Koezaru wa Akai Hana – Toya


CV: 皇帝 (Koutei aka Tachibana Shinnosuke)


Naala who is the main heroine in this game grows up without parents. When she was 5 years old, her father dies in the hunting accident, and her mother has been abducted by Northern country Nasula because woman is really scarce due to fatal disease; and several years later Naala is adopted by the royal family and lives in the Southern country named Ruse. She doesn’t feel alone in Ruse because she has Sharu and Sarana who are her best friends, and also childhood friend named Olli. Olli who is the current king of Ruse is actually Naala’s stepbrother and also fiancée.

Sarana and Sharu

The night before her wedding Nasula’s army attacks Ruse. Despite her effort to fight back, Toya who is a king of Nasula’s defeats her, she along with Sharu and Sarana are taken.

In Nasula, Slen (a military commander) is interested with Naala because he likes strong woman. He pins her down but Toya saves her.  Toya apologizes to her for Slen’s behaviors. Later a man named Knoll (parliamentary assistant) comes and gives Toya a scroll about rule for woman in Nasula. He says a woman can choose her own husband and if the man mistreated the woman, he can be punished for his crime.


Three days later Sarana is sick with fever, Naala calls for a doctor and he declares that Sarana has a fatal disease (kusashi). Naala doesn’t want to believe his word and strongly denies it. Hearing the ruckus Toya comes to their room. He dismisses the doctor and personally checks on Sarana. Turns out the disease is not kusashi, it is only a fatigue.

A moment later another doctor comes and checks on Sarana to make sure about her disease. But just like Toya has said, Sarana only catch a fatigue.  He introduces himself as Luji, a gentle man with a warm smile. Because of his hair color, Naala immediately notices that Luji originally from Ruse.


At night Toya comes to her room to give her fruits and sake as a reward for her braveness when she defended her friend. Still angry by his abduction, Naala glares at him and rejects his offer.

Toya: Don’t scowl, you will have a wrinkle on your pretty face.

Naala: There is no wrinkle.

Then Toya mocks Naala by saying that Ruse’s woman can’t drink sake. That’s makes Naala mads and challenges him to have a drinking match. In the end Toya wins the competition.

Toya: Aaa… I forgot to say that I won the championship for the drinking tournament in the country.

Because Naala is a bit drunk, she can’t think straight, she gets angry because he doesn’t tell her before.

Naala: That’s why I hate Nasula’s men. They kidnap women with force, selfishness, and unfairness.

Toya wraps his arm around her waist to steady her, and he keeps apologizing to Naala. His voice is covered with guilt.

Naala: If you are sorry, why kidnaps them.

Toya: It is because I am the king.

As the king he needs to abide the law that was made years ago by the late king. Because of the woman is scarce due to sickness, he needs to abduct the woman from Ruse.  Naala says that’s only the excuse, in the end he will marry one of them too.

Toya: No… I’ll not marry the woman from Ruse.

Naala thinks that he has a fiancée so he will not choose one of them but Toya denies it. He doesn’t feel right to say ‘marry me’ after he kidnaps them by force.

Naala: You are really a selfish man. Running away from your own guilt.

Toya: I know it. But still, I’m wishing for your happiness.

Toya says goodnight and leaves her. A moment later Knoll comes and he says coldly that he already knows that she is actually the younger sister of the current Ruse’s king, but he won’t tell it to Toya. Knoll claims that he only wants the best for the future of his country.


Next morning Naala goes out to the city to find the information about Ruse. She finds out that Olli is still trying to recapture the woman and he will not give up easily. Then Naala looks at the strange woman in disguise and she notices that woman is actually Toya.

Toya: Why my perfect disguise was found out?

Naala replies that all the woman will immediately knows his disguise because he looks strange and awkward in woman’s cloth. After their bickering Toya grabs her hands and drags her to go shopping with him. Later Knoll finds them and with smiling face (but with sarcasm lol) he tells Toya why he is having a date when he is supposed to work.

Toya: It is for the market research, not a date.

Knoll pretends to agree with him then he drags Toya to go back to the castle.

Toya: I know, I know… I won’t run away anymore so release me.

Knoll: Ah… just as I expected you ran away last time.

Toya: I am not, it is a market research.

Knoll: Yes, yes… such a wonderful thing to do, your majesty.

At night back at her room, Haru who is also Naala’s friend comes to see her. She informs Naala that she will marry to one of the guard. At first Naala’s feels uneasy with her decision but she congrats her, meanwhile Sharu acts hateful. She tells Haru that she is whore and a traitor for marrying one of her kidnappers. Naala’s scolds her, and Sharu apologize but she still mumbles something wicked about the men from Nasula.

Later on Sharu is caught by one of the guard in the front gate. Sharu plans to get the castle map so she can help Naala to run away. She doesn’t care what becomes to her as long as Naala escapes from this country. When the guard demands the punishment from Sharu, Naala tells him that she will take the punishment instead. Before Naala is dragged away by the guard, Toya arrives. The guard tells him the whole situation but Toya declares that from now on Naala is his wife. It seems Toya already knows that Naala is the sister of Ruse’s king, he asks her to lend him the power. Because Naala hates to be used for politic she against his idea.

Toya whispers to her saying that with them being married the two countries will be united and there will be no kidnapping in the future. He promise that their marriage will be in name only so it will be more like a contract marriage.  Naala decides to trust his words and accepts the proposal. Suddenly Knoll arrives and he is suspicious with them. He demands them to consummate the marriage this night.

At their room Naala and Toya are quiet, Knoll who is standing behind the door asking them why there is no sound inside. Toya orders her to moan, he moves the bed so it will sound like they are making love, and Toya’s bad acting makes Naala laughs  ( ´艸`)ムププ (that’s makes me laugh too, the scene is very funny xD).  In the end they manage to convince Knoll, Naala thanks Toya for his kindness and keeping his promise.


In the morning Naala is greeted by a boy named Ur, one of Toya’s maid. Ur is a shy boy and he is pretty, and at first Naala mistakes him as a young girl.  Toya and Naala are strolling in the garden, they are talking about the future. Toya wants to make a medicine that can cure the fatal disease for woman. He asks for Nalla’s help, he wants her to gather the intelligence/informations from woman in Ruse (The amount of people who got sick in Ruse is smaller than Nasula, so Toya wants to investigate it). Toya wants both Ruse and Nasula have a bright future. Seeing his determination Naala decides to think about his idea.


While they are walking Naala’s hairs stuck on the branch, Toya helps her to release it. He says she better cuts her hairs so it won’t disturb her.

Naala: The hair is woman’s life.

Toya: Is it more important than life?

Seeing his shocked face Naala explains to him that her hairs are more like her pride so if possible she doesn’t want to cut it, and she thinks that most men prefers her woman to have a long hairs.

Toya: No, short or long doesn’t matter for me. I think you will look cute in short hairs too.

Hearing his teasing words makes her blush, and suddenly Naala begins talk about kidnapping. Toya feels guilty again but Naala doesn’t mad at him. She still doesn’t understand about the ‘kidnapping method’, at the moment she doesn’t hate him, and she doesn’t forgive him either. But she agrees with him about the better future for both countries, and she believes his words. Toya grabs her hands and they begin to stroll again.

Toya: Your hairs have unusual color.

Naala: Is it strange?

Toya says her hairs are pretty like the light on the gem.

Naala: Thank you.

Toya smiles and tells her that she is kind, even after his horrible deed she still speaks nicely to him.

Naala: It is not kindness.

Toya: No… you are kind. I like this side of you.

Naala: I…I see

Toya: Aa… I like it. I love it.

(His compliments make her blushing and she likes hearing it ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ)

At night Naala can’t sleep so Toya gives her the good luck charm using the stone. She is surprised because what he did is the same with her mother. He explains it that he knows about the charm from his maid but she already dies because of the disease. Hearing the news makes her pale; Toya hugs her and keeps apologizing because he can’t stop his father. Naala doesn’t blame him because the one who did it is his father not him, and she thinks that her mother saw Toya as her own child because she teaches him about the charm and even handed him the stone.

Toya: I was saved by your mother. Her kindness teaches me to live in this cruel world.

He apologizes to her when she caught the disease because his father brought her to Nasula, but Naala’s mother only smiled and didn’t angry with him. Her death is actually the reason for him to find the cure and change the future.

Naala: I see. It is the second time I am being embraced by you.

Toya: Aa…I am sorry.

But Naala doesn’t hate it, in fact she wants him to embrace her again.

Naala: Tonight… only tonight, will you embrace me closely?

Naala is crying and apologizes for being weak but Toya says otherwise. He thinks she is a kind and strong woman and he says sorry again to her. Naala scolds him because it’s not his fault, and she wants him to keep his promise to help the woman and makes the better future. Toya releases her and kisses her fingertips. He makes a vow to her.

Toya: My princess, you are my sworn friend, and also my destiny.



Naala has a dream about her childhood, she met a boy names Bayaru but she still can’t recall his face. They become friend and both of them promised to marry. Naala is wondering where he is now. Later Naala visits Sarana and she relieves to see Sarana already recovers from the fatigue. Then Sarana confesses that she likes someone, and it makes her feels guilty but Naala doesn’t get angry with her, in fact she wants to see the man whom Sarana loves. Sarana introduces her to Baru, the man whom she likes. Then Sarana confesses her love to Baru in front of Naala.

Baru: A… it is the first time someone confesses to me. And if possible I want to embrace you.

Naala: Should I close my eyes? (xD)

Baru: Ha.. you are really kind.

Baru hugs Sarana and he also confesses his love to her. Seeing her friend is happy is enough for Naala, but suddenly Sharu shouts to Saruna : ‘traitor’ (Pftt I like Saruna but Sharu is really getting into my nerves!) Sharu keeps saying bad words to Saruna and she will never approve of Nasula’s men. At night Naala is thinking about the event and Ur notices what has happened. He asks Naala if she too hates Nasula’s man. Naala doesn’t hate them and she thinks she can have a good relationship with Toya. Ur is pleased with her answer and he says that he is her ally.



Naala is worried for Toya because he works harder than before and he doesn’t eat the breakfast yet. Naala brings the food to his office, he doesn’t eat it. Naala suggests him to take a rest for a while but Toya refuses it.  When Naala keeps pressing him about resting, he becomes angry and saying that he is not tired yet. He is desperate because he doesn’t find the clue about the cure and he fails as a king. Naala holds his hand and it calms him. He apologizes for shouting at her. She doesn’t angry at him and she tells him to eat.



Naala decides to help Toya by asking the remaining women to cooperate with them to find the cure for the disease. They don’t agree with her and the women want to see the Toya. They want to see by themselves how the king is. At night Naala tells Toya about the event and she apologizes because she can’t help him much. But Toya grabs her hands and tells her that her existence is his strength. The next morning Naala and Toya gathers the women and he begins to explain about his plan. He can’t promise when the medicine is found but he will try to make it happen, and when that happens Toya promises to return them to their country. Hearing this all the women are agree to cooperate with him.


Cold Bed

The chapter begins with the news about one of the maid catch the disease, this makes Toya worries and he wants to find the cure as soon as possible. Naala says that Toya is really a kind person.  Toya is surprised hearing it because he is the one who kidnapped her but she still saying him kind. Naala already forgives him and she will not look back at the past.

Back at her room she is thinking about how she can survive the disease, and finally she remembers something. She rushes to Toya’s office, she tells him that she drinks 名も無き花 (nameless flower) when she was sick. But unfortunately that flower also has a poison that can kill people. They need to remove the toxin within the flower so it will be drinkable. Naala is lucky because she doesn’t die when she drank that flower. Toya and Naala decide to have a research on the flower.

Toya asks Naala why she drank that flower before, and Naala tells him about Baruya. He is the one who tells her to drink the flower. After hearing the story Naala find that Toya is acting strange.

For the couple of days Toya avoids her, he works with other women but not her. Naala feels lonely and she is hurt by his behavior.


Toya’s Wife

When Naala goes to Toya’s office, she finds out that Toya is Baruya. Toya doesn’t tell her the reason why he hides it. He only says that he feels guilty, but Naala thinks otherwise. When her mother was abducted he is the one who cheers her and she even drank the flower because of her.  Then they are talking about the promises. Toya teases her that she is cute when she proposes to him as a child.

Toya: Now you are cute, beautiful, and I love you.

Naala: That…That’s… as a friend?

Toya doesn’t deny it and it makes her feels disappointed. Later on Luji comes and Toya explains to Naala that he will be joining them to do a research on the flower.

At night Toya and Naala are drinking sake together, they are talking about Knoll, Slen and Luji. Toya tells her that Luji is a kind person, and she should be happier if she marries him. But Naala says that she doesn’t want to marry him and right now she is Toya’s wife.


Sweet Kiss

At night when Toya returns to their room after the meeting, Naala notices that he is very tired. She massages his shoulder and says ‘お疲れ様’. Then Toya asks her to sleep beside him. He won’t do anything she won’t like; he only wants to hold her. Naala is shocked with it but actually she is happy. Immediately he apologizes and tells her to take a rest.  Naala grabs his hand and tells her that she doesn’t mind. Both of them are blushing and awkwardly talking about many things to conceal their shyness (*´▽`*).  (They are so cute)

Naala: Sleeping like this makes us like a true couple.

Suddenly Toya kisses her, and after he realizes what he has done, he apologizes to her. Naala asks him to come beside her again but he refuses because he might kiss her again.

Naala: The kiss… it is fine. That’s why come here.

Toya: That’s impossible…because I might do something more.

Naala realizes her feeling, she loves Toya, so she doesn’t mind if he wants something more. She begs him not to go, Toya can’t resist her anymore, he says ‘I love you’ and finally they make love.


A Brief Resting Time

This is such a short chapter, Toya and Naala are strolling in the garden. Naala says that she wants to have child with Toya. She wants the future with him.


Lovely Life

Naala has a dream about the boy who looks like Toya, he is injured and the boy says something about Burafuka. Later on Naara learns from Ur that Burafuka is actually a spirit that protects Nasula in ancient time. But right now it is consider unlucky because Burafuka changes into demon. Burafuka is a younger brother of Buraise, the spirit of flame.

At night Slen disturbs their lovey-dovey moment and inform them that Ruse makes an alliance with the West Country. Slen suggests returning Naala to her stepbrother so they will avoid the further conflict, but Toya immediately against the idea. Slen gives up for the time being but he wants Toya to think about it as a king. When Slen has gone Toya tells his feeling; he can’t endure it if she is not by his side.



Ruse already invades Nasula’s border with the help of the west, Toya prepares to go to the front line. Naala is crying and begs him to bring her. But Toya wants her to stay at the castle and protects the women. Later Toya reveals that the one whom Naala met as a child is not him but his older brother. Naala is confused about his statement. Because of the story about Burafuka, when the twin is born within the royal family of Nasula, the younger brother must be exiled because they fear he will become the demon. As a child he was imprisoned in the cell, and the one who actually cares for him is her mother.

He knows the story about their meeting as child because his older brother takes a pity of him and telling him the stories about the outside world. One day his older brother gives him the permission to switch place, and it is the first time he went outside. Naala asks him where his older brother now. He says that he committed suicide, his older brother was planning for the rebel against their father. The previous king denounced and threw him into prison, replacing Toya. His older brother cuts his own neck in the prison, and the late king made Toya as a successor. Toya can’t tell her the truth because the one she loves is actually his older brother not him. Before she can say anything Toya leaves her and goes to war.

At first Naala is confused and she keeps quiet but Ur snaps at her, from the bottom of her heart Naala knows that the one she loves is the current Toya. Then Ur orders her to tell him her real feeling, he reveals the secret passage to lead her outside.


Battlefield of Certain Kings

Where she is outside the castle, she sees that Toya and Olli are fighting. At first Toya doesn’t want to fight Olli and he thinks if he dies, he can atone his sin. But Toya remembers Naala, she will waiting for his return, so he can’t dies yet. He fights back and asks Olli once more time to stop the war and builds the future together.


Battlefield of Certain Princess

Naala comes between them and she begs Olli to stop.

Naala: Stop it Olli, don’t kill my husband.

Olli: You are being deceived by him, you were kidnapped and now you are confused.

Naala: No, I’m not deceived or confused. I love Toya. If you kill him, that’s mean you kill my soul too.

Olli: Go away, if not you will be branded as traitor.

Toya: Stop it.

Naala: I won’t.

Olli doesn’t want to believe her words, he orders his troops to kill Toya. The soldier tries to kill Toya with bow, Naala wants to protect Toya but instead he is the one who protects her. He gets shot in the arm. Olli and the army are taken aback by their action, Naala pleads him to pull out the army. Suddenly Ur comes; he brings Sharu, Sarana and the rest of women. Sharu and Sarana beg Olli to stop the war too.

Finally Olli pulls back the army, he gives his farewell to Naala, and he will come to visit her again when they negotiate about the peace between two countries.


Final Chapter : Koeta Akai Hana (越えた紅い花)

Two years later

The medicine to cure the disease is found, Ruse and Nasula make the alliance. Toya and Naala are in the flower garden. Naala tells him that she really loves Toya, not his older brother but him, the one she marries and she wants to live together with him in eternity. He smiles and teases her. Then Toya decides to give name to the nameless flower, he feels pity if the flower has no name.

Toya: Aa… this flower’s name is Koete wa ikenakatta akai hana (越えてはいけなかった紅い花)


Bad Ending : Paradise

When Naala goes outside to stop the war, she finds out that Olli kills Toya. She cries and wants to dies with him but Olli brings her back to Ruse. Olli wants to wait her to forget Toya but she can’t so he rapes her. In the end Naala commits suicide by jumping from the cliff.

Bad Ending : Crimson

Toya becomes yandere and he chains Naala in her bedroom and rapes her again and again. Sharu and Sarana manages to give her the dagger, they want her to kill him. Toya notices the dagger and he becomes angry, but he doesn’t avoid it when Naala stabs him. He apologizes for making her hurt and dies. Okay I don’t understand about this ending… (っ`Д´)っ・:∴ゴルァ!!!!!!



I should finish starry sky first but I am tempted to play this game, and I am not disappointed. Finally I find a good R-18 game, I just love the story, the arts, and I am so glad for the strong heroine. Naala is brave and she doesn’t afraid to speak her mind(*´▽`*) .  Toya is freaking adorable too, his childish side is so funny, I like his kindness and gentleness ( ´艸`). My only complain is the bad endings, why they put the rape scene on it, ah well I’ll just pretend it doesn’t happen.

PS: Because this is the first post, it will be longer than other’s routes and also will have the more plot/character’s introduction.


21 responses

  1. Toya becomes yandere and he chains Naala in her bedroom and rapes her again and again.

    I realize it’s a bad end but the fact that it exists and that the character can just become 180 degree opposite of what he really is just pisses me off. I prefer bad endings to be in character or “sweet sorrow parting” or something. Why does it always have to be extreme to the point of gruesome murder or rape in these R-18 games I Don’t get it. It totally ruins the whole game for me ( ≖Д≖;) Thanks for the review, now I know I did the right thing by staying away.

    • That’s what pisses me off too, they kinda ruin the game with rape in bad ends (,,#゚Д゚):∴;’・,;`:ゴルァ!! I can’t get it why a kind and gentle man become yandere without a reason.ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

      Well I guess rape, and drugs are essential in R-18 otome game (*TωT)

      Thank you for reading too \(^∀^)メ

      • I liked your review. ^^ But it is R-18 for a reason, without those things, R-18 otome games won’t have a difference besides the sex scenes. I’m Japanese and most of the women does fantasize about being raped but ofc they don’t want that to happen irl. It’s just fantasizing something immoral.

  2. Wah, ternyata Ur itu cowoq ya? Lihat sekilas juga mikirnya dy ceweq kaya’ Naala #plak

    Suka sama character Naala yang berani bicara apa yang ada dipikiran, walopun sikon ga mendukung juga sama sikapnya yang walopun sbenernya kurang suka tapi tetep mendukung percintaan sahabatnya, bener2 sahabat yang baik ^-^

    Kaya’nya rape selalu jadi bagian dari bad end game R-18 ya, apalagi biasanya kalo ada unsur yandere-nya =_= and feeling-ku kaya’nya pasti ada di rute lain jga apalagi kalo dilihat dari story-nya (sok tahu bgt deh >.>)

    Thanks for the review and wait for the next route ^-^

    • Iya banget dia cantik awalnya aku juga pikir xD Tp dia lucu banget bener2 cute. Aku juga suka ma Naala dia bener2 berani banget untunglah bukan tipe yang lemah gmn xD

      Iya banget di R-18 pasti selalu ada rape, tp untungnya kayaknya ga bakal ada unsur incest yang aku ga suka xD Well aku pikir sih emang bakal ada yandere lagi di rute laen, feeling sih Slen yah xD

      Sama2 sis thanx udh baca juga ^-^

  3. Iya Ur emang imut bgt wajahnya and menurutq justru lebih cantik dari Naala sendiri XD

    Iya, Naala ga punya saudara kandung kan? Jadi ya emang ga bakalan ada incest-nya, say no to incest!! he2.

    Kalo aku lihat sekilas sih kaya’nya emang kemungkinan ada rape lagi di route Slen, tp menurutq itu bukan karena si Slen itu tipe yandere tapi coz emang dy tipe2 jerk gtu, tp ga tau juga ya #hammer …and, kaya’nya kalo lihat Knoll itu juga ada kemungkinan rape deh, ada rutenya kan bwt dy? But… well let’s see at their route later :p

    • Yupz dia ga ada sodara kandung jd free of incest yay xD Bener2 kurang suka soalnya ma genre itu. Iya aku jugs pikir Slen bakal ada rape, dan mungkin Knoll juga (yupz dia punya rute sendiri). Klo Slen lbh posessive kli yah, Knoll tuh lebih ke DoS haha.

      But moga2 cuman ada rape di bad ending aja hahaxD

  4. Awesome review! I’m glad you really liked the game so far. As for the rape scenes, I try to ignore/ skip it and do other things on the net instead. Man, i felt so bad for Naala when Olli raped her just ‘coz she can’t forget Toya. Poor girl. As for the Bad Ending: Crimson, I actually liked the drama in that one not the rape parts but the whole drama between Naala and Toya. It did make me think that if Toya was feeling guilty over what he did to Naala, why torture and rape her which is kinda stupid but I guess that’s an R-18 otoget for ya. Anyway, lookin’ forward to your other reviews. I can’t wait to read what you’ll write about Slen and Ruji (^_^).

    • Yes, I do enjoy this game a lot, the story and the romance are good too, I’ll just ignore the bad endings haha. Actually the Crimson one is good (minus the rape) but I don’t really understand what triggered Toya to become yandere xD

      Thank you for reading too ^-^ I’m not sure about Slen since I don’t touch his route yet but Luji and Knoll is a dear xD

      • Oh yes, I think Ruji is adorable, too. I haven’t completed his route though. But Knoll, uhh I kinda find him a bit creepy lol but he was very funny when he checked up on Toya and Naala during the scene where they were pretending to consummate their marriage lol. As for Toya going yandere, I dunno too maybe it’s just an R-18 otoge thing, maybe?

        • Ha2 yeah Ruji is gentle and kind more like Toya, isn’t he? At first Knoll is kinda creep me out but then I saw the CG from my friend, and gosh he is truly adorable xD

          Ah I lol so hard at that scene, Toya’s acting is really suck ha2.

          Yeah I guess they make him yandere with only 1 reason: R-18 otoge’s ritual ヒソヒソ( ゚∀(・-・)?

  5. Thanks for the nice review!

    Puh, you don’t know how relieved I am that the kidnapped women are free to choose their husbands… I mean just think of how it normally works… Women are caputured -> are not treasured -> endless rape loop… Ugh…

    I assume that Toya is the main guy? Since the name of the game is explained here…. Well, even though Toya kidnapped the women from Ruse, he’s still very kind as he is trying to cure the fatal women disease. I think he is a good ruler. His “attempted love scene” was so funny. LOL I wonder if I should play this game too? xD

    And yeah, the bad endings in R-18 otoges… are NOT nice… *cough* Well, I think that the men doesn’t treasure her enough, so they use violence to claim what they want. It’s more like a “If I can’t get her, I will take her with force.”, a sad result of R-18’s men’s frustration. LOL Dunno, why I’m even defending them. xDD

    • ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒゴッ!!!ゴホッ!ゴホッオエェェェー!!! well if you play the bad endings there will be the endless rape. But I gotta agree I am so relieves there is no rape in the good end xD If not maybe I’ll avoid this game and never play it again.

      Yes, Toya is the main guy since his ending=title of the game xD

      Their pretend love scene is totally funny especially when Toya tells her to moan LMAO. I recommend you to play this game, and I hope you will like it as much I do xD

      ( ^∇^)キャキャキャ I’ll blame their hormone more for the rape scene.

      Thank you for reading ( ^∇^)

  6. I finally can see your post about Tooya!!

    Okay, I think I finally found another best R18 otoge after akazukin. I’im glad koezaru had many comedies and it’s fun to see Tooya’ s personalities. he changed to yandere-fool-kind-strong in stories. it’ s interesting. Maybe the way I’m seeing bad end is a bit different than other people so I don’t feel too much feelings at bad end.

    • Yes, this game is good considering the genre is R-18 LOL Yandere Toya is frightening, but I totally love the fool and kind Toya.

      Ha2 since the good ending one is really good so I will put aside the bad endings and after playing PersonA I kinda get used with the rape’s activities on bad endings lol.

  7. Thank you very much for your review!
    However, I was wondering why in the event panel of the game, toya had 5 *** scenes + 3 blank endings that I couldn’t get. I’ve looked up the guides, but they seemed to have omitted that part. Can you please tell me?

  8. Thank you so much for these reviews This game looks amazing, and I’m considering buying it. However, I don’t know japanese. Would you be willing to make line by line translations of this game? OR There’s also this thing called visual novel reader (which translates visual novels without hacking or patching).- http://sakimichi.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/how-to-translate-visual-novels-without-hacking/ If you consider either option, that would mean so much to me, thank you so much! I would really appreciate it =)

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