Glass Heart Princess – Hoshino Kanata

Hoshino Kanata


CV: Miyata Kouki (宮田幸季)

Kyoko hears the rumor about legendary tree from her three juniors, if the couple meets under the tree; they are destined to be together. Shinnosuke and Kyoko decide to visit the tree but after waiting for a while there is no one in there. Not a long time after Shin leaves Kyoko alone, something knocks her and she loses consciousness.  When she opens her eyes, he sees a strange man with alien doll on his shoulder. He introduces himself as Hoshino Kanata, he is not listed in the school but Kanata rewrites Kyoko’s memory and she recognizes him as her classmate.


Kanata is a weird person; he comments how a cafeteria is crowded during this time and also he doesn’t know how to order the food. After Kyoko explains it to him, he says about putting the information into database. Both of them decide to order curry for a lunch, she surprises to see Kanata is drinking the curry rather than eating it by a spoon. When they are eating an ice cream for a dessert, Kanata offers to feed her. She eats it from his spoon and says it’s delicious. Then he adds the information to database saying: ‘Ice Cream is delicious’. Before Kyoko goes home, she is asking how the date with her is, but Kanata replies her with a strange word. He says the date is delicious lmao this guy is funny.

デート? ああ、 デートね。美味しかったよ 


Most of the dates with Kanata are entertaining but Kyoko needs to explain a lot of things to him again such as baseball and soccer. When they are on the sport ground a ball almost hits Kyoko but Kanata catches it, he throws the ball to return it to the player but his strength and speed are incredible, he manages to break the wall. Later on he tells Kyoko to run away to avoid the trouble. (●`・ω・´●)モキュ♪


There is also a date when Kanata performs his magic/illusions in front of people in the shopping mall, he makes Kyoko flies. Kyoko is surprised and almost falls but he catches her, and he apologizes to her. Also there is a scene when they go to game centre, Kanata sees the female alien doll inside the crane game. He asks Kyoko to save his friend and after she plays the game for many times, she finally frees the alien doll from prisoner of the crane game ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャ.

Kyoko and Kanata go to the beach for the next date, but when they reach the place, Kanata is fascinated by the sea, so he plans to investigate it. Kyoko wants to tag along but he asks her not to follow him because she will be on his way. She is hurt to hear his harsh word, and when strolling around the beach-side,  she loses the beach ball in her hands due to wind. She runs to catch it but unfortunately she falls into the sea. When Kanata is investigating the sea slug, he can hear Kyoko’s voice and he rushes to her side to help her.  Kanata apologies to his alien friend because he uses his power to divide the sea, Kanata is wondering why but for him, Kyoko is more important than his investigation.  When Kyoko opens her eyes, he apologizes for saying a harsh word to her earlier  Kyoko doesn’t bother about it anymore and thanks him for saving her.

kanata04I love this CG (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Kanata is soaked with rains when he arrives at Kyoko’s house, so she invites him to come and take a shower. Her father who just arrives sees the male shoes and finds something fishy.  He immediately runs to the bathroom but Kyoko blocks his way and he accidentally knocks her, resulting her to fall on top of Kanata’s naked body. Her heart beats so fast and she faints (She got a broken heart, Kyoko’s life is reduced by one ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ )


There is a scene where Kanata buys Kyoko a ring and you can choose where he puts it in her finger. If you choose a ring finger Kyoko will die for a second time (aka broken heart again) because she feels like he is proposing a marriage xD. They spend the Christmas by decorating the Christmas tree and having a cake together. Also there is a date when he is messing with Kyoko’s memories, basically he erases part of memories and replaced it by new one, though he feels guilty by doing it.


When they are having another date, Kanata mumbles something, saying: rebooting a system and suddenly he kisses Kyoko’s hairs. He tells her that her hairs are always pretty and smells nice. Kyoko is blushing, and Kanata asks her what’s wrong. Kyoko almost says that she likes him but Kanata is laughing, saying he is only joking.


Kyoko asks him what he is thinking about her, he sees him as a human and woman. But suddenly Kanata is acting strange, he says something about system is restarted and counter is almost done. Apparently he has a virus and asking Kyoko if he said something weird to her.  Hearing a word of virus, she thinks that he is sick but he calmly says that he is okay.

One day, Kanata invites Kyoko to his home. Kanata tells her to sit on the sofa and asks her permission weather he can sit beside her or not. She feels doki-doki and notices that Kanata always closes his eyes when he nears her. Kyoko doesn’t understand why he does it, eventually Kanata says something like ‘not here’ and ‘it’s difficult’. She asks him what’s wrong and apparently he wants to kiss her. Kyoko is surprised by his statement. He finds out that he feels good whenever he is with her, so he looks on the book and found out the reason why he feels like that.  He likes her, but he doesn’t know if it’s true or not so he decides to make sure by kissing her.

Kanata comes closer, telling her that it won’t take a long time, but Kyoko’s heart beats too fast and she collapses.  Later on she wakes up; Kanata apologizes because he doesn’t know that a kiss can kill people( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ. To save her, Kanata replaces her heart with a mechanic heart. And finally Kanata reveals his secret, he is actually an android. He is sent to earth to gather information. The alien doll that is hanging on his arm is actually a communication device between him and the aliens from his hometown. Because of her heart is a mechanic one, he needs to do a maintenance to make sure he heart won’t explode, destroying the earth. To maintain her heart, he hugs her and checks her heartbeat.


But from day to day Kyoko notices something wrong with Kanata, and when they are in front of Kyoko’s home, he switches into his original outfit and collapses. Finally she explains everything to Shinnosuke but he easily accepts the truth and confidently said that he is good with machine.  With Shin’s help Kyoko finally learns the truth, her current heart is actually Kanata’s hearts. He gives one of his hearts to her.  When he wakes up, Kyoko apologizes to him but he tells her that she is not at fault. She doesn’t need to worry because he can get repaired if he goes back to his hometown.  Unfortunately his communication device is not working because the lack of energy so he can’t contact his people.  Shin advises them to go to Area 51 (an occult research facility) to get a help but when they arrive at the facility, they are betrayed by them.

They want to make a research on Kyoko and Kanata, but fortunately Kanata saves the day and beats them. Kanata makes a decision to erase Kyoko’s memories about him, because he doesn’t want to involve her with his problems.


Kyoko returns to her usual day, she feels like she is forgetting something but she can’t figure it out what it is. Satsuki advises her to walk around the town and follow her heart desire. She walks around the town, visiting their date places to find the pieces of her memories, until finally she goes to the legendary tree, a place where she met Kanata for the first time. She remembers everything and decides to wait there until she finally sees Kanata at night. He surprises to find her there and even remember everything about him. He tells her that he contacted his hometown when he was in Area 51 and they will come for him tonight. Before he is going back, he invites Kyoko to have a ride with bicycle in the sky.

kanata098ET Scene (ΦωΦ)ふふふ

Both of them are having a fun, he tells her that he regrets erasing her memory but he doesn’t to put her into trouble. Right now he wants to make sure about his feeling and he kisses her.  This time he can finally say that he likes her, and Kyoko returns his feeling because she likes him too. Their moment of happiness is short, because he needs to return soon. He leaves Kyoko who is still on the bicycle in the sky. She goes to panic mode because she doesn’t know how to land that thing, and suddenly Kanata reappears again telling her that bicycle will land automatically. And this time he disappears for real. ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャヒャ!!


In the epilogue, a few months have passed since then. And one day Kyoko receives the large package, revealing Kanata inside.  He is sent back to earth because he doesn’t gather enough information and this time he has a human body except his heart is still the mechanic one. He decides to become a human because he wants to know about her better. He hugs her and this time his hearts beat so fast, he is wondering if it is the effect of liking someone. Kyoko explains to him that it is another type of like which is named as love. He asks her whether she loves him back or not. Of course she loves him back and from now on they will be together.



Normal End: Kanata sends her a letter, saying that he is fine, but sadly it will take a lot of time to repair him. He wants Kyoko to wait for him, and she will patiently wait for his return.


Kanata is such an adorable guy and his story is so cute and sweet (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】Most of his dates are funny and have interesting dialogues xD I absolutely love his CG kiss and the one when he saves her at the beach.


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  1. Hallo sis, udah lama bgt ya ^^

    Sorry ga blez di blog sis nagisa soalnya ga enak aja ngechat di blog orang, jadi di sini aja ya jawabnya, he2.

    Baik2 aja kok, sis 🙂

    Cuma dari natal sampe sekarang emang ga bisa buka internet dari laptop and cuma dri hp, jadi ga bisa sebebas dulu buka web atau blog-nya sis, coz layar hp kan kecil and terhalang pulsa =.= …lihat blog-nya sis nagisa juga soalnya tau dari group di fb, jadi sekalian aja deh diklik.. and ini jga pinjem laptop adik khusus bwt jawab sapaan dri sis ^-^

    Lagi main GHP ya, sis? Aq lihat di group fb, katanya bagus ya? Ada CGnya chara dri otoge lain..
    Tp dtmpat lain ada yg bilang juga kalo katanya bwt nyeimbangin detak jantungnya itu lumayan sulit, bener ga tuh?
    Aq belum sempat mainin sih, jadi ga terlalu baca review-nya ya… sebenernya tertarik coz suka sama gambarnya, and waktu lihat di web-nya pngen ngincer shinnosuke, tapi skarang mw nyelesaiin kimikare sama diabolik lovers dulu yg udah ada lama di psp tp ga di main2in and lanjutin nih >A<

    Aah, maaf kalo post-nya jdi kepanjangan tanpa ada hubungannya sedikitpun sama review GHP-nya #hammer

    • Ha2 iya gpp kok sis nyantai kok klo aku. Oh pantesan di twitter juga sis jarang liat hehe, iya emang klo pake HP ga enak banget pernah coba ampe pusing :w:

      GHP gampang kok sis nyeimbangin detak jantungnya itu, yang penting HBnya minimal 230 dan L-intnya harus A sebenernya tinggal liat dari guidenya aja sih 🙂 Oh FB yang kemarin dikasih tau sis nagisa ^-^ mau rencana gabung juga hehe

      Aku kimikare udah tamat sih cuman klo diablok sih entah kapan mainnya :w: belom ada waktu hiks

      • Iya nih sis, sbenernya buka fb juga ga enak sama sekali coz kan layarnya kecil kalo dibandingin laptop or pc, jadi ga terlalu penuh puas juga.. tp ya gpp deh daripada ga bisa buka internet sama sekali, itung2 sambil nunggu laptop dibenerin dlu spya bisa puas lgi buka internetnya.

        Gtu, ya?
        Kalo boleh tau pake walkthrough dari mana, sis? Biasanya sih aq pake dri otomegirly or momokan, kemarin sih aq lihat di momokan ada guide bwt game GHP-nya.
        Mungkin habis selesai mainin kimikare dicoba deh, soalnya terus terang aja mw nyelesaiin diabolik agak malez jga nih gara2 masih kena shock therapy dari route-nya laito, tp kalo ga dilanjutin route yg lain kok ya sayang jga coz udah terlanjur selesaiin 1chara… jadi galau nih, he2 😀

        Iya sis group otome di fb bikinan sis nagisa, dy ngajak gabung waktu aq nanya tentang walkthrough storm lover ke dy lewat email, sekarang udah lumayan banyak anggotanya yg gabung dibandingin waktu aq prtama kali ikutan dulu, coba aja gabung sis.. biar tambah rame group-nya ^-^

        • Ha2 iya sih daripada ga bisa sama sekali yah, seengganya bisa buka FB xD Moga2 laptop sisnya cepet bener ^-^/

          Iya sis aku pake guidenya dari sini: ^-^/ Jamin maintain heartnya gampang hehe. Ha2 diabolik ceritanya emang agak dark2 gt kan? Bukan pure romance setau aku xD Ayo semangat buat tamatin chara laennya xD

          Yupz tadi aku baru gabung, tinggal diapprove sama sis nagisa he2, iya dah banyak aku liat membernya xD

          • Yup, emang banyak soalnya kan group-nya emang bwt semua pecinta otoge and bukan cuma di psp aja, jdi sapa aja walopun ga pnya psp ttep bisa ikutan.

            Iya sih sebenernya udah tau kalo temanya gelap, cuma ttep pngen main coz bnyak yg blang kalo bgus, tp ternyata mentalq tdak sekuat dan sehebat mereka nih, he2 :p

            Ok ntar kalo emang mw main GHP coba pake guide dari yg sis kasih sekalian pke yg dri momokan coz sapa tau aja ga sama and di momokan ada yg kurang, thx bgt ya sis ^-^

            • xD Ternyata di indo banyak juga yah yang demen otoge ^-^/ Iya emang banyak yg bilang bagus sih aku juga kepingin main apalagi bnyk yanderenya di situ /shoots.

              Oh iya aku juga pake guidenya momokan cuman pas bagian Tenma ada 1 CG yang kurang, klo kata aku digabung aja guidenya, jadi klo milik trainingnya liat di momokan, tapi klo milih date2nya liat di love voice itu ^-^/

              Sama2 sis klo ada apa2 tinggal tanya aja 🙂

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