PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Richard Filman

Richard is a musician and the manager of the Opera’s Theater. He has a co-worker, named Moncharmin. Remy is his butler and also his secretary. Many people are afraid of him because of his cold and harsh attitudes.

Ending 1 (最高のプリマドン)

The day when Byukei is killed, Richard orders Christine to meet him in his room. Even if someone is killed because of her, he still can’t make Christine as primadonna because she is not capable yet. When Christine is practicing, he comes to see her, and gives her the advice to make her a better singer.  Later he calls her to his office, he gets the letter from Phantom again. He accuses Christine for having a relation with Phantom but she denies it. He says he can make Christine as a primadonna under a condition. He needs to hear her skill in singing before making a decision.  Christine sings in front of Remy and Richard, and in the end he decides to make her as the next primadonna. To celebrate her first debut, Richard invites her to have a dinner with him.

(Then as usual she meets with Angel of Music and has a lesson with him almost every night.)

On her performance day as primadonna, Christine is nervous but Richard touches her cheek and clams her down. After the performance Raoul invites her for a dinner, when they are on the way to carriage, they meet with Richard. He takes Christine by force and dismisses Raoul. He says Carlotta is still the regular primadonna because her skill is still not enough. Then he orders her to stop seeing Raoul, he reminds her that she is a commoner and he is a noble. She needs to know her place in society.

Several days later he calls Christine to his office again, he wants her explanation about her relation with Phantom again. Then he accuses her for seducing the Phantom and he kisses her by force. The next day Christine sees Richard is playing a piano in practice hall. She likes his playing because it makes her calm. Richard sees her and he orders her to practice while he accompanies her by playing the piano. She thanks him for the lesson and she says that she likes his tunes.

Richard tests her singing skill again but this time she fails. Richard decides to guide and give her a lesson until she is good enough to become a primadonna. Then Christine practice with Richard every day, he tells her to stop imitating Carlotta and be herself. She does it and when she makes a progress, Richard praises her singing.  In her dressing room she hears the voice, telling her to stop practicing with Richard. He also threatens to harm Richard if she continues practicing with him. Christine thinks the voice belong to Phantom.

Next day when she is practicing with Richard, she thinks about Phantom’s word. His word makes her face pale. Richard notices it; he invites her to his office and gives her a tea. He also orders her to return home and take a rest. One day when Christine is shopping, she sees Richard with Remy and man in black. He notices her and accompanies her to do some shopping. He even buys her the perfume.

At the theater, Christine sees Richard and Carlotta are talking in the practice hall. She immediately run away, her heart hurts by seeing them together, and she realizes that she like him. Two days later when Christine is in dressing room, the Phantom appears, he is angry because she ignores his warning. He gives her a kiss mark in her chest. He warns her that he will kill Richard if she ignores his warning again. After he disappears, she goes to Richard’s office. She tells him that she will not come to his lesson again. Richard demands her explanation, but she can’t give him. He is angry and dismissed her harshly. When she goes back to her dressing room, the Phantom appears again. Christine calls Richard’s name, asking for a help. A short time later Richard comes to her rescue, but the Phantom already disappears.

Richard sees the mark in her chest, he thinks the kiss mark is given by Raoul, and they are having an affair. He is angry and pushes her into the wall. He begins to strip and make love to her. Later Christine tells him about the Phantom and his threat. It makes him angrier, he says she is a fool for not asking him for a help. He apologizes for his harshness before, and then he kisses her. Seeing her with other man makes him jealous. Richard assigns her into his office and forbids her to use the dressing room again because it’ll be dangerous, then he confesses his feeling.  Christine is happy because her feeling is returned.

Two days later Richard invites Christine to his party. He gives her a matching set of necklace and ring. He puts the ring in her middle finger and says that ring is the engagement ring.  When all the guests are coming home, Christine sees men in black around Richard’s house. Remy says they are guards but Richard tells her the truth. He is actually Noir Neige, a leader of Milieu. Richard asks her if she is scared but Christine tells him that she is surprised rather than scared. Richard smiles at her, he brings her to his room and they make love the whole night. From now on Christine lives with Richard at his mansion.

In the morning they go to the theater together, while inside the carriage, Richard holds her waist and bring her to his chest. He is a busy person so he can’t spend time with her often but he wants her to bear it and he tells Christine to become a primadonna soon. When she is practicing, other members begin to talk about her. They are jealous because Richard moves her into his office.

At night Christine asks Richard’s permission to return to her dressing room. She doesn’t want to trouble Richard with rumor about their relationship. At first Richard doesn’t agree but in the end he gives her permission. But he will attach more guards in front of her room. The next day, Richard tells her about the audition to become a primadonna. He wants her to participate and sing beautifully.

On the audition’s day, Christine sings with all her might. She competes with Carlotta, and in the end she is chosen as a primadonna. Carlotta is angry with the decision, she accuses Christine for seducing Richard and she slaps Christine. Fortunately Richard sees the whole event; he gives Carlotta the cold looks and dismisses her harshly. Then Christine thanks Richard. Without his lesson, she can’t become a primadonna.

Richard: Do you have any other word beside thank you? I love you, and how about you?

Christine says she loves him too, she begins to cry with happiness.

On the performance day, the Phantom kidnaps Christine and makes a chaos on the stage. Richard comes to save Christine, he shoots Phantom on the shoulder. And when the Phantom tries to attack Richard, Remy comes to help. The phantom runs away and disappears. Richards immediately comes to Christine, he kisses her hands.  He proposes to her properly and he wants to hear her answer right now. Christine accepts his proposal and she kisses his cheek.

In the epilogue, Christine becomes a primadonna, and after her performance, Richard is waiting at the back stage. He hugs and congratulates her. He says that she is a great primadonna, and her voice is beautiful.

Ending 2 (お前を困らせていいの)

Because of the Phantom’s letter, Richard brings Christine to his mansion, and he forces her to live there with him. He still suspects her having a relation with Phantom, but when Christine denies it, he pushes her into the wall. He says he will catch the Phantom, he doesn’t allow Christine to leave her room and he locks her room. Then every night Richard comes to her room to give her a lesson.

Days later when she is practicing with Richard, he tells her the news about Phantom, he still can’t find his whereabouts. Christine says she wants him to get captured too and she believes in Richard. Hearing her words makes him to believe that she doesn’t have a relation with Phantom, and he gives her permission to leave her room.

At night they are having a dinner together, Christine wants to meet Lucas and Meg again, but she is worry about the Phantom. Richard reads her minds, he tells her to relax because someday he will catch him, then she can return to the Opera’s Theater. Richard lends her a music score, and he wants her to practice with that score. He also gives her a permission to enter his room to read books or other music scores.

The next day Christine knits a rug for Richard because she wants to thank him for his lesson. But when she gives it to him, he scolds her because she needs to practice rather than knitting. Her road to be a primadonna is still long. Back in her room Richard comes, he gives her a perfume and he tells her that he will accept the rug. (This guy irritates me a lot, sometimes he is rude and sadist, the next moment he is kind, split personality or what (ノ `Д´)ノ )

Days later when Christine reads a book at Richard’s room, she finds the file about Milieu and dark organization. She suspects that Richard has a connection with Milieu. Then suddenly Remy and Richards comes into the room with a man.  Seeing them with a guest, Christine excuses herself and returns to her room.

At night when Richard comes to give her a lesson, Christine decides to ask him about the file. She apologizes for reading it but she wants to know what the relation with him. Richard tells her that he is a leader of Milieu, and Remy is his right hand. Although he belongs to dark organization, Christine doesn’t feel scared.

Two days later when Christine is walking in the hall, she meets with Richard’s guest from before. He says that she is pretty and he grabs her hands with force. Fortunately Richard comes to her rescue, he grabs Christine’s shoulder and pulls her into his side. He calls Remy to show him the exit. The next day Lucas comes to visit her, he tells Christine that Richard asks him to bring her to the Opera’s Theater. But when she arrives at the theater, Richard and Remy are away, Lucas tells her to wait at her dressing room.

In the dressing room, the Phantom appears and kidnaps her. He brings Christine to his room, and when he almost rapes her, the man with hood appears. The Phantom is poisoned by him, but before the hood man kills him, Richard and Remy comes into the room. The hood man runs away and Richard captures Phantom.

Back at the mansion Richard asks Christine why she leaves the mansion. She tells the whole event, and they find out Lucas was lying to her. Suddenly he hugs her, he is very worry when she was missing from the mansion. Richard embraces and kisses her lips. But before he can continue further, Remy knocks the door. He informs Richard about the identity of the hood man. It turns out Lucas is the hood man and he belongs to Blanc Cornellius organization, the enemy of Milieu. It is still a mystery why Blanc Cornellius aims to kill the Phantom.

Days later Richard wants Christine to accompany him when he interrogates the Phantom.  He asks the Phantom questions but he never answers it. He only says Christine’s name, and that makes Richard angry. He hits his head with the back of the gun, he doesn’t want the Phantom to say her name.

Back at Richard’s office, Remy informs him that Persian is the one who is responsible for the Phantom’s assassination.  Later Richard visits Christine, because the Phantom has been captured, she can go back to the Opera’s Theater. But he still wants Christine to live in his mansion so he can protect her.

When Christine is practicing on the stage, the curtain is falling into her way but Remy manages to help her.  At night, Christine leans into the window to see the moon, but Richard quickly pulls her. It is dangerous to lean into the window because someone can shoot her. And that makes her thinking about Lucas. Richard tells her the enemy is not only Lucas but the whole organization. Then Richard decides to sleep at her room because he wants to protect her.  He pushs her into the bed and makes love with her.

In the middle of the night, Remy informs them that Richard’s subordinate is killed. Richard goes to check the situation and he orders Christine to stay at the room. When she is alone Lucas appears in the room, he capture her. Afterward Richard comes back to the room, he tries to negotiate with Lucas. He gives Lucas the jail’s key and Lucas releases her. She apologizes but Richard says she is more important.

When Richard, Remy, and Christine come to the jail, they see the blood on the floor. But they don’t see Lucas or Phantom. The next day Richard tells her that they can’t find the Phantom or Lucas, and even Daroga is missing. Then he confesses to Christine, he wants her to accept him even though he is a leader of Milieu. Christine smiles, she doesn’t care about that, she will always be by his side.  Afterward Christine still has a lesson from Richard, because she has a long way to go to become a primadonna. When she is walking in the hall, Richard hugs her from behind and he kisses her.

Other Ending (愛して)

Remy and Richard are fighting for Christine’s affection. When Christine comes to his office, she sees that he is sleeping on the sofa. She put the blanket around him and watches him sleep. Moment later he awakes,  and when realizes that she is still in his office, he grabs her and begins to make love with her, he confesses his love to her and Christine returns his feeling. The next day she goes to find Remy to reject him. Remy makes a sad face but he accepts her decision. Afterward Remy disappears from the Opera’s Theater, even Richard can’t find him.

Other Ending (快楽の淵)

This route is beyond weird…. Basically Christine comes to Richard’s mansion, they are having tea. But Richard drugs her, he begins to make love with her, and when Remy knocks the door, Richard invites him in, he asks Remy to join them and in the end Christine makes love with both Remy and Richard. (The heck with this ending. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Mirai can’t you give us a proper ending?)

Bad Ending 1: When Richard and Phantom are fighting, Christine gets stabbed and she dies.

Bad Ending 2: Lucas stabs Christine, and before she dies, she confesses her love to Richard.


I tried to enjoy Richard’s story but I can’t. It is mainly because I dislike Richard. I don’t really like his personality, (ノ `Д´)ノ and I feel like he has a split personality. ヾ( ゚Д゚)ノ Sometimes he is cold and harsh but the next moment he becomes kind toward Chtistine. I just don’t know what are in his mind.  And finally Lucas’s secret is revealed here. Somehow I want Lucas to be capturable rather than Richard (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。 Btw I have no word for the 3P ending, I was shocked seeing that scene  ( つ゚Д゚)つ .


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  1. Thank a lot for the review and congrats for finally have managed to complete Richard route … yeeii! ^^

    Waktu baik dia bener2 sweet and gentle, tp waktu kasar juga nyebelin bgt, aku benci bgt sama jenis manusia seperti ini… and entah emang iya atau cuma perasaanku aja, tp aku ngrasa kalo romance di route Richard ini kok sama sekali ga terasa ya kalo dibandingin sama cerita yang lain… apa karena lebih fokus ke masalah lucas and organisasi? atau apa karena kepribadian RIchard yang ga jelas?

    And, habis lihat ending Richard, aku jadi ngrasa kalo ending Phillippe masih lebih baik jadinya.. buatku ending Richard yang berkesan cuma ending pertama, yang kedua seolah what, just like that?, and mungkin yg other ending pertama masih boleh deh.. kalo yang lain jangan ditanya.. 3P Raoul-Phillippe masih sedikit lebih baik deh kaya’nya, walopun tetep aja 3P jga sih =_=

    Mungkin di route Phantom akan lebih jelas lagi yah cerita tentang Lucas dan organisasinya? Secara seharusnya dia main hero di game ini kan?

    Well, kurang satu rute lagi buat bisa nyelesaiin seluruh game ini.. tetep berjuang and ditunggu review selanjutnya about phantom, sis ^-^

    • Makasih sis, iya akhirnya bisa beres juga rutenya dia. Sama sis aku juga berasa romancenya kurang, pertama gara2 fokus ke Lucas sama organisasi, ke-2 dia tuh moodnya cepet banget berubah, kadang kejam kadang baik, jadi gak berasa romancenya dia pas dia moodnya lg bagus. Aku juga ga suka tipe die, tsundure boleh tp klo dia kyk punya 2 kepribadian hehe. Terus klo ending aku malah ga ada yg suka ednya dia, rasanya kurang berkesan, Philippe jauh lbh bagus dibanding rutenya dia hehe.

      Nah aku kurang tau main guynya Raoul apa Phantom. Tapi ktnya di rute Phantom bakal banyak misteri yg terungkap ^-^ Jadi mungkin dia Canon juga sih xD

      Thank you again ^-^ Moga2 bisa cepet beresin yg Phantomnya.

      • Bener bgt sis, tapi kaya’ alasan romancenya kurang itu memang lebih karena sifatnya yang ga jelas itu deh coz tentang Lucas juga ga sampe sedetail itu selain cuma mengungkap tentang organisasi masing2..

        And, apa iya ya dia tsundere? Aq kok lebih ngrasa kalo dia itu cuma berkepribadian ganda aja, he2 😀

        Iya sis, aq ngrasa klo ending kesatunya masih lebih baik-lah dibandingin ending lainnya.. apalagi ending 3P-nya.. OMG, ga bgt deh! =.=

        Iya juga ya, belum jelas siapa main hero-nya coz raoul kan juga teman masa kecil Christine.. harusnya emang di route Phantom semua bakalan terungkap sis, coz kalo ga kan ga mungkin juga bwt dapetin Phantom sampe harus namatin ending yang lainnya dulu..

        Ok sama2 and selalu setia menunggu review-nya ^o^

        • He2 kalo aku liat dr comment org laen sih banyak yg bil dia tsundure tp entah knp aku juga ngerasa lbh ke kepribadian ganda deh xD Yupz pasti di Phantom semuanya banyak keungkap ^-^ untung dia ednya juga ga banyak kyk Remy, bisa keburu bosen duluan klo gak xD

          Siap sis moga2 minggu depan dah beres xD

  2. Hooray Richard xD I was looking forward to his route, He seemed supsicous D:<. I do have to admit that whole 3P scene was kind of random o-o LOL can't wait till you do Phantom. There will be a lot of table flips I am sure of it. I was wondering if English and Japanese are your first language then what is Cx. I find it really amazing that you are able to write a whole blog in English even if its not your first language. c:

    • Yupz he is very suspicious person (the same with Lucas), I’m doing Phantom right now. Hopefully I can finish it in 1 week (*crossed finger*). And I think all the mysteries will be revealed in Phantom ^-^

      Ah English and Japanese are not my first langguage, that’s why you can see lots of grammatical errors in my posts (〃ω〃) ポッ, my first language is Indonesia (u‿ฺu✿ฺ)㊛

      Thank you ^-^, I had an English class for almost 7 years and I’m still not confident with my English xD

      • Your english is really really good xD. I mean I seriously thought you were from somewhere in Americas, Canada, or Europe. D’: ah so cool, you can communicate in 3 different languages >___> so jealous~. /o/ Lets just hope he doesn’t have as much rape as he does like the other routes.

        • xD Honestly I am learning Japanese because of my love for otome games. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ And kanji is still my biggest obstacle :(, I tend to use a dictionary a lot ^-^

          Ah my friend told me his route is rather sweet and he acts differently, but he still have his jealous side lol. I hope he won’t have a rape scene too. If not you will expect me doing lots of flipping table (just like u said xD)

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