Yume Kare – Chihiro Version

chihiro夢カレ ver.千尋

CV: 瀬内蘭丸 (Seuchi Ranmaru)


Do you want to be loved to death by your yandere boyfriend? 

Originally it is supposed to be a joint review with my friend alyynyan, but recently his laptop is broken and now it’s in service center ( ノω-、).  So I’ll post mine first and later you can check alyynyan’s sites for a detailed review. Her sites: wordpress or tumblr

Track 1

Someone is playing the violin and when you wakes up, a guy greet and telling you that you sleep well. Your head is still dizzy (ぼーっと) and you ask him where you are. He tells you that the place is your house. He declares that from now, this place will be ‘our home’. Then he realizes that it’s the first time you are in his room.

“It is soundproof, that’s why I always practice my violin in this room.”

Then you notice you have the handcuff, he chains you.

“Do you see it? The shackles? How is it? It’s look good on you right?”

You try to break it off, but it is in vain.

“It’s useless, that handcuffs are not easy to remove”

“Why I’m doing this?”

He is laughing and tells you to listen to your heart.

“It’s all your fault!”

“I love you, but you pick another man.”

You don’t understand what he was talking about.

“Don’t play dumb.”

He can see the guy is sticking to you like an annoying bug.

“Just a friend, eh?” He doesn’t believe your word and can’t forgive you because you are toying with his affection. So he wants you to only look at him in this place, forever.

“Why are you so surprised, it’s because you are already my wife.”

“You don’t need to worry about other people, because it’s only the two of us here”

“Your eyes, your voice, and your touches, all of it are mine”

He is laughing.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared?”

“Am I scary?”

He says you don’t need to get scared because he gives you a lot of love.

He is climbing on your bed and kisses you forcefully then later on he deepens the kiss. (aka French kiss)

“You are trembling.”

“Are you still afraid of me? You are so cute.”

“My cute doll, you are already mine, there is only me in your world.”

“In my world, you are the only one.” (僕の世界には君しかいないから)

Then he realizes that you just woke up and don’t eat anything yet.

“Are you hungry? Please wait, I’ll bring food for you.”

After he is back with the food, you are reluctant to eat it then he offers you a mouth to mouth drink.

“Is it tasty?”

He notices the fluid is on your neck.

“It’s spilled a little, flowing to your beautiful neck.”

He licks your neck to wipe it. Insert heavy kisses here, I’m dying ( *´ノェ`)コチョーリ

He feels that your lovely gaze is cute but because you are a good child so he won’t do something bad to you.

“Here is the food, open your mouth.”

“You like it right?”

“I put milk and honey for this sweet cereal.”

“What? You want to eat by yourself?”

“No, from now on I’m the one who will do everything, that’s why you don’t have to worry, you only need to love me.”

cute heart divider

Track 2

He is still feeding you but suddenly you are not feeling well.

“What wrong, you don’t feel well?”

“You have a slight fever.”

He tells you it’s a normal symptoms when you are having a drug, but he is kinda shocked because the effect is coming a little bit faster than usual.

Then he is starting to kiss you. After the passionate kisses, he is thinking to bite you.

“I’m wondering, what does your blood taste like?” (君の血はどんな味がするのかな?)

He wants to suck your blood just like a vampire. You get scared but then he says it’s a joke.

“You are already beautiful in living form, it will be meaningless if you die.”

He also wants to have children with you. And if he has a daughter, she will be cute just like you.

“It’s a wonderful thing right?”

“Me and our child will always be living here together with you.”

The rest of the track will filled with passionate love making so I really can’t translate all the words here because it’s involve a lot of kisses, etc, etc (just use your imagination or listening to it by yourself) ( *´ノェ`)コチョーリ

“I won’t show you to anyone else.” (誰にも見せない)

“I also won’t let anyone else touch you.”

“Your hairs, skin, fingernails, and your lips, it’s all mine.” (この髪も肌も爪も唇も、全部僕のものだ) 

( *ノノ) キャー

“I absolutely won’t give you to anyone else.”

“I love you. Always, from now on I will always love you.”

cute heart divider

Track 3

So after the love making, he finds you are still awake and asks what’s wrong, and why you are sad. He is very happy because he can live together with you in here. His dream is to be together with you.

“That’s why, let’s make a happiness together.”

“I really love you.”

Then he is crying. He did a terrible things to you because he loves you too much and he apologizes for this.

“Sorry, I am really sorry.” (FYI he is still crying)

You approach him and kiss his lips. He is in daze and wondering why you easily forgives him.

“You are always so kind.”

Apparently he tells her about his despair, his hand is injured and can’t play violin just like the way he used to be, and when he is saddened by the news, you always there to support him. Because of you, he can endure all of it. It’s the first time he feels something strong like this, you are very precious for him, you are his treasure.

Then he is telling you about his family and his childhood.

“My mother is a strange person, and overprotective.”

“Because it is dangerous, I can’t go outside.”

Turns out his mother also a strict one. He doesn’t have friend, and also siblings. Everyday he has a private lesson with his violin teacher, and he always plays alone inside the house. His father works overseas and rarely at home. He tried to go outside but his mother is always watching him like a hawk. And he never feels a motherly love from her.

He first met you when there is a music festival at university, he performed there and you gave him a big flower bouquet. He laughs remembering when you are walking with the bouquet and he can’t forget your smiling face when you gave it to him. You also includes a message card and he still treasure it until now.

He starts to remember about his mother’s behavior toward him.

“It is such an irony, in the end I’m doing something similar to my mother.”

But he doesn’t want to be like his mother so he removes your chains and says that you are free to go. But if possible he wants you to stay there with him only for tonight. He wants to sleep together and embraces you.

You agree to stay with him and he is very thankful.

“I really love you.”

“I am very happy to have meet you.” (君と出会えて、僕は幸せだったよう) Aww Chihiro, comes to mama, I’ll give you lots of hugs.

cute heart divider

Track 4

He wakes up to find you are not on the bed.

“So I was rejected.”

“Of course I’m hated.”

“But it’s actually a relief.”

He doesn’t qualify to be with you and it’s natural if you are ran away from him.

“I already know it, but…”

He is start crying, saying he is now alone and need to bear it. (sorry his crying words are so hard to follow not really sure what he is saying :w:)

Then there is a sound of someone is getting inside his room, he finds out it is you.

Noticing you are still there with you, he yells at you.

“Why? Why you are still here?”

If what you feel is pity, he doesn’t want it.

“It’s not your business!!” ( 余計なお世話だよう)

He says something harsh and you slap him. You stay here not because of the pity but because you love him.

“You love me? Why?”

He is crying again, he can’t believe you could love someone like him. He also doesn’t know what will happen in the future but he won’t and can’t let you go.

“I love you.” (大好き, 君のことが)

cute heart divider

Omake – Bad Ending

The first minutes are almost the same with track 3. He asks you why you are crying and it’s his dream to stay together like this with you.

But in this track Chihiro is not crying instead he is laughing. You keeps quiet and he asks you why you hate him. He doesn’t care for the answer anymore because he won’t release the chains, you and he will do lots of interesting games from now on.

One day he comes home, you hugs him tightly because you are very lonely.

“Sorry, for making you wait.”

He came home late because there are lots of work to do. He assures you not to worry because he will always return home to you. And because you’ve been waiting for him just like a good kid, he will give you a reward by kissing you then making love to you all the nights. ( *´ノェ`)コチョーリ

Amidst the love making he tells you not to betray him and he confesses his love again, even if he dies, he will always love you.

cute heart divider

It’s the first time I’m listening to R-18 Drama CD, and my listening comprehension is crappy, so I’m sorry if there are some mistakes in this post. I’m loving this drama CD so much, because Chihiro is such a fragile, sweet, and passionate guy. His crying voice is really sad to hear, the seiyuu has done a great job with this drama. (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】And I’m blushing so hard when listening to track 2 ( *´ノェ`)コチョーリ.


11 responses

  1. Ooh! I’ve been seeing this around and I’ve always been curious what it’s about. I actually didn’t know this is an R-18 drama CD (*^v^)! I did know that this is like a doujin drama CD. If I’m not mistaken, the seiyuu produced this CD all by himself and not by the mainstream studio producers of drama CDs like MomoGre and such. Btw, I think there’s 2 more Yume Kare dramas that he made, too. (^v^)

    • You should listen to it because it so ajfkdlsls so sexy xD I’m kinda blushing hearing his voice *A* Oh I really don’t know about that, if it’s true that’s amazing *A*.

      Yupz there are two of others CD that has been released, first is Shou and the third one is Takaharu xD

      Thank you for reading ^-^/

  2. I am truly dissapointed with you Dellz san.

    WHERE’S THE DETAILS IN TRACK 2 AND OMAKE TRACK??????!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!

    You should include those bondage and adulterated stuffs because you know you’ll get tremendous amount of hits xDDD;

    Oh by the way, CONGRATULATIONS for this is your first time listening to x rated drama CDs and your poor otomegokoro heart must be in pain all this time xDD its okay its a good practice since there’s MORE TO COME HOHOHOHO

    BABY CHIHIRO AUGH inabhxnrjnxhchsnzjbaianajdkw i’ll bear your child anytime you can come to us if you need some bosom to put your head on www we are always available for you.

    In track 3 is where he first met with the heroine right? I wonder if that’s where he started to fall in love with her (after the music festival) that is so precious and that message card, he still holds that dearly awww she is like ଘ(*˘ु ᵕ˘)ु❤⃛ .。 天使 to him and i went ahdbjdmxjdnJakaidns again.

    ITS NOT.
    And also that omake track actually reminds me of Phantom/Erik’s bad ending. Remember when he locked her in the dungeon and only visited her to “ravish her bod”? Yeah 8D that’s why Chihiro is one of my babies because of the similarities with Phantom rofl!
    I still do not know how the girls became absolutely obedient dogs. Were they drugged? Or are they in love with them?
    This is almost like they’re struck with Sherlock Syndrome.

    Last but not least,
    HOHOHOHO (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。)

    • ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ Sorry Alyyn I’ll leave track 2 and omake to you for a very detailed one xD Track 2 is really something, I mean their raburabu making is so passionate makes me blushing like a red tomato. My Kokoro ( ´艸`)ムププ is really trained with Chihiro xDD

      ((o-ω-)♡(-ω-o))don’t worry I’ll listen to other yandere drama CD.

      Ikr Chihiro is so precious and listening to him remind me of Erick (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】 Both of them love the heroine very much and bear a sad past, except Chihiro is more fragile one.

      Yupz he first met the heroine in track 3, I think he falls in love with her when she gave him a bouquet of flower and her message card kinda warm his heart *** love (●´・ω・`)(´・ω・`●)love *** Hearing him saying that she is his treasure made me feel ajfdkslslsls.

      Haha I think the bad ending is kinda like a happy ending too except you are chained forever there xDD

      “This is almost like they’re struck with Sherlock Syndrome.” ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ maybe she becomes obedient because she is lonely and wants to have his company? xD


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