Corpse Party – Book of Shadow


Finally I have finished this horror game that made me scream (despite I like playing horror game). Book of Shadow is kinda like an alternative version of Blood Covered – Repeated Fear. If you played the Blood Drive, you will remember one of the ending where Ayumi, Yoshiki, Naomi and Satoshi make a prayer to Sachiko to return home. When Satoshi wakes up and goes to school, he finds that Mayu, Morishige, Yui-sensei, and Seiko are still alive. Basically they are sent back to the time before they play the Sachiko Ever After Charm. This time only Satoshi who remembers the whole ordeal while he was in Heavenly Host Elementary School. When the gang perform the ritual again, Satoshi tries to prevent it but unfortunately he fails, resulting them to experience the horror for the 2nd time.

Book of Shadow has a different system from the prequel, which is now more like a Visual Novel rather than adventure game (I kinda miss the tag game though).

Text Reading Style: Basically you only need to read the text and this time there is a R function to fast forward the texts.

Search Mode: Point and Click system to find the items or read the notes, etc. And you can move your character using map (press L).

Mental Bar / Darkening System: If your mentality bar has reached 100% then you will get a hallucination and automatically gets the wrong end.




Kisaragi Academy

  • Tsukasa Mikuni (Yui’s friend and only appears in the flashback story)
  • Yui Shishido (the teacher)
  • Satoshi Mochida
  • Yoshiki Kishinuma
  • Ayumi Shinozaki
  • Sakutaro Morishige
  • Naomi Nakashima
  • Seiko Shinohara
  • Mayu Suzumoto
  • Yuka Mochida

Byakudan Senior High School

  • Yuuya Kizami
  • Kai Shimada
  • Tohko Kirisaki
  • Mitsuki Yamamoto
  • Masato Fukuroi
  • Kensuke Kurosaki
  • Ryosuke Katayama
  • Tomohiro Ohkawa
  • Emi Urabe

Musashigawa Girls’ School

  • Nana Ogasawara
  • Nari Amatoya
  • Chihaya Yamase

Paulownia Academy

  • Sayaka Ooue
  • Saenoki Naho


  • Shougo Taguchi
  • Kou Kibiki
  • Hinoe Shinozaki


Book of Shadow consists of 7 chapters, plus extra chapter and in each chapter you play as a different character.

Chapter 1 : Seal


You play as Naomi, the story is pretty the same in the first game and this time you can save Seiko from her first terrible fate (strangled in the bathroom). But later Sachiko will reveal that someone who already died in the first game will have the same fate in BoS, and if you try to alter their fate, later on this person will die in a more brutal way. In this chapter Saeko’s head is chopped off by the wire.

Chapter 2 : Demise


This story is about Suzumoto Mayu who searches around the school to find her friends, and finally she meets with Nana Ogasawara and also Yoshiki and Ayumi. She and Nana bear the same mark, Nana is on her thigh meanwhile she is on her abdomen (I totally realize what that marks are when playing the game orz).

Nana meets her terrible fate when Yoshikazu finds her. He chopped off her thighs and drags her to the bloody room (you can see how she dies in chapter 4). And for Mayu, in Repeated Fear she dies because the ghosts crush her to the wall but this time the ghosts digs out her internal organ. (Pretty sad to see her end in this way because Mayu is such a sweet and kind girl :w:)

Chapter 3 : Encounter


The story is about Shishido Yui and Tsukasa Mikuni. When Yui is sick, she is tended by Satoshi and have a dream when she was still in Kisaragi High School. Yui meets Tsukasa for the first time in the school’s courtyard, and eventually they become a close friend (well she falls in love with him xD). So her horror begins when she needs to attend the mock exams, she sees the old woman who collapse in front of her home. She warns her not to go to school and gives her a paper doll charm with her name on it. But she refuses the charm and makes that old woman angry and she is sent to hospital. Later on her mother tells her that the old woman has passed away.

Yui forgets her goodluck charm  from Tsukasa ‘a mechanical pencil’ and leaves it in the school, so at night she goes to school to retrieve it. After retrieving the pencil the light suddenly turned off and Yui freaks out because she remembers the rumor about the ghost women (Yoshie, Sachiko’s mother) who is wondering away inside the school after 7PM. Turned out all the rumors are true, the ghost chases after her and fortunately Tsukasa manages to save her. After all the ordeal Yui wakes up and finds herself inside the infirmary room. Tsukasa explains to her that the nurse found her outside the school building. This makes Yui wonders if all her ordeal before is a nightmare or reality.

Chapter 4 : Purgatory


The story about Sayaka Ooue, the friend of Naho. Naho makes the researches about he Heavenly Host High School, which makes Kiniki (her mentor) to enter that realm. This makes Naho panics and persuades Sayaka to perform a Sachiko charm to save Kibiki. She ends up in the bomb shelter and is separated from Naho. She finds the torture room and hides inside the cabinet. In this chapter you can see how Nana (from chapter 2) is tortured by Yozhikazu (her tongue is pulled out). And later on Sayaka finally meets her ends after days wandering around in the shelter, she is found by Yoshikazu.

Chapter 5 : Shangri-La


The main character for this chapter is Morishige Sakutarou, he wanders around the Heavenly Host to search for Mayu. But throughout the chapter you can see that he has a fascination with the corpse, even taking a picture of the corpse as a memento  Later Morishige will meet with Mitsuki and Fukuroi, from Byakudan Senior High School. At the end of the chapter Fukuroi is tortured by Yoshikazu and when Kizami finds him, he is still alive, then he kicks his abdomen, making him die. Mitsuki also almost gets killed by Kizami but she runs away and this time she doesn’t trust anyone else. This chapter ended with Morishige is looking at his cellphone, fascinated with the corpses’s picture that he has taken.

Chapter 6 : Mire


The story is about Yuka who is captured by Kizami, but she is saved by Yoshikazu despite Sachiko’s order to kill Yuka. After the earthquake Yuka finds herself inside the Bomb Shelter. In there she meets with Sachiko who pretends to be a nice ghost and at the end Sachiko kills her.

Chapter 7: Tooth


The story about Tohko Kirisaki from Byakudan Senior High School, she with her other friends ends up at Heavenly Host and searches for the way out. Tohko and others are separated with Mizuki, Fukuroi, and Kurosaki. Katayama is injured and eventually died because of the blood loss, Kai is killed by the ghosts. And later on Kizami goes on rampage and tries to kill everyone else. The remaining survivors is scattered out while running away from Kizami, meanwhile Tohko refuses to believe that Kizami capable to do something sinister. She confronts Kizami but her efforts are in vain, he punches her, resulting her tooth to fall out (and he eats it, gross). The chapter ended with Tohko goes hiding inside the infirmary room.

Extra Chapter: Blood Drive


This story is a direct continuation from Corpse Party Blood Covered, there are only five survivors and the people who are not survived at Heavenly Host, their existences are erased. Meanwhile Ayumi and Naomi who remembers the whole event go to Yoshie’s house to bring back the memories of their missing friends. There they find the Book of Shadow which is the forbidden book consists with the black magics. With the book in hands, they try to do the ritual to bring back the dead, starting from Mayu. Unfortunately they fail and their spell backfires. Ayumi almost dies but her sister manages to save her and the chapter ended with Hinoe hugs Ayumi then suddenly Hinoe’s head is chopped off : “To be Continued.”


Book of shadow is a great game even though you are not a fan of horror, you can still play and enjoy it. It is highly recommended that you play Corpse Party Blood Covered before playing this game because you will have a slight confusion with the story and some characters. Nevertheless you can still enjoy BoS as standalone game. The extra chapter of BoS which is called Blood Drive is hinting for another sequel. As much as I like this game but I really wish for the tag game to be returned in the sequel. Overall I really love this game, the story, music, seiyuu, and even the characters are brilliant. My favorite characters are Ayumi, Yoshiki, Tsukasa, Kizami, and Mayu.

PS: Don’t forget to play this game using an earphone xD


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  1. First thing first

    SENPAI YOU FINISHED THE GAME ✩◝(◍⌣̎◍)◜✩ youtookagestocompleteitsothiscallsforcelebration YAY FINALLY!!
    I love your review! Very neat and clean notlikeme.

    I would like to comment on the first chapter. If i am not mistaken, Seiko’s head was….uh not brcause pf wire? She fall off and that result to…her head separated from the body. Another reason would be because of the presurr from the rope. I am pretty sure why she ran from naomi was because she sees naomi as “unknown creature” rather than Naomi. Anything is possible if its heavenly host.

    The most DID THAT JUST HAPPEN for me is Chap 4. I mean sayaka ooue is prolly the most innocent victim in this game. She has nothing to do with this sachiko charm whatsoever. She did iy out of her YURI love towards Naho. I mean seriously naho obviously didnt care much about Sayaka because she didnt tell her in details whats going to happen next. Wtf Naho. I truly prefer her bad end where she was locked in death room until she dies. I think that is better than the original end where she was dragged by yoshikazu T.T die from hunger is prolly the best lol in that situation at least.

    The extra chapter is the scariest wtfff aysvzjsmxjhzmajsnk i mean its the true horror story straight from yhe storybook. Needless to say, i had nightmare just from that chapter.

    If i may ask, which wrong/bad end(s) that you liked the most?

    • As expected from keyboard warrior, you can type a long comment and very fast, teach me sensei xD www sorry about chapter 1, I kinda forget the detail since I played it weeks ago lmao (and for me this chapter is kinda boring :w:), I only remember that Saeko died because of the piano wire orz, sorry for the confusion.

      IKR Sayaka is really an innocent victim, she really trusted Naho to save her but alas Naho only cares for Kibiki sensei. Poor her :w: Yeah actually at the end she can’t fight anymore because of the hunger and at the end she was dragged by Yozhikazu right? The candy from her mother is eaten by Sachiki (this little girl is really scary).

      I was really shocked by the extra chapter, I mean Hinoe only appears a minute or two and already died? Hopefully in the sequel (if any), she can be resurrected together with Mayu and others :w: It’s too sad because most of the great characters are dead: Yui, Mayu, Hinoe.

      Hmm I think I like the wrong end in chapter 2, when you played as Yoshiki and you see the ghost kid with no tounge. When you approached him, he will kill you, at that time I was screaming because I was so surprised seeing him suddenly so close in the screen OMG

      Also the most memorable one is finding the ghost head lmao, if you choose to help him, he will kill you for sure. (btw you can find his head in the entrance, the shoe locker with bloody image )

      Thank you alyyn, I totally love your post too ^-^/ We should fan-girling together again when Dead Patient is out xD

      PS: I agree with you the extra chapter is the scariest one orz

      • I am pretty sure anytjing with girls in it make us flip a damn table lmfao. But i dont mind mayu, ayumi and yuka thou. They are pretty wise and reasonable. I think i just hate the relationship between naomi and seiko. This chapter actually just to entertain boys urgghh.

        Naho is…..unsincere. She befriended with Sayaka jusy because she needs someone other than sensei. I think her head is pretty messed up wtf.

        They need to include how they died. Naho and kibiki sensei. People said naho killed kibiki sensei and locked himself and her inside the closet of the tv room but i dont know why?? They could at least show us why how and when lol.
        Remember they said the tv room is ‘very heavy’? I wonder if Naho turned into revengeful spirit. But she actually helped thise kids (and btw what is the duration time between Naho’s and the kisaragi gakuen? 10years? Or shortly after she went to heavenly host, satoshi and the gang followed after?)

        So many untold need to be told loke seriously mannn. Sequel doko?!!!

        Ahh Hinoe. She appears at the very beginning and died at the last chapter. What a tragic way to introduce new character!

        out of pther ghosts, shounen kun is like what the scariest???? I dont know why lol but his presence alone enough to make me wtf is going to happen! Maybe because we are being chased in original game??? Thats why we have ‘fond memories’ of him?? LMFAO

        ahh!! I remember that part! The bloody shoe locker right? What its the head? His head? Is it the real spirit or he’s killed in heavenly host too? GOODNESS I REMEMBER HOW THEY DESCRIBED THE HEAD (they had to get the key inside the locker remember??) SHAKMDOSMAISNSKS I WILL PLAY HIS ROUTE I WANT TO SEE HIM XDDDD

        even tho im scared hell lmfao xD

        OH YES WE BETTER DO! 😀
        Cant wait for dead patient!
        (Did you get it? Dead patient? Patient can also means victim and our willingfullness to wait and such xD ) tricky!

        • LMAO actually I kinda like Seiko in Repeated Fear but in BoS, her relationship with Naomi is kinda, ah well sorry I just not a fan of yuri :w: OMG yes I forgot Yuka and Yui-sensei too, they along with Ayumi and Mayu is pretty wise, though sometimes I kinda like it when Ayumi becomes yandere lmao (I’m crazy lolz).

          Btw I just finished replaying Repeated Fear since I kinda forgot the whole story and yeah Naho is pretty twisted person. From what I see, she becomes a ghost and kills Kibiki thought it won’t be explained how she kills him but she doesn’t realize it and when Ayumi shows her the truth she is kinda in denial. And I think the event between Naho ana Kisaragi’s gang are not that far maybe days or weeks? xD

          lmao we got a new nickname, shounen kun xD Yeah among the three of them he is the scariest maybe because he is so quiet and his expressionless face *A* so scary.

          The ghost with no head I think he is only one of the victim but somehow he develops some grudge or something and becomes the red ghost aka the sinister one.

          IKR DEAD PATIENT COULD BE GOOD, hospital+horror= A+ xDD

  2. someone actually reviewed a game like this! *ehem*
    I actually wanted to try corpse party in the PSP port but my coward self is too scared, for real. I already watched some videos in youtube and it doesn’t look scary but from what I’ve read in your review, it’s scary as hell xD
    not to mention I actually wanna play the game because of the seiyuu orz
    I’m still amazed you reviewed a game like this, though you like horror game yourself lol

    • This game is so good and deserves a review (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚. I will urge you to play this game xD Yeah this game is pretty scary if you play it by yourself, actually the CG is not that explicit but the text description is pretty gore :w: Ha2 one of the reason I love this game beside the story and characters are the seiyuu, they have done a brilliant job (Sugita xDDD, lols I’m so biased)

      Thank you for reading ^-^/

      • lol my bias to Sugita and Nakamura are one of the reasons why I want to play this horror game in the first place xD; it’s kinda gruesome imagining chopped heads and other ways to die lol

        • Sugita and Nakamura has done a great job with this game, when I heard Suigita voiced Kizami I was like wow so different xD Ah yeah the gory in this game is kinda disturbing but fortunately there is not the explicit CG about it so I was kinda like, ah it’s okay lmao xD

            • xD yupz there are a sfx ghost sounds though not much but mostly like laughter, giggling, etc. And also in one of the chapter you can heard the scary children songs orz, that’s one is pretty scary :w:

              • lol I was at school til 10 pm last night and that kinda scares me because I heard a child giggling but I think that’s real. omg I need to think twice about playing this game…

              • for practical exams, we were practicing the day before orz. I cannot believe how much time I sacrificed only for school. one time we were til school at 00:30 AM or something. it’s really dark lol

              • OMG 00:30 AM? Isn’t in the middle of the night? It must be a very scary experience *A* I also stayed until 8-9PM at work and omg I just whatever I’ll finish my works tomorrow and went straight to home because it’s very dark and scary.

              • good thing there are bunch of people there (my friends) or I’ll be shaking my boots! we were turning off the lamp in the room as well coz we’re practicing a drama and need to turn them off on certain time OAO;

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