PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Phantom

After you finish at least 1 ending for other guys (Raoul, Remy, Philippe, and Richard), the story for Phantom is accessible. The story begins when Moncharmin receives the letter from Phantom, it is said that Moncharmin will receive the punishment for his wrongdoing. He tears the letter and ignores the threat.  Later the story jumps to Christine, before she is hired at Opera’s Theater, she always visit the church to receive the letter from her benefactor. She doesn’t know the identity of this man, but he always sends her money, letter, and he even gives her the ruby necklace. The priest begins talking about Erick to her, but she can’t remember him at all. He only says that Erick is her childhood friend.

Ending  1 (夢から醒め)

In the afternoon Christine watches the magician performing on the street and she is in awe with his magic. The day after she sees the magician again sitting on the bench. She comes and talks to him. She is in awe with his performance and his magic is fabulous. Later they are talking about many things. Every Sunday Christine will try to come and see his performance, later she learns that his name is Arnold. At night Arnold comes to cafe where she is working as a singer, he thinks her voice is beautiful. Christine sees him and invites him inside.

Christine comes to Arnold again on Sunday. After his performance she informs him good news. Remy asks her to take the audition. Hearing the news Arnold is happy for her and he smiles shyly. At night they are walking together, Christine invites him to drink something warm in her apartment. He is actually taken aback by her request but he accepts it. When they are having a tea, he sees the photo on her desk. Christine tells him about her father and brother.

Arnold: This person?

Christine: My father. And the tall boy is my elder bother.

Arnold: This child?

Christine: I’m sorry. I can’t remember this child.

He is a bit surprised hearing it but he changes the subject and gives her a four leaf clovers. He wants her to do well at the audition.

Days later Arnold comes to her apartment, he said he won’t perform the magic again on the street because he will go for a world tour. He can’t meet with her again.

Christine passes the audition, she goes to the grave to inform her father. She hears a man voice, saying that he is the Angel of Music who will lead her to success.  At the Opera’s Theater Christine meets again with her childhood friend, Raoul. After the murder incident (when Byukei is killed, Christine comes to her dressing room and crying because of shock. The Angel of Music appears in her mirror, he will help her to become primadonna but Christine must promise not to fall in love with any man. Since then every night Christine gets the lesson from Angel of Music.

One night Raoul invites her for a dinner and she accepts. Angel of Music warns her not to see him again or he will stop his lesson. Christine obeys him and she avoids Raoul. Days later Richard gets the letter from Phantom to make Christine as next primadonna. Richard decides to follow the Phantom’s letter and makes her as primadonna.

Before her debut as primadonna, Angel of Music appears and calms her down, he wants her to do her best.

Angel of Music: I’ll be with you. I’ll always watch over you.

Her debut as primadonna comes as a big success, Raoul comes to congrats her. Then he confesses his love to her. Remembering her promise to Angel of Music, Christine is in panic and she drives Raoul away. Tomorrow night Christine waits for Angel of Music to appear. He looks angry and asks about Raoul.

Christine: You are wrong. Raoul is wonderful person but…

Angel of Music: Wonderful person?

He is angry because she breaks the promise and he won’t give her the lesson again. Ever since then she can’t keep up with her performance. Richard  is disappointed with her and he takes away her title as primadonna and gives her a minor work. Every night Christine waits at her dressing room for Angel of Music to appear again, and her effort is not in vain. He appears one night, telling her he is not angry anymore, and he will give her the lesson again.

One day Raoul invites her to the rooftop. He wants to tell her something. He sees her talking with the Phantom in her dressing room.  Christine denies it, but Raoul explains that he saw her with a man with mantle and wears mask. Raoul thinks that the Phantom makes the illusion and appears as Angel of Music. He wants her to be careful around him.

The following night even though it is holiday, Christine comes to Opera’s Theater to make sure about the Phantom. In her dressing room she meets Angel of Music. She asks him whether he is actually Phantom or not. He finally reveals his true self and drugs her.

When she is unconscious, she hears someone talking with her.


Right now, if it is possible I want to embrace you.

But I don’t have a confidence to do it yet.

For a long time I’ve decided to protect you.

Why, with Raoul…?

I’ll not allow anyone else to come close to you. I’ll not forgive it.

If… If you become his….

Phantom’s hands grabs her neck, he strangles her. Christine awakes and tells him to stop. Seeing her painful face, he immediately stops and taken aback with his action. He apologizes for his behavior and goes out of the room. Christine finds herself in a small room which is belongs to Phantom. Then she hears someone playing the organ. She gets up from the bed and sees the Phantom is playing the organ. His tone is beautiful but somehow sad. Christine asks him the reason he brings her to his place.


Sorry… It’s okay if you want to go back.

Somehow…. I want you to forgive me.

Christine doesn’t leave him, he helps her as Angel of Music, so she doesn’t think him as a bad person.  Phantom leads her to his room, he permits her to use his room freely. He asks her to wait there while he prepares a dinner. Later they are having a dinner, and he acts as a perfect gentleman (he pulls the chair for her). He feels strange because he always eats alone. Hearing this makes her surprises and she feels sad for him.

At night Christine has a nightmare again, a grandma tries to attack her. She wakes up and finds Phantom plays the organ. He wants her to sing for him because he likes to hear her voice. He also wants her to become a primadonna so he will give her the lesson again. While giving her the lesson, the Phantom sings the song to Christine. It is the song of love. At dinner she says that his song is beautiful.

Phantom: Really? I sang it while thinking about you.

Hearing the words makes her heart throbs (doki-doki), then Phantom comes closer and kisses her. Both of them are surprised with the kissing, especially Phantom. He apologizes and asks her to forget about the kiss. In her room Christine is thinking about the kiss. It makes her blushing, and she wants to know more about Phantom. At night Phantom is having a nightmare, Christine comes to his room to soothe him. When Phantom awakes, Christine embraces him. He is surprised and in the end they both fell asleep. When they wake up, he smiles and thanks her for coming to him.

The next night Christine comes to his room because of his nightmare again. She wakes him up but he orders her to return to her room. When she goes out, Phantom talks to her through the door. He says that he can’t anyone. Hearing his words, Christine returns to his room.

Christine:  Can’t love anyone, please don’t say that words. Because… I like you.

He is surprised by her confession; at first he rejects her because he doesn’t want her to regret it. But she convinces him and he accepts her love.


Is it really okay?

Always … I always love you.

Even though I know you will regret it, but I can’t hold back my feeling.

Then he kisses her and makes love to her until morning. In the morning Phantom leaves her a note while he is shopping. He says she can return to her home anytime, and the key is in his drawer. She checks it and finds the key but she decides to stay with him. When she shuts off the drawer she finds the letters that is written by her benefactor.  Christine decides to question him about it because she thinks that he is actually her missing brother, Kyle. So when he is playing the organ, Christine takes his mask off. (I have enough with her stupidity and damsel in distress thing (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ). She sees the scars on his face.

Phantom: Don’t look, don’t look at my face.

Angry with her betrayal, he sends her home.  Back in her apartment, she is having a nightmare again but this time she dreams about Erick too In the morning she goes to the church searching for a clue about Erick. The priest tells her that they are very close and Erick saves her when she was attacked. She tries to recall the events but she still can’t remember him.

Later Christine return to the Opera’s Theater again after her absent, Phantom sends the letter again, he demands to make Christine as primadonna, and threatens Carlotta. Also the letter says that Moncharmin needs to atone his sin. At night when she walks home, someone attacks her but Phantom comes to save her. He finds out that Carlotta sends the man to kill Christine. And suddenly someone with hood appears. It seems they know each other, they fight but Phantom gets stabbed. They both run away from him, Phantom brings her to her dressing room and disappears. Because she is worried, she takes the underground passage and comes to seek Phantom.

She finds Phantom is having her fever in his room. She decides to tend him, but Phantom asks whether she is afraid of his face or not. Christine doesn’t scared  and that makes him relieves. She helps him apply some medicine to his wound. While doing it she sees the same mantle and hat that is worn by Arnold, the magician. Finally she realizes that he is Arnold, and she is happy that he is always watching her.

Days later she gets the letter from Phantom in her dressing room. He wants to meet her at night to show her his gratitude for tending him. He prepares the carriage and brings her to the park.  They are walking together and talking about many things. Christine feels a nostalgia feeling when talking with Phantom. Because Phantom still wants to spend together with her, he brings her to his place. In there Christine finally asks him about the letter and why he sends her money. Before he answers her the man with hood appears. When the hood man raises his knife, she recalls her lost memories. She finds out that Phantom is actually Erick. The scar in his face is because of her. When a grandma tried to attack her as child, he shields her and got injured in his face.

Phantom and man with hood are fighting. He injures the hood’s guy but when he raises his sword to kill him, Christine stops him. Phantom takes down his sword and sets him free. Phantom comes closer to Christine and drugs her, he wants her to forget him because he will only bring her unhappiness.  The Erick whom she knows already dead and he reborn as Phantom.

After Christine regains her consciousness, she goes to the underground passage but it is locked.On the way to her apartment, she finds the man with hood. He is injured and revealed himself as Lucas. Christine brings him to her apartment and treats his wound. Lucas wants to know why she helps him. She says that he is actually a kind person and he is her friend. Then she asks him about Erick. Lucas and Erick had fought before as child and Lucas says that Erick is similar to him. Christine doesn’t know why Lucas wants to kill Erick but she wants him to forgive Erick. When she wakes up Lucas already gone and he leaves her a note, it is said ‘Thank you.’

Opera Theater holds a grand party, and suddenly Phantom appears. He warns Monsharmon about his previous letter. He ignores his threat about making Christine as primadonna, and he reveals that Moncharmin stole his blueprint for Opera Theater. Before he disappears Christine tries to grab him but it is no avail.

Days later Christine is practicing on the stage at night. She misses Erick and suddenly he appears. He apologizes for hurting her and he fails to help her to become primadonna. She doesn’t care about it and hugs him. Erick asks her a favour, he writes a song for her and he wants her to sing it right now. While she is singing, Erick takes her hand and dances with her. Not long after that Erick proposes to her.

Erick: Will you marry me?

She is very happy with his proposal and accepts it right away. Erick brings her to his place. He already prepares the dress for her. Erick finds her so beautiful with that dress.


Let’s make a promise.

In this life, I will only love you.

I want you to receive this ring.

Christine: Erick, I am very happy.

Erick: Aa… me too.

Erick puts the ring on her left finger, saying his love and embraces her.

Erick: Thank you. With this I will regret nothing.

Christine wonders what the meaning of his words is. He kisses her and puts her into sleep. Later Christine awakes in her dressing room alone. At first she thought the marriage is only a dream but noticing her dress and the ring, she realizes it is actually happened.

On the performance day, Carlotta is a primadonna, and at that time Erick appears again as Phantom.  People are running away from theater, Erick says to Moncharmin that he will blow the Opera Theater with the dynamite. Then Erick brings Christine to the underground passage. He asks her to run away, and they need to separate. At that time Lucas appears, Erick pleads to spare her. He will give his life to Lucas as long as she is safe. But Lucas tells them to run away. He changes his mind and he will not kill him.

Christine: Erick, please… let’s run away together.

Erick: I want you to sing again. I will hear your song somewhere.

Christine: No…

Erick: Please be happy. Wherever you are, I will always watching over you.

I love you, but this is the end. From now on, you must forget that I’ve existed.

His smiling face is so sad ( ;´Д`)

Christine is crying, she doesn’t want him to leave her again. Before he turns away, she calls his name. She gives him back the ruby necklace that she received from him.

Erick: No… One day you will become a primadonna. That’s why… until that time… I want you to keep it.

Christine: Then…Someday! Someday…comes to me.

He doesn’t say a word, Christine comes closer to him and takes off the mask. She touches his scar and kisses it.

Christine: I will always love you.

This CG  is so beautiful

Erick embraces her and they kisses for the last time. Then he releases her and disappears from her sight.

Christine: Erick, promise me. Someday… you will come to me … right?

At the same time Raoul, Richard and Remy finds Lucas. Lucas pretends to shoot something on the lake and he lies that he kills the Phantom.

Lucas: You are late, I already kill Phantom. His body is in the lake.

Several years later Christine becomes primadonna in another Theater. When she returns to her apartment, she always takes a route to where Arnold performed his magic. She feels nostalgic and thinks when will Erick come to take the necklace.  In her apartment she looks at the picture of Erick as child.

Christine: Erick… I finally become a primadonna. Therefore… quickly… come to me.

Suddenly she hears the footstep, and someone knocks the door.

Christine: Who?

??? :  The necklace… I come to take it.

This gentle voice, Christine remembers it well.


Ending 2 : After they are separated, Phantom never comes to her again, and she forever waits to him.

Ending 3 : Christine breaks her promise to Angel of Music. She keeps meeting with Raoul. And in the end Phantom is angry, he kidnaps, drugs, and rapes her.  Raoul comes to the underground passage to find her. He finds the big door and opens it. And that’s it. (I’ll pretend this ending never exists, and you can imagine what will happen to Raoul lol)

You will get a CG if you finish all the ending but somehow I don’t get it. My gallery and memories are already 100% but that CG is still missing. So I *cough* cheated, I used a complete save file.


Erick is so freaking adorable, and when he said that he always eats alone, his voice is so sad. At first I dislike him because he is the rapist in other routes but when I’m playing his story, I take back all my words. He is actually a lonely man who needs love and this poor guy deserves the happy ending, but why with this ending (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻. I can’t call that ending 1 is happily ever after. Mirai why you do this to Erick ヽ(`Д´)ノ ウワァァァン

Overall I enjoy this game but it is too long and I don’t really like Christine.  Sometimes she is too dense and annoying for my taste. Also as I said before, I prefer to play Lucas rather than Richard.  ¬_¬


34 responses

    • Wait, I misunderstood, you did get it :/ But you were able to forgive him? How nice~ I have been so scarred by his previous rapist tendencies that I cannot sympathize with him completely even now T.T Every time he says something sweet I think “You’d rape me if I rejected your advances, right?”

      • LMAO I understand your feeling. When I am at the first of his story I wonder whether I can forgive him or not but eventually the scene in his room is really touching. He is a lonely soul with noone ever love him before. And well I blame Monchirmon for this, since he ruined his whole life and he becomes bitter.

        “You’d rape me if I rejected your advances, right?” -> LMAO yes I felt it too, I’m not say I forgive him 100% because his rapist activity xD (since I truly hate rapist). But at least I can sympathize him xD

    • Oh yeah I get the ending where he went back to her, very disappointed because he has no ED CG while others have it :v: He just knocks the door with ??? name on the text and the end. I was like dafuq what kind of ending is it LOL.

  1. Rute Phantom bener2 singkat kalo dibandingin yg lain, apa cuma perasaanku aja ya?
    And setuju bgt, waktu dapetin ending 1 Phantom aq ngrasa kaya’ ga dapetin happy ending aja coz ga ada CG-nya kaya’ ending ke 1 lainnya =_=
    Mungkin bisa dibilang “hobi” rape Phantom itu gara2 dy terlalu cinta ma Christine jga ya, jadi ga bisa salahin sikapnya juga walopun sbenernya ga suka jga..

    Wah, pake cheat ya sis bwt dapetin gambarnya? Aq jga ga dapet sih 100%-nya coz ada dua event Raoul and Remmy yg belum dapet, entah di bag mana.. udah ngulang rutenya sampe 2kali smw ending tp ttep aja ga dapet, akhirnya nyerah deh dapetin 100% gambarnya, yg penting udah dapetin semua ending and pic deh, he2 :p

    Thanks a lot for all your review about Persona during this time, i’m very love and enjoy to read it and can’t wait for your next review ^-^

    • He2 iya emang singkat, tapi malah untung klo ga udh males banget. Ini game emang panjangnya bukan main bikin cape mata lol. Iya nih ending bener2 mengecewakan, serasa open ending gt.

      Wakaka hobi yah, dia terlalu ke obsesi sama masa kecilnya kurang jsh sayang sih makanya jd begitu. Walaupun ga 100% maafin dia tp agak simpati juga sih, kasian juga soalnya xD

      Makasih juga sis udah baca dari awal mpe akhir he2, sekarang lg coba main Toki sama Garnet moga2 ga susah kanjinya 😦

      • He2 iya juga sih, rute yg lain udah panjang2 bgt smw-nya..

        Habisnya, di setiap rute selalu aja Phantom nge-rape Christine sih, wkwk..
        Iya setuju, ga bsa nyalahin dy spenuhnya juga coz dy cma kurang kasih sayang aja palagi dy luka jga gara2 melidungi Christine waktu kecil tp Christine justru lupa sama sekali ma dy >.<

        Sama2, sis.. aq jga seneng kok baca review game yg sista mainin ^^
        Aq jga ga tau coz belum mainin, and biasanya sih kalo game2 tentang samurai dsb gtu kanjinya emang susah, tp kalo sista mungkin bisa kok ^^
        Dtnggu next reviewnya 🙂

        • Yupz kalo panjang kayak yg lain bisa cape sendiri he2
          Ha2 sebenernya kalo ambil yg good endingnya Phantom ga pernah jadi rapist, nah klo yg bad ending sama other end baru jd rapist LOL,

          He2 iya nih Toki aku coba main prologue, 20 mnt udh sakit kepala banyak kanjinya. Tapi seengganya 80%an ngerti alurnya sih. xD

          Thank you again sista 🙂

  2. Aww, the 2nd ending is the most beautiful and saddest story. Apparently the Opera exploded along with Erick… Years after that yeah Chris became the primadonna. in her room, a wind blew and whispers the words of “I love you, Christina…” 😦
    *cries* so saaaddd~!!

    • Yes! the 2nd ending is very sad, she keeps waiting for him but he never comes 😦 His story is such a roller coaster for me because the whole things are so sad and he loves her deeply. And the 1st ending also is not a happily ever after ending *sigh* I hope Mirai will make the FD for this game.

      Thank you for reading ^-^/

  3. Hnggg hnnnngg hnnnnnng all the feels is overflowing in me again I just cant get enough of Eric (not the game and NOT the heroine)

    Not satisfied with the ending seriously why would they ruined perfect route with wtheck ending /flips table


    • Ikr I want the FD too, that ending is not satisfying at all while the others got CG, Erick got none AJFDKSL He deserves some loves here 😦

      Thanks for reading ^-^/

  4. May I ask where did you get the full save file? Or maybe can you send me the full save file? Because no matter how many times I play i still cannot get his 1st ending!!!
    And then i seem to miss 1 Raul and 1 Remy scene and I don’t know where and how can I get it….
    So, can you please send me the full save file?

    • I got it from a friend, hmm may I asked what guide are using? I think for Raoul and Remy you need to enter the rivalry’s route with Phillip and Richard to get another ending. I forgot where I put that save file, let me find first and I’ll send it to you when I find it. Where should I send it? I mean your email address?

    • Yupz I totally love the seiyuu for Erick, and when he is an Angel of Music his voice is so soothing ww I still can’t decided whom I like first because Raoul and Erick both are my favorite xD

      Thank you for reading~

  5. Saya udah lama membaca blog ini dan baru saja menyadari saat membaca komentar bahwa ternyata anda orang indonesia xD
    udah main game ini tapi CG terakhir ga kebuka (yang eric) dan di walkthrough juga ga ada >.<
    trus mba bisa bahasa jepang? ato ada translate-nya? saya tidak mahir dalam bahasa jepang soalnya :"D

      • wah begitu ya ;;A;;
        saya agak malas memainkan semua karakter soalnya saya cuman suka sama Eric hehehe
        Trus saya mau nanya rekomen game2 18+ (tolong abaikan saya memang mesum hahaha)
        Saya suka main game 18+ yg punya genre romance, mba bisa kasih rekomen ga gamenya apa aja? xD

  6. Makasih reviewny ya mb mau main game ini tapi gak ada bahasa inggrisnya ya? Sayang bgt hehehe tapi udah terhibur sama reviewnya makasih yaaa

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