Koezaru wa Akai Hana – Knoll


CV: 紫原遥 (Murasakihara Haruka)


The story in prologue is the same with Toya but she doesn’t meet Toya at the market instead it’s Knoll. In the market Naala sees the woman who is chained, Knoll explains to her that she is slave who has been sold from foreign country. Naala gets angry; she begins discussing about the kidnapping but Knoll counters her by saying that she is ignorant about politics. (This guy is smiling all the time but his words are full with sarcasm ヾ(^∇^) )

Again it is the same with Toya, Sharu gets caught by the guard in front of the gate. When the guard drags Naala, Knoll arrives at the scene. The guard can’t punish her before he asks for Toya’s judgment. To save Sharu, Naala proposes to Knoll, she says that she wants to get married with him. He rejects Naala by saying he doesn’t want to marry anybody. Naala verbally attacks him with sarcasm until he accepts it.

Knoll: That’s fine.

Sharu: Naala!

Knoll: Send that woman to her room. I will return with my wife.

At their room, Knoll doesn’t touch her because he hates a virgin ( ゚∀゚)アヒャ, so he proposes the bet.

Knoll: if you can grant my wish, I will think the way to return Ruse’s women.

Naala doesn’t believe his word and she says it so.

Knoll: There is no trick, but there will be a condition.

Naala: Condition?

Knoll says that if he wins he can ask anything from her.

Naala: Such a disadvantages bet.

Knoll: Still, your wish will come true if you win.

Before she accepts it, she asks what he wants. Knoll wants Naala to persuade minister Orute to help Toya for finding a cure. Actually he wants to kill and poison him but his influence and network will be useful for Toya. After thinking about it, Naala agrees with the bet.

The Close Gate

In the morning when Naala wakes up, she finds out that Knoll is still working.

Naala: Being the assistant of parliament, is it so busy?

Knoll: If possible I want to take a rest, but last night because of a certain person, my work is not progressing. (He refers about the event at the gate xD)

Naala apologies with her usual sarcasm. Then Naala asks him to go outside because she wants to change her cloth, but he refuses.

Knoll: Do you know what I am doing right now?

Naala: Working?

Knoll: That’s right, so I have no time to peek at your nude body.

Even though Knoll says that but he stares at her body.

Naala: Hey… don’t you say you don’t have a time?

Knoll: Although I am not interested with woman’s body, but I want to know about my wife’s body structure.

Knoll asks her to take of her underwear and change it with the new one, but Naala ignores him. With his smiling face he threatens Naala using Sharu’s name. Immediately Naala does what he orders. He continues to stare and examines her body just like an experiment ( ´艸`)ムププ

A moment later, Knoll introduces Naala to his secretary named Est, he also is Knoll’s right hand. Knoll brings Naala to the assembly to observe the situation, but he advises her not to speak something silly. Toya proposes the idea to find the cure to the ministers, 2 of them agrees but Orute against it. He says that the kusashi is a curse so there is no way for a cure. If Toya can prove kusashi is a disease and not a cure, he might think about Toya’s proposal.


After the meeting is over, Naala sees Orute at the corridor. She asks for his time to talk about the disease, but he insists that kusashi is a curse. Later on Naala tries to visit his house but he rejects to see her, because she doesn’t give up easily, Naala comes again every day. Seeing her effort, Knoll tells her to take a rest and not to exert herself (but in his sarcastic tone xD).

In the hall, Naala sees Toya ask the women’s help to find the cure. It seems Toya knows that Naala comes everyday to see Orute, he wants to lessen her burden. At first the women don’t want to cooperate but seeing the king personally bows to them, they decide that he is sincere and helps him. Back in her room, Naala talks about Toya’s kindness to Knoll. Knoll says if Toya is more kind she should marry him instead, then he orders her to leave the room (he is jealous xD).

When she is walking on the street, Slen comes. With force he grabs her, kisses her on the neck, and leaves her (,,#゚Д゚):∴;’・,;`:ゴルァ!! WTF with this guy. Naala goes back to her room, she sees Knoll is still working, and when she want to take a bath, Knoll gets angry at her. Knoll sees the kiss’s mark on her neck.

Knoll: Please remember…. Even though I’m not interested with woman, but I hate being ignored.

For weeks Naala keeps coming to Orute’s house, she catches the figure of him by the pillar. She shouts at him, saying that she will keep coming until he accepts her. She wants to live in the better world and the cure is no longer a dream.

The Savior of Moonlight

At night when she is walking on the street, two men attack her but before they can do anything further, the man with the mask saves her.  Before she thanks him, the mask’s man already gone.  Back in her room, Knoll comments that she is in good mood.

Naala: Er… when did you come?

Knoll: Just now. You don’t notice my presence, and your relax face is indeed funny.

He asks her what has happened to make her grin like that.

Naala: I was attacked when I went back from minister’s house but a man with mask saves me.

Then she boasts saying he is amazing and powerful to knock two men without difficulty. She wants to meet her again and thanks him.

Knoll: There is no need for that.

Naala: Why?

Knoll: Ehh?

Naala asks him why he is interested with her story.

Knoll: To kill some time during a break.

Naala is irritated by his answer so she goes sleep, telling herself that the mask’s man is totally different from sarcastic Knoll.

In the morning, Naala gets the message from Knoll saying that she is better stay home because of the heavy rain even though she probably ignores the warning. As Knoll predicted, Naala keeps going to minister’s home in the rain. There Naala faints because of the fever, she can feel someone approaches her and she notices it is Knoll.

Knoll:  You are really a foolish person. Even though it is the futile effort but you still work very hard. It is better if you die, then this heart won’t be disarranged so much. ( ´艸`)

Knoll carries her to their room, when Naala wakes up; she finds him beside of her.

Knoll: Here is a water, open your mouth.

Naala: Is it a dream? ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ

Knoll only smiles to her and she is talking about his name. She says his name is like the lake and very blue, it suits him very much. A beautiful and clear color.

Knoll: Just sleeps, the fever will rise if you talk too much.

Naala: But I’m not sleepy.

Knoll: You are like a spoiled kid.

His word reminds Naala about the fairy tale story and also her father.

Knoll: Then I’ll tell you a fairy tale’s story.

He tells her about the story of prince who is working hard because he has a promise with his elder brother, and when the prince does it, the elder brother betrays him and says he already forgets their promise. The prince feels foolish and he goes away but his ship was attacked by pirate and he is saved by the king of the north. The king asks him to lend his power and he does it.

Naala realizes that it is actually Knoll’s past, and she wonders if Knoll is homesick or not. Knoll replies that he is not; it is more hatred than nostalgia. Naala wants the prince to have a happiness, and it makes Knoll thinks that she is more foolish than a prince.

Naala: Knoll… you really hate me right?

Knoll: Fu… you are really stupid.

Then Knoll touches her face and kisses her. She is blushing and asks him about the kiss, but Knoll only tells her to sleep with the gentle voice.

Next morning Naala prepares to visit Orute again. Knoll gets angry and asking her why she wakes up, but Naala insists to go. In Orute’s palace, Naala finally meets with Orute and his wife, Mine. Mine is talking about Naala’s hairs, saying it has beautiful color. Mine wants to make a hairpiece with it. Then Orute proposes, if Naala gives his wife the hairs, he will listen to her.

Because of hairs are more like woman’s pride, Naala hesitates, but finally she makes her mind and cuts her hairs.

Naala: Then… fulfill your promise, minister.

After she gives the hairs to Mine, Orute complains that she is foolish because hairs are very important for woman. But Naala doesn’t mind it and suddenly she gets dizzy again and faints. Back in her room, Naala is crying because she has comes so far but it is ruined because of her foolishness. Knoll scolds her and tells her to take a rest and eats.

A Certain Night of Parliament Assistant

At night on the hall, Knoll keeps saying that Naala is stupid. Then Orute comes to him and gives the letter of contract, saying that he will support Toya’s research. Orute says Naala is very stubborn, he also apologizes for his wife because she asked for her hairs. After he left, Knoll keeps thinking about Naala. He admits that he is defeated by her stubbornness and foolishness.

Starting of Dinner

Knoll informs Naala about her success to get Orute’s support. He says she wins the bet so he will keep his promise. Naala says to fulfill her wish will be difficult but Knoll says that she needs to trust her husband more. Then Knoll touches her hairs, he says short hairs suits Naala. He kisses her hairs and saying it is pretty. Before he goes away to work he kisses Naala’s neck and reminds her that he hates being ignored. Naala is blushing and stuttering because of his action. She keeps saying that he is pervert but actually she is happy inside.

On the hall Naala comes to Knoll, she wants to help him. Knoll tells her to take a rest but she is stubborn and Knoll gives up. When they are talking Toya comes to Naala, Toya thanks her, and he asks her for the help about some documents.

Days later Knoll informs Naala the good news, he manages to fulfill her wish for the time being. Naala thanks him and says sorry for mistaken him last time. She says that she is watching him every day and he is actually not a bad person. Knoll smiles and mocks her: Hoo… so you are watching me every day?  Then he kisses her and says that she is his.

Knoll invites her to a dinner with the messenger; he even prepares her a dress. Naala doesn’t have a confidence because of her short hairs but Knoll tells her that he will make her beautiful.  After he applies the makes up to her face, he helps her to put the dress, but in the end he almost makes love to her. At a dinner, Knoll becomes a pervert and he keeps touching Naala’s thigh.

Back in their room, Naala complains about his pervert side. Knoll says that he does it to claim that she is his and no other guy can look at her.


Certain Bride’s Night

Well there is nothing in this chapter except that Knoll and Naala finally makes love and consummated the marriage.

Final Chapter : End of the Bet

Knoll gets the letter from his hometown; he will have the meeting with his older brother, the king. Naala tells Knoll that she will always by his side and that’s makes him smiling. Naala finds that his older brother is annoying, he keeps complaining and insults them. He insults Knoll how he can do a job properly when as a child he is a fool. But Knoll replies him calmly, he says he can do this far because of his wife.

Knoll: The strength, I got it from my beloved wife. My cute princess, she always keep pushing my back.

He apologizes wasting his older brother time and leaves him.

Knoll and Naala watch the star together on top of the castle. He asks her what she will do now because the medicine is found and the women that has been kidnapped will be able to return to their hometown, and that’s include her.

Naala: If I want to return, will you divorce me?

Knoll: Yes…

They both are silent, then Knoll talks about the bet.

Knoll: Shall we make a bet?

Naala: A bet?

Knoll: Yes… if you win, I’ll give the divorce.

Naala: What is the term?

Knoll: If you can steal something from me, you can return to your hometown.

Then he kisses her and says that if she can erase her love from his heart, she can go home ( ´艸`)ムププ Naala smiles and says that is impossible, and they continue to kiss. She really loves him.

Several years later, both of them still act as a lovey-dovey couple. Naala studies the foreign language and Knoll offers to help her. He teaches her while she is sitting on his lap. Then Knoll teases and seduces her, saying that he is jealous with the textbook, because she is such a diligent wife and he is lonely ( '∇')ウフフフフ what is it, jealous with the book?

Knoll: I love you, my cute princess.

Bad Ending: Stained Crimson Night

Before having the dinner with Knoll’s older brother, Slen does a rebel against Toya and as a result Knoll dies. With the help of Est, Naala hides somewhere in Nasula and secretly protect the women.

There are another bad endings but basically it’s the same, Knoll becomes a total DoS and keeps Naala as his toy even locks her in the basement. Then in another ending Est saves Naala and they become couple. (,,#゚Д゚):∴;’・,;`:ゴルァ!! 


Well my first reaction: so many CG kiss, but I’m not complaining xD. Surprisingly I like Knoll even though he is such DoS but when he falls for Naala, he becomes a kind and understanding lover ( '∇')ウフフフフ And I enjoy their bickering, it is like: sarcasm vs sarcasm xD Well… the identity of mask man is not revealed here so maybe in another route. ( ´∀`)

Edit: Thank you Lorelei for telling me the mask man is actually Knoll, I didn’t catch their conversation about this before (because of the auto-read and I did a multitask ( ´艸`) So sorry for misleading you xD Naala found the mask in the drawer, and notice that the one who saves her is Knoll but she decides to leave it out.


19 responses

  1. Ternyata di route Knoll ga ada rapist-nya ya? Salah perkiraan, he2 😀
    Suka bgt sama review kali ini coz banyak percakapannya yg buat review-nya jadi semakin menarik..

    And aq suka bgt sama Knoll kalo dibandingin sama Toya yg main hero.. mungkin karena suka sama tipe2 yg DoS sih :p …apalagi, waktu udah suka sama Naala dy jdi so sweet bgt sampe pake cemburu sama buku segala >A_>

    Thanks a lot for the review ^-^

    • Ha2 sebenernya di rute dia bukan lebih ke rape tp ke DoS, tp mungkin kali diliat ulang sama kali yah xD Iya aku juga suka banget sama interaksi mereka, bener2 cocok banget. Tsundure Naala sama Sarcastic Knoll lol.

      (≧∇≦)ノ彡 aku suka 2-2nya sih tp klo boleh milih sama aku juga lebih suka ma Knoll, apalagi pas udh suka ma Naala bener2 sweet banget ^-^

      Makasih juga udh baca (≧∇≦)ノ彡

  2. Haha, this route seems funny, since the two characters are not giving in to each other. LOL Knoll’s character is really interesting… I do really like Do-S-dere types. 😀

    I thought that the man in mask was Knoll, since he said there is no need for her to know who he is (because it’s him), but I seriously failed at that guess… xD

    “Then Knoll touches her face and kisses her.” (人´∀`*)… BUT WAIT!!! WHY IS HE STRANGLING HER IN THE CG?? (((( ;°Д°))))

    Can you please explain this part? I don’t understand it… “The guard can’t punish her before he asks for Toya’s judgment. To save Sharu, Naala proposes to Knoll, she says that she wants to get married with him.” Why would it save Sharu if Naala would marry Knoll? Isn’t Toya the one she has to marry instead? Or is it to persuade Toya, as Knoll’s wife?

    Well, I’m curious about the other routes… This game is really interesting and YEAH NO DOORMATS! 😉

    • Yes I do love Knoll too, he is such DoS but when he falls in love-> my heart melts ( ´艸`). I’m on the same boat with you, at first I thought the mask man is Knoll too but until the end they never explain it who is he xD

      Ah that part? Actually Sharu is the one who needs to marry the guard who capture her but Naala offers herself. Then Knoll comes, Naala knows that Knoll hates/dislikes woman so she offers to marry Knoll, hoping that Knoll will reject the proposal. Actually she is quite surprise he accepts the offer xD But to save Sharu she did it ^-^

      Yes, I’m interested too with Luji and Slen’s brother ^-^

      Thank you for reading too (≧∇≦)ノ彡 and hooray for brave heroine xD

      Edit: About the picture, nope he doesn’t strangle her. He only touches her shoulder and neck but I dunno why the CG looks like he strangles her ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ

  3. Thanks for your explanation, I think I got it now. 😉

    Well, I wonder who that masked guy is… xD Slen is out of question because he would have kicked those asses and grab Naala’s boobs himself. LOL And Luji looks to weak to beat 2 guys alone… xD

    Slen looks really cute and gentle… Hopefully they won’t turn him into a rapist… o.0 May I ask if the heroine is voiced too? If I’m not mistaken… R-18 game heroines are usually voiced too…, not that I’ve ever played one. LOL

    Yeah, dunno, that CG looks really creepy… ^^

    • Ur welcome^-^ Sorry if my previous post a little bit vague xD Kinda hard to put it into words.

      Hmm my guess the mask man will be Seph/Sev, he is one of the capture-able guy. Just like you said Slen and Luji are out of question. Toya and Knoll also not, so it’s either Slen’s brother or Seph xD

      I have the feeling Slen will be the rapist but *finger-crosses* I hope I am mistaken ^-^

      Yes~ The heroine is voiced ^0^

      • Uwah… WP should seriously get a edit comment button… I meant Luji! He’s so cute and gentle, so yeah, it would be horrible, if he becomes a rapist. Slen is a hentai, so I can’t expect him to be a non-rapist character. LOL

        • Crap I missed some sentences in this game (I did the auto-read function and a multitask lol) someone told me the masked man is Knoll, Naala found the mask in the drawer but she just leave it out.So sorry if my post misleading you, I need to edit it xD

          Well I think Slen is a yandere, not sure though since I only see him in the prologue xD and yeah Luji is very gentle and kind ^-^

  4. FYI: the masked man is actually Noll himself. ^^; At one point towards the end (either right before they have real sex for the first time or just a few scenes prior), when Naala’s going through his drawers looking for clothes to wear to a party, she finds the mask in there. At first she doubts her eyes, thinking “There’s no way it could be Noll”, but shortly later on she realizes that it was his way of coming to her rescue, though she decides not to bring it up. He does mention during his “fairy tale” backstory that he trained enough to win first place in a swordsmanship tournament when he was back in his home country, so it makes sense that it’s him. If there’s any doubts, you will notice while playing that the masked man doesn’t appear on any other route.

    Just to clear things up~

    • Ah really? I think I missed that sentence, I don’t notice it :v My bad xD Gotta admit I did the auto-read and multitask at the same time ( ´艸`)

      Thank you so much for clearing this thing, I’ll edit my post and credit you there, hope you don’t mind ^-^

    • 壁||∇≦)))ノ彡☆ キャハハ!!バンバンッ!! actually I don’t know how to spell his name right. Some people said it’s Knoll and some said it’s Noelle.

      Thank you~

  5. OMG SORRY BUT =_= THIS GAME CREEPS THE SHIT OUT OF ME EW =_______= I mean I played erm UTMO b4 kay but lol, yeah I skiped the ecchi scenes, since they were predictable in every route. ERM BUT THIS GAMES WAS LIKE TALKING HUMPING TALKING HUMPING… =_= and I really really dislike the fact that U MUST hump like one of the three main dudes… even thought u are keeping your eye on someboyelse. And the Heroin is a WHORE =_= I DISLIKE HER! On the one hand she plays all hard N’stuff kay and “whoa imma giving myself to those bastardos in order to rescue u my dear friend bla” And she doesn’t even resist, I have played like most of the first routes of all three mains kay, and I just felt so =_= disgusted after receiving like the Caged like a bird or stuff ending bla… I wanted Narang the only decent guy and what shit do i get like back door hump and threesome … WOW THANKS BITCH =_= … Poor story I mean … Why does that whore fall for some mofo that raped(?) her? Seriously b4 that shit happens to me I’d rather suicide … =_= her bff is so right … by saying that only spineless bitches give themselves to the enemy man… And in the beginning she goes always like bla bla HATE U BLA and suddenly changes her mind FU BIATCH… and how is that stupido heroine not able to get the fact that like Narang and Ur love her =_= HM!? …. OK… maybe I shouldn’t have played xD a R-18 since well … it was just so =_= traumatizing and disgusting … but ZERO STORY ZEEEEEEERO! … I mean the beginning does has got some but the rest of the route nada! … >_< Short and I deleted that crap … I woun't play that shit any further … b4 i really get serious creeps of all this humping shit … geez… anyways BLA =_= GAY! … DISLIKE! BAM! EW EWEWEWEWEWEW!

    • With first routes I mean erm like first half not the full route actually I just played one of the story’s to the end =_= SO DISGUSTING GRAAAH~ Need to .. =_= forget it …

      • (≧∇≦)ノ彡 バンバン! UTMO is Under the Moon? Sorry I don’t play this game before so I don’t know how bad it is. But yeah as you have said if you hate rapes, drugs, etc better avoid R-18 because almost R-18 games have that elements.

        I played PersonA before and in the bad ending the heroine was raped countless time but she doesn’t mind it, I was like HUH, and there is also a harem ending. So i know your feeling. Well if the game what you are talking about is Under the Moon so I better avoid this game like a plague xD

        Btw Koezaru wa Akai Hana, despite R-18 is totally a good game, heroine is very brave and doesn’t afraid to speak her mind but if you hate rapes scene you can ignore the bad endings and only play the best ending one ^-^

  6. Knoll’s route was giving me “Wait, what will you do next?” thing came up in my mind. His action and order were putting me to curious state, although the R18 scene just happened near the end (Thankfully, Operetta Due didn’t make Knoll looked like a real rapist).

    Oh yeah, I always wanted to say the Operetta games were touching me (at least my heart) from their sentences. The storyline might be typical, but the character’s sentences and dialogues are interesting. And they could made the boring Ruji be my favorite up ’til now..

    • Ha2 Knoll is really hard to read, sometimes I wonder what he will do next. Yes I’m so glad he is not become the rapist in his good ending, if not maybe I’ll rage a lot xD Koezaru is the first Operetta game that I’ve played but I heard diary and noise are pretty good, maybe I’ll play that games after I finish this xD

      Ah so Ruji’s story is really good? I can’t wait to play him ^-^/ I kinda like him on the prologue because he sounds kind and very sincere, hopefully I can finish Ruji’s story this weekend ^-^

      • It’s not that Ruji is very good. But his feelings was kind enough to move my heart. It depends on people’s preferrence though, so I won’t say you can like him too more than Knoll.

        Diary is kinda a cute story, if you’ll leave yandere ending. Noise is similar to koezaru in serious way.

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