Glass Heart Princess – Asahina Tenma

Asahina Tenma

CV : Wataru Hatano (羽多野渉)

Himeno Kyoko is the rich daughter of wealthy company owner. But one day she collapses for days and doctor diagnoses her with an illness named Glass Heart Syndrome. It is the illness that could kill her when her heart beats too fast. Currently there is no cure for this illness and she could only lives for 4 months.

But fortunately there is a way to rehabilitate the heart by training it, Satsuki (the maid) suggest her to fall in love with a guy and the doctor thinks that idea is brilliant (ΦωΦ)ふふふ・・・・

Tenma is the infirmary teacher; he is very cheerful and energetic. When Kyoko first met him, her HBM is starting to rise. Sensing something wrong with her, Tenma gets closer to her, checking her body temperature, but fortunately thats make her passed out. She wakes up and finds out that she is resting her head on Tenma’s lap.


Later on Kyoko thanks him and Tenma brings her to his most special place, which is The Kitchen Garden (家庭菜園).  He grows the vegetables by himself, Kyoko is impressed by it and asks him the name of one particular vegetable which is Zucchini. Tenma will give her one as a present, and if Kyoko wants something she can say it. Kyoko requests for a tomato, but unfortunately Tenma doesn’t grow it because he doesn’t like it. When they are talking, Kyoko doesn’t feel well and decides to rest her eyes, and makes Tenma to panicking. He immediately calls for the infirmary teacher who is him ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

えつ、 何、 今度は眩暈とか?! Eh, what, this time is vertigo?
ど、 どしょう、 どうしたらいい!? Wha, what to do, what should I do?
保健医さーん。。。つておれだよ!Infirmary teacher-san…. Eh it’s me!

From Tenma’s date we can know that he likes chocolate cookies, and history especially Edo’s period. There is scene where Tenma forces (blackmails Yukito xD) all the date-able guys to make an idol group with him and sings at school festival. Kyoko, who is chosen as producer decides to name the group as Glass Heart Prince.

Glass Heart Princess_0004

Days later Tenma tells her one of the 7 mysteries of school. He also tells about himself being called mutsugo, whereas he teaches 6 different subjects in the different classrooms at the same time. Kyoko also wants to be taught by him, Tenma tells her he could teach her various things with the only two of them. He ends up telling her about the horror story and turns off the light to make it spookier. When he is in the middle of storytelling, Shinnosuke (the butler) who hides there waiting for Kyoko, screams and Kyoko gets surprised, she hugs Tenma. He ends up saying thank you to Shin (ΦωΦ)ふふふ・・・・.


Kyoko trips and sprains her leg, Tenma carries her to infirmary and tends her. Kyoko apologizes for making a nuisance but Tenma says it’s his duty as a teacher.  The word makes Kyoko feels rather sad but later on Tenma talks in quiet voice there is also another reason beside it.


There is another date when Kyoko finds him sleeping on the couch, and she sees the rice on his face. She tries to wipe it but Tenma grabs her finger and sucks it, mistaken it as a food. Tenma also gives her a mental support to reject a guy who writes her a love letter.  Kyoko rejects the guy by telling him that there is someone whom she likes now.


Because both of them spend a lot of time together, there is a rumor spreading about their relationship. Three of Kyoko’s juniors want to know about the truth so they ask Kyoko about it.  She tells them that she favors him, and seeing Kyoko’s blushing face, they understand and will support her. A moment later Tenma enters her classroom with bouquet of red roses in his hand. As a teacher it is wrong for him to have favoritism upon one student, but since she is an important person for her, he wants to tell her properly.


He downs on his knee, asking Kyoko whether she wants to accept his flower or not. Kyoko accepts it and Tenma tells her there is something important that he wants to say after she graduates. She is willing to wait until then. The other teacher starts to scold them but Tenma grabs her and run away together.

When she is on date with Tenma, Satsuki calls and tells her to stay at hotel. Her grandfather from Alaska brings a white animal and right now it’s not suitable for her to get home because the house is in uproar. Tenma asks her to stay in the infirmary, there are beds and also him here so why not staying there. Finally she agrees and at night Tenma says goodnight at her, he will sleep later after finishing his work. But Kyoko suddenly blurts out, asking to sleep together. She doesn’t mean it in the wrong way but Tenma suddenly shows her a serious face and pins her down to bed. He scolds her not to say something like that when she is alone with the guy ( ´艸`). Tenma finally gets up and tells her not to take it seriously because it is a joke.


One night, when Manaka, one of Kyoko’s junior is attacked by stranger. He calls himself as a vampire and wants to have her blood. Fortunately she is saved by her two friends. Kyoko who hears it from them wants to make herself as bait because she can’t forgive the criminal for hurting her friend. Tenma is against the idea because it is very dangerous. Later on someone  finds a mysterious magic circle that is drawn by bird’s blood. After seeing it Kyoko persists as becomes a bait, Tenma can’t help but to agree  and he decides to protect her along with Shinnosuke.

At night Tenma leaves her to Shin because he has something to do, and Kyoko enters the toilet while Shin is waiting outside. Shin sees a shadow is running away so he chases after it, leaving Kyoko alone. After she goes out from the bathroom, she hears a noise inside the classroom and goes after it. Inside she is attacked by the culprit. The culprit is Miyashita, the president from Black Magic Club. He needs the blood to complete the ritual that could make him as a real vampire. But fortunately Kyoko is saved by Tenma in his vampire form.  He apologizes for not telling her the truth, actually he plans to tell her about it after she graduates. Kyoko doesn’t afraid with his true form, even though he is vampire but he is still Tenma-sensei for her. Tenma is really happy and later asks her if she wants to become a vampire or not. He likes her and wants to spend time together with her. Kyoko is really happy with his feeling, but she needs time to think about it. They are wondering about Shin and suddenly he enters the classroom and brings a chicken for dinner. (Apparently he is chasing a chicken lmao)


Few days later Tenma’s underlings finds him, they have been searching for him. Tenma definitely won’t tell them the truth, he is actually sealed by Asian man. Apparently Tenma is from Testarossa Family, a vampire mafia gang. Both of his underlings want him back as their boss. Later Kyoko comes and Tenma forcefully dismiss them.

Tenma requests a date and he takes her outside.  Previously he couldn’t get outside the school because of the seal, but right now it is weaken. He brings her to a park and suddenly holds her close. He confesses his feeling and kisses her on the cheek. He wants her answer about his request as being a vampire, while he is about to kiss her on the lip, he senses something wrong and apologizes to Kyoko because he has something to do.


Tenma arrives on the scene, his underlings are beaten up by their rival gang. It seems both of them want to protect Tenma and Kyoko. Tenma is angry and beats the bad guy no 1 and 2 very hard. Kyoko who chases after him finally arrives and finds Tenma is covered by blood. Kyoko is surprised seeing him like that. Finally she gives him the answer, she admits liking him but she won’t become a vampire if he acts like that.


Ain’t he sexy in this CG? (* ̄ー ̄*)ニヤリッ

Tenma decides to disappear from the school and he leaves Kyoko the letter, he says thank you and very glad to meet her. He is also asking Kyoko to take care of his garden. One day Kyoko is attacked by Tenma’s rival, Gino from a werewolf clan. Despite Shinnosuke does his best to protect her, she is kidnapped and used as a bait to rule Tenma out. Using Kyoko’s phone, Gino contacts Tenma and finally he comes to rescue her. Both of them fighting but Tenma is losing, and when Gino prepares to hit him with a final blow, Kyoko throws herself in front of him and gets hit instead.


She loves him and willing to do anything for him, she regrets running away from him. Finally she agrees to become a vampire but with one condition. She wants him to return to his usual self and not to become a mafia again. After he promises her, he kisses her lip and bits her necks to turn her as a vampire.


Kyoko who is now a vampire, and Shinnosuke who is finally arrived, helps Tenma to defeat Gino. They overpowers him and he turns into a puppy because he loses so many energy. Gino needs 10 years to return to his usual form. Shinnosuke takes the puppy and he will give him a special training as the punishment for harming Kyoko. When Tenma and Kyoko are alone, she welcomes him back. Tenma apologies for leaving her but he promises that he will by her side from now on, never leaves her again.

Glass Heart Princess_0019

In the epilogue, Kyoko becomes a teacher and Tenma is a board chairman. At first her father is surprised to find Kyoko as a vampire but he accepts it. Being a vampire is hard for her because she needs to hold back from sucking someone blood. Tenma offers her his blood, and Kyoko does the same too for him. They will always be together from now on.



Normal End: Tenma loses against Gino. He turns into a puppy bat and needs 10 years to become his usual self again. (His bat form is totally cute)


First I need to apologize because I’m putting Koezaru and Starry Sky in Hiatus. Recently I am so busy with works and can only play once a week, so my progress will be slow くすん ( ノω-、) But I’ll try to finish that game soon.

Now on GHP :  Tenma is such a sexy teacher , his story is funny but also cute at the same time. At first I thought he will be a shouta character lolz but I’m so wrong. His vampire form is so gorgeous. I was AJFDKSLS when seeing the scene in infirmary, where he pins Kyoko down to bed. His voice is so sexy ( ´艸`)ムププ  Definitely he is one of my fave guy in this game (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】


4 responses

  1. i’m going to ignore my life.
    hahahahaha i dont care tenma sensei’s post needs love comment from me.

    Thanks for the hard work! It’s not really right?
    I think it’s hard to move on from Tenma sensei because this adorable vampire is wayyyy too adorable to ignore i mean come on ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ
    When the heroine fainted and he said “CALL THE NURSE….EH ORE DA YO!” i’m out. That was LOOOL I seriously lol’d at that. Wacchan voice is adorable as ever I have a hard time to not replay his date event ;w;

    I love how he always drop the hints here and there and glad that Shinosuke jumps out and as a consequence, Kyoko hugged him and he’s thankful to that??? ァ’`,、’`,、’`,、(●´ω⊂)ァ ‘`,、’`,、’`,、 oH MY GOD ADORABLE SENSEI SERIOUSLY.

    so many adorable moments.
    chasing a chicken?
    TO EAT IT?

    and also his dreams when he was a child is to become a Demon King pfft I’ll be your Queen senseiiii ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

    “Tenma is really happy and later asks her if she wants to become a vampire or not. He likes her and wants to spend time together with her” ワァイヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノワァイ O M GOD YESS YESSS MAKE HER VAMPIRE TOO SENSEI TEACH HER VARIOUS THINGS >D

    is he Vampire Mafia leader? o.o; because i remember reading it on Hinano’s post.
    Not so sure.

    KSDKSJDKLASKSMKLSMLSAMFKLSAF VAMPIRE KYOKO IS HOT and i like how the ending is not that humping like rabbits or sucking each others’ necks but instead that “innocent pose” is so ‘w’b good job tenma sensei!

    But i dont want to complete his route yet ;w; sobss

    • キャー♪ o(>▽<*)(*>▽<)o キャー♪ Alyyn you never fail to amuse me, your comment is so wow, but I totally agree Tenma-sensei needs more love because he is hot, adorable, cute, cool ajfdksls, a perfect species called a man (being a vampire is plus xD)

      Ikr when he panicked and called a nurse lmao his voice is so funny, 2nd time falling in love with him lolz. And yupz he is actually a vampire mafia leader.

      Shinnosuke is a cute butler lmao, chasing a shadow which turned out to be a chicken, capture it to cook it ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

      And omigosh you need to listen to his sexy voice when he turned into vampire form *** love (●´・ω・`)(´・ω・`●)love *** Wataru-kun really done a good job in this game xD

      Kyoko is such a nice heroine too, I’m glad she is not a typical doormart girl, she is fragile but cute at the same time 🙂

      I’ll encourage you to play Tenma’s story, though I’m just like you I don’t want to finish his route www And right not I’m replaying his route again because I miss one of his CG xDD

      • awww stop it dellz san stop complimenting me oh youuuuu (*≧▽≦)

        i know right and he’s not only a vampire, Vampire Mafia on top of that is their leader omggggggg that is so cool ;w;

        oh shinosuke i think im falling for you tooo…hetare butler and adorkable i can’t resist such boy ;w; oh i need to hug these two ajskdskdjad;;

        i’ve never heard Wacchan in “sexy manly voice” before because his character always liek tenma sensei ; adorable and childish so YEAH I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO HIS MANLY VOICE ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ i might as well commit suicide after i heard his manly voice /dead

        i think it will be a long wayy before i pick up my psp and play tenma’s since i’ve just started listen to yumekare and the draft is ready to post wwwww

        • Vampire Mafia leader makes his coolness into the MAX xD

          One of the reason I like this game: all the guys are adorable, though I can’t say the same for that 10 years old fiancee, www need to play him first xD

          ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ You are already starting reviewing yumekare? AJFDKSLSL hayai ne~

          PS: You really need to hear his sexy voice xDD

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