Starry Sky ~in Summer~ Prologue & Kanakubo Homare

The heroine for starry sky in summer is still the same, her name is Yohisa Tsukiko. The story takes places in summer season and Tsukiko is a member of archery club. She is practicing with her bow when a mysterious boy comes to the practice hall and commenting that there is no light in her bow.

One year later and it is summer again, Tsukiko attends the club and she is greeted by Kanakubo Homare, her senpai who is good with astrology and also the captain of archer club. Homare is a kind person and he has a warm smile that makes my heart in tokimeki state lol. He helps Tsukiko cleaning the practice hall and even tells her not to exhaust herself. Afterwards Tsukiko meets with Miyaji  Ryunosuke, he is in 2nd grade and also the assistant captain of archery club. He is a strict and serious person, often feared by other members but he is actually a kind person. He offers his help to adjust Tsukiko’s string (for bow).

The archery clubs is focusing for the inter-high school competition, all the members practices almost every day to enter and get selected for the competition. Kinose Azusa who is the freshman joins the club. Even though he is the youngest but he has a skill in archery and often people brands him as a genius.  Homare introduces him to other members and when Tsukiko sees him, she realizes he is actually the mysterious boy who comments her a year ago. She is grateful to him because his comment makes her becomes a better archer. Azusa doesn’t remember his meeting with Tsukiko but suddenly he grabs her hands and flirting with her. That’s makes Ryunosuke loses his temper because he feels that Azusa is not serious with archery. Homare tries to calm him but he still can’t accept Azusa as the member, and eventually Homare gets angry which makes other members get scared (this guy is scary when he is angry lol). He orders Ryunosuke to stop acting like that because he is the assistant captain so he should become the role-model for other members.  Homare also scolds Azusa, he says that the club is not a playground and preliminary competition for inter-high is coming close, he wants Azusa to concentrate with the practice. Azusa and Ryunosuke apologize and all members immediately start to practice.

Kanakubo Homare

June 7

Tsukiko talks to Homare, she is worries for him because he looks weary when he was practicing. He smiles and thanks her, he is actually feeling insecure about the competition. With Azusa’s skill the competition is not a faraway dream but he doesn’t want to offend Ryunosuke by saying that.

Homare: Yoshiha-san, thank you for listening to me. And also… sorry for making you worry.

June 9

Homare invites Tsukiko to see the stars on the garden rooftop of their dorm. When they are observing the sky Tsukiko suddenly asks Homare to do a foretelling. With the horoscope she wants to know the compatibility between Azusa and Ryunosuke, because they tend to bickering with each other. Homare starts the foretelling but he says they aren’t not compatible, even their elements are the opposites which are fire and water.  Then Homare is asking for her element, he will take a look of her horoscope. She says it is the earth elements. He teases her and says they have the same element, so her traits should be the same as him. But he says it is only the horoscope so it is not 100% accurate. It is the same with Azusa and Ryunosuke, even though it will take lots of time but one day they can become closer.  For a while both of them enjoying the sky and then Homare teases Tsukiko by saying her princess. Tsukiko says she is not a princess.

Homare: That’s not true. All the woman… is a princess.

June 14

Today is the day for the preliminary competition, Tsukiko is very nervous, because it will be her first competition. Homare asks her to look at the sky and that’s makes her calm down. She thanks him for his kindness; he smiles at her and tells her to do her best. Both the boys and girls win and can enter the next round. At night they celebrate the win, when Tsukiko wants to return to her dorm, Homare asks her to take a stroll with him. In the garden Homare tells her about last year competition. They lost because of him, he was nervous and under pressure as a captain. But Tsukiko encouraged him so he is able to continue as a captain because of her.

June 22

Tsukiko decides to take a lunch in the rooftop, and she meets with Homare there. He invites her to take a lunch together. He comments that they are actually similar, both of them choose rooftop for a place to have a lunch. Homare asks her to taste his bento, he makes it himself but not very confident with the taste. Tsukiko compliments him, his bento is delicious. (Btw you can see Tsukiko’s childhood friends in the background act jealous and Suzuya calms them lol)

Homare begins to feed her but Tsukiko is blushing. Homare apologizes; he says because he always does it with his younger sisters so it’s becomes the habit. Tsukiko asks him whether he sees her as a child or not. Homare immediately denies it, saying she is a woman and a very important one. She is gentle and kind and very passionate with the club and that’s what makes him likes her. Tsukiko wonders what he means. (^_^;) She is still clueless just as in spring.

July 7

For the past weeks Azusa and Ryunosuke become rival in archery but that’s makes them closer. Because today is hanabata, the four of them (Tsukiko, Azusa, Homare, Ryunosuke) make a wish and hang it on the bamboo. They talk the story about Hanabata and also enjoy their moment together.

July 14

The members talk about the last year competition and how Homare got the pressure and fail. With the sad voice Homare says he is at fault for the last year incident, but eventually all the member think otherwise. They say they like and respect him a lot. And at the moment Tsukiko blurts out that she likes him too. The moment she says that word the entire member become frozen with shock.

Tsukiko: What… wrong?

Homare: That word, is that true? (Okay he is blushing ^-^*)

Then all the members tell her that she is bold to confess publicity.

Because Tsukiko is dense she doesn’t get what they are talking about, so Azusa explains it to her. She immediately embarrassed and says she doesn’t mean that way. Homare smiles and he understands her meaning, but nevertheless he is still happy with her word. Azusa begins to tell everybody Ryunosuke is a lonely man and he needs love, that’s makes people tease him by saying I like you to him.

July 17

Summer vacation is near so the school holds the closing ceremony in the hall. Tsukiko meets Homare, Azusa, and Ryunosuke in there. Suddenly lots of guys come and want Azusa and Ryunosuke to introduce Tsukiko (she is Madonna in the school) to them.  The three of them become angry and they protect Tsukiko and eventually the crowd calm down and no one is injured.

After the ceremony Tsukiko goes to the shopping mall to buy one-piece dress, on the way she meets with Homare, and he offers to accompany her to shop. When they are walking together there is a woman who mistaken them as a couple. Tsukiko immediately blushing but Homare is actually supports the idea. Later she asks him why he says that. He smiles and replies her that he likes the sound of it which makes her wondering what his meaning is, but at the same time she feels happy.

July 21

It’s the last practice for inter-high competition. Homare doesn’t feeling well and it seems his nervousness comes back again. That’s makes all the member worry, when he goes out to look at the sky to calm himself, Tsukiko goes after him. She encourages him with her kind words and eventually both Azusa and Ryunosuke come to support him as well. Homare thanks them, especially to Tsukiko. He says in small voice that she is an important person to him but sadly she doesn’t hear it.

July 23

In the afternoon Tsukiko comes to the observatory room to look at the star. Inside she meets with Homare, they talk about the star and he gives her the telescope to see the sky. He comes close to her and Tsukiko comments about their nearness. Homare hers it but he mistaken her meaning so he takes the telescope and adjust the lens. After both of them go to the rooftop and they talk about the constellation. Tsukiko notices the shooting star, and she wants Homare to see it too. He smiles and pats her head saying ‘good kid’ to her.  He says that next time they will see the shooting star together.

August 11

It is the 3rd day of training camp for the archery club. At night the members play the firework. Tsukiko talks to Homare, telling him she will feel lonely when he is graduated. Later he asks Tsukiko to call him by his first name. She is blushing but in the end she calls him Homare-senpai.

August 19

Tsukiko comes to the practice hall and she overhears Homare talking with a girl on the phone. She assumes he is talking with his girlfriend. She feels sad and disappointed at the same time. In the end she avoids talking with Homare for the rest of the day.

August 20

Ryunosuke notices her behavior towards Homare, so he asks her what is happening. Tsukiko decided to ask him something.

Tsukiko: Captain… does he have a girlfriend?

Later she tells him about the phone conversation between Homare and the girl. Ryunosake doesn’t know about his love life but from what he knows, Homare doesn’t have a lover.

At night she brings the photo album to the rooftop, it is the photo in training camp. When she browses the album, Homare suddenly comes behind her. He asks her permission to see the album. When he sees the photo of them together, he comments that they look happy.

Homare: May I keep this picture?

Tsukiko: Sure, I can print it once more time.

Homare: Thank you. I’ll treasure it. Btw I notice you are avoiding me, could you tell me the reason?

Tsukiko: It is not good for your girlfriend if you are talking with me.

Homare is surprised and Tsukiko explains about the phone incident. He laughs and tells her, he does have a girl he loves but the girl on the phone is actually his younger sister. Tsukiko is embarrassed with her misunderstanding. Later she asks him about the one he loves.

Homare: I have decided. I will confess to her if I win the championship in this year inter-high school competition.

Tsukiko feels sad hearing it but she supports him and tells him to give his best at the competition.

August 22

It is the day before the competition; Homare wants Tsukiko to write something on his hand as a good luck charm. She writes: Homare-senpai, win the inter-high competition. Homare takes a look at her writing and thanks her for writing Homare senpai instead of Kanakubo. In return Homare writes something on Tsukiko’s hand too, and he wants her to promise not to look at it until after the competition. Tsukiko tempts to look at her hand but she gives her promise to Homare so she will endure it until the time has come.  She even wonders if the girl whom he loves is actually her or not. When they are walking together to the dorm, Homare wants to hold her hands. Tsukiko gives her hands and she feels doki-doki inside.

August 23

Tsukiko and Homare win the competition, and when they are alone Homare invites Tsukiko to the rooftop. Tsukiko congrats him for winning the competition, and she starts crying because she will feel lonely after he graduates. In panic he holds her shoulder and asks her not to cry. He thanks her for keeping the promise and now he wants her to look at her hand. He writes: to beloved Tsukiko-san…. Tsukiko stares at him and he immediately hugs her. He confesses to her and she accepts it because she loves him too.

Homare: Thank you, I will treasure you, Tsukiko-san.

Homare tells her that he always gives her the clue about his feeling but Tsukiko is really dense not to realize it. (You are right on the mark Homare lol) Tsukiko complains that he is being childish. He says it is his side that can only be shown to her and in return he asks her to show her cute side only to him. Then he asks her to call him with his name only: Homare. Because he is her senpai she has a difficulty to call him without senpai. He laughs and understands so he will wait until she can say his name properly. Tsukiko is actually crying because she is very happy.

August 30

Tsukiko goes to Homare’s classroom to find him but there his classmate begins to flirt with her. Homare is very angry and twist his arm, saying she is not only his junior but she is also his girlfriend. Tsukiko amazes with him and feels happy that he says it openly.

Inside the practice hall, Tsukiko trips and accidently she kisses Homare’s forehead. He teases her about being bold. But when she tries to stand up, Homare holds her tight and kisses her lips. He won’t apologize for it and he orders her to close her eyes because he will kiss her once more time. She closes her eyes and they kiss once again.

In the epilogue Tsukiko and Homare come to the church to find the place for their marriage. Inside he suggests having a practice of wedding. Tsukiko is nervous but he holds her still, he suddenly grabs her hands. He thanks her for always supporting him all the time, he even says that in this world he exists only for her.

Homare: Therefore, I want to say it again. Please marry me.

He then gives his oath to only love her and they kiss in front of the altar. Both of them promise to have a happy life together.


I totally love Homare, I think he is pretty similar to Suzuya but I like him more. He is very gentle and kind but scary when he gets angry. His relationship with Tsukiko is very cute, their events always makes me grinning like idiot. At first I want to make this post short but he is really adorable so I can’t help myself (≧∇≦)/. I never thought I will like in summer, all the guys are loveable and I love the friendship theme in this game. My only complain is the faceless heroine and there is no CG kiss (T▽T)


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    • Thank you for reading (≧∇≦)/ Yeah I only play in spring and currently in summer, I dunno when I can finish autumn and winter lol. Yes! I do love Miyaji too, he looks tough and strict but he is totally kind, shy and love sweets food lol.

    • LMAO if I can I’ll kiss the screen then my bro will think I’m crazy xD

      Yes, I’ve never thought I’ll enjoy this game a lot ^0^. And definitely I’ll play after summer xD since I need more Homare 🙂

  1. Can you do starry star autumn? Can you do the after story for all of the starry star because I love reading your blog because is more detail.

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