, aq belum coba main sih baru ntar malem cobanya coz baru kelar semalem or lebih tepatnya tadi pagi downloadnya.. aq dapet nama gamenya jga dari temen trus kemarin baca dari blog breadmasterlee (hinano-san) tentang game itu and stelah request di forum akhirnya diupload-in deh ^o^

  3. I just discovered your blog and so far I really enjoy it xD. You’re very descriptive with your characters and their routes C: Thank you for having such a nice blog. When I read the character summaries and saw that Philippe had a fiance, I expected his route to be a little more exciting D’: tear but I guess not.

  4. I just discovered your blog and so far I really enjoy it xD. You\’re very descriptive with your characters and their routes C: Thank you for having such a nice blog. When I read the character summaries and saw that Philippe had a fiance, I expected his route to be a little more exciting D\’: tear but I guess not.

    • That’s what I thought too when I saw Helena for the first time, I thought his route will have more drama or conflict. But sadly it is not. and Helene is such a sweet woman, she doesn’t get angry or blame Christine when he broke their engagement. IMO Philippe’s story is boring because it doesn’t have the interaction with the actual plot, Phantom, Lucas, etc, but Philippe is such an interesting guy^-^

      Thank you so much for reading too, I’m glad you like my blog ^-^

      • ASDFGHJK: Oh my goodness, I accidentally posted twice. I apologize for my spam. >:U darn you wordpress for confusing me. @___@ I really want to try Raoul’s route from what I read he seems to have that drama going on, lol and the table flips you did about the scenes and what not made me laugh xD.

        C: yup, of course. Unlike other blogs your able to post comments about the different endings and put pictures so we can understand rather than combining everything into one confusing paragraph like other review blogs 😀 Please, keep up the amazing work.

        • (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆* don’t worry about it. Thank you, I’m glad you like my posts. If you like drama, I think you should try Raoul and Remy stories. I enjoyed playing both of them and I just love their characters a lot \(^O^)/

          That flipping table thing? xD Yeah I’m not fond with a rape scene so I was angry and expressed myself with that kaomoji xD

          • 😀 Are you working on the other characters right now? Lol I can’t wait when you do the Phantom’s review, there is going to be a lot of table flips. What other otome games are you planning to after this? :3

            • Yes, I’m playing Richard right now. Hope I can finish him this week, and Phantom will be the last, because to play his route required to finish all other guys first xD Ha2 I hope I won’t do a lot of flipping table in his route xD But somehow I heard from other friends Phantom’s story is very good and he is different xD

              Hmm after Phantom, I plan to play memories which is R-18 too or Brother Conflict/Garnet Cradle/Storm Lover, xD I can’t choose lol 🙂

              Btw thank you for the follow ^-^

              • Haha no problem with the follow :3 you definitely deserved it. xD Who are you planning to play first in memories. I just looked at the opening >____> love the way its drawn. Whatever you choose afterwards >:3 I will be reading.

              • (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。 Actually I decide to play Garnet Cradle first, my heart can’t handle more R-18 scenes atm. And afterward I’ll play memories, I guess in memories I’ll play Hayato first (the brown haired guy xD).

                I took a sneak peak at Garnet Cradle site and the story is pretty fun, I admit my main target is Syariah, but to play his story I need to finish all other guys first ‥(´口`*)うわぁぁぁ~ん


    His good end. OMG. His good end. I think I just flip a table or something it just so boring and very cliche. Maybe because he’s too gentle that it somewhat didnt contribute anything to his character but I can’t hate him though because he’s being such a lady killer and gentle to Christine.

    oh myy, i love the ending where Christine became such a slut whore bitch and sleep around with the brothers. Hello christine, this is Victorian Era, you don’t have contraception or birth control. Good luck carrying their seeds! Adios.


    • Now you mention it, he is really sane in all his route, I didn’t notice it before LMAO

      I don’t hate him too but the whole of his stories are boring, I nearly slept throughout the game.

      LOL you like the harem ed? xD I flipped table when I saw that, Christine is such a dull and Mary Sue heroine, she should make up her mind. LMAO talking about birth control, if she got pregnant, she won’t know whose child it is =))

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