Double Score : Cosmos × Camellia – Suo Issei

suo13Suo Issei (Age: 31)

Jobs: Office Worker (Salary-man)

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke

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Shinozawa Mai is a high school student and works in a shrine as a miko (priestess).  Kamizono shrine is famous with their flowers. It is said if someone receives the flower that blooms there, that person will achieve the fulfillment in love.

One day she is asked by Kamizono Kyouga (her employer and also a Shinto priest) to deliver the flower to a man who is chosen by god of love. She can only choose one of flowers, Cosmos or Camellia. If you choose Cosmos, Mai will deliver the flower to Suo Issei. He is one of Kamizono’s friends along with Sano Fumiya-sensei, Saiga Rui-sensei, and Sakita Takuto. She remembers Suo as the kind older brother type.  Dressed in Miko’s outfit (the order from Kamizono), Mai goes to the company where Suo is working (SNT company that is specialized in IT).  But when she gives him the flower, he rejects it because he isn’t interested with love. Mai doesn’t know what to do because her job is to deliver the flower to the chosen man. Fortunately Todaka Yousuke (his colleague) convinces him, and he accepts it.

Mai apologizes for coming and disturbing his work, but he doesn’t mind it since he already got permission from his boss.  Then he invites Mai to the nearby coffee for a lunch.  He talks about his job; apparently he is in Public Relation Department. He also talks about the past, how he is very thankful to Mai; because she gives him courage when he is hit with the family’s problem (she gave him a Cosmos flower). Mai doesn’t remember it but he always wants to say thank you to her and today he gets a chance to do it.

Mai is embarrassed and suddenly changed the topic, asking him about his friendship with Kamizono. Her word changes his facial expression, from smiling into an annoyed look. It seems Kamizono is really in a bad list for him, he still remembers how he harassed (more like bullied (≧∇≦)ノ彡 バンバン!) him years ago.

Days later Suo visits the shrine and meets with Kamizono, and they are bickering just like the old times.  Kamizono teases him that he comes to the shrine to meet Mai, this makes him blushing and denies it. Saying it is related to his work not for a personal business. Then Kamizono smacks him, tells him don’t be shy and quickly talks to her (I love this guy (ノ∀`●)⊃).

Suo asks Mai a favor, he needs to collect data about the places that are often visited by students on holiday.  She agrees to help and they exchange their phone number and mail to make it easier for him to contact her. Mai invites her friends Mori Kengo and Aihara Miki to meet with Suo in the shopping mall. It’s easier with them to collect more data for his project. They decide to do a shopping and suddenly Suo asks Mai whether Mori is her lover or not. She explains that Mori is a friend not lover, he apologizes for the misunderstanding.

Suo carefully takes a note while they are shopping; Mai comments that he looks amazing. Somehow Miki agrees and she says its ‘adult charm’, wearing a necktie and suit. Hearing it makes Mori approaches Suo and tells him why he is wearing a suit not a casual cloth. Apparently he is jealous because he likes Mai. Suo apologizes but right now he is collecting the data which is part of job for him, that’s why he doesn’t wear the casual cloth. The three of them are in awe after hearing his reply, even Mori now admires him and someday he want to wear a suit like Suo.

When they are walking around the mall, Mai sees her favorite place, it sells Tapioca Milk Tea. She wants to buy it but the queue is pretty long. Suo offers to buy it while the others can go around the mall to kill time. Feeling guilty Mai accompany him, that’s makes Mori wants to stay with Mai but Miki drags him while he is shouting nonsense words. Suo realizes he likes Mai but she is clueless and its makes him pities Mori. While queuing Suo talks about the works and he realizes that his story is rather boring for her. But Mai smiles and tells him it’s not boring at all and interesting.

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Mai visits SNT to deliver a letter from Kamizono to Suo and when she is on the way home, there are two guys approach and harass her; fortunately Suo and Todaka come to rescue. Later on when Suo accompany her home, he is asking to go to dinner with him in Christmas day. He is blushing, saying it’s for the data. Mai finds his behaviors is cute and accepts his invitation.

One day Mai bumps into a kid and turns out he is Suo’s younger brother. He has 3 younger brothers (Akira, Kiito, Jiou) and one younger sister (Aoi), Akira, Kiito and Aoi are triplet.


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Mai is excited for a dinner date with Suo but he calls her and apologizes because he should meet with a big client so he needs to cancel the Christmas dinner. Mai is sad at hearing it and hangs up his call. Later she feels bad because it sounds rude and she knows his job is important, so she sends him the mail and apologizes for her rude behavior.

Today is Christmas; she meets Suo’s brothers in the street. They invite Mai to celebrate Christmas together with them. Their mother is away and Suo is working late so it’s only the four of them. Mai accepts the invitation and goes to their home.

The event switches to Suo, he is buying presents for his siblings and also Mai. It’s the first time he buys present for someone else except his family. He wants to apologize for breaking the promise.

Mai is in panic mode when Suo comes home, she doesn’t know what to do because meeting him will be awkward, but eventually she can act normally, though Suo is surprised to find her there. A moment later Suo needs to go back to work and Mai also takes leave because it is already dark. She promises to the triplet to visit them again someday.

Suo sends her home and he thanks her for making his siblings happy. Mai doesn’t mind, it is her who needs to say thank you if not she will be celebrating Christmas alone. Hearing it Suo is surprised and asks why alone, she explains that all her friends and her parents already have a plan. Then Mai apologizes again for her rude behavior last time. Suo smiles, he already forgets it and she needs to forget about it too, then he gives her a present that he bought before.

Suo: Mai, Merry Christmas. If it is okay with you, will you receive it?


She opens it and finds the pink handkerchief inside, Mai thanks him for the present, she likes it very much. It seems Suo went into trouble when finding the present for her, since he doesn’t know what to buy for a girl, so he gathers information among his female colleague.

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Suo meets Mai in the shrine to wish a happy new year. It’s been a while since she meets him and she wants to talk with him more so she asks him to walk together. A new term is coming soon for Mai and she accidentally blurt out that her test is not so well, so Suo offers to teach her.

Days later Suo teaches her in the café near his work place. Mai and Suo are engrossed with the study and at the same time the two of them looking at each other eyes. Both of them are blushing, Suo immediately stands up and apologize, he doesn’t realize that he is sitting so close to her. Needless to say both of them acting awkwardly afterwards.


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Mai buys valentine chocolates for Suo, but when she meets him she is really nervous and acting strange. Suo asks her what is wrong and suddenly she shoves the chocolate to him. She buys 5 pieces chocolates so he can share it with his siblings. He thanks her for her kindness toward his siblings.  When Suo walks her home, he asks a question. Does she enjoy being together with him? Mai is blushing and replies she likes being with him. He touches her cheeks and gets closer, but suddenly he is backing away and awkwardly says there is something in her cheek.

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Suo invites Mai and her friends to theme park (again for a data), but turns out Mori and Miki can’t come so it’s only the two of them. There they meet with Todaka who eventually tags along. They decide to ride a roller coaster, Mai enjoys it but Suo ‘s face turns pale after riding it. Todaka teases him, saying he hears his screaming from up there, and will report it to everyone in the company tomorrow. ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Their next destination is haunted house, and this time it’s Todaka who gets scared. Mai decides to go in with Suo and that makes Todaka enters it alone (lmao poor him). He tries to run away but Suo pushes him inside. Mai grabs Sou’s arms because she is also afraid but he calms her down saying he is there so she doesn’t need to be afraid. Somehow inside the building, they hear Todaka screaming loudly.


Such a cute CG xD

The last attraction is Ferris Wheel, since Todaka is still in shock after haunted house, he decides to take a nap leaving them alone. Inside the Ferris wheel, Suo gives Mai a pair of mascot doll as repayment for valentine chocolate. She says she will value it, then Suo asks her again about her feeling when she is with him. He likes being with her and Mai also replies that she has the same feeling but somehow Suo makes a painful face. She asks him what happens but he shrugs it off and says he is fine. She is really worry and wants to help him.

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Mai along with Miki are surprised when they see Suo in front of the gate school. Turns out he is waiting for Mai, Miki pushes her and says good luck. He invites her to watch a movie and she is accepts it. At the theater Suo buys Cola and caramel popcorn, Mai grabs popcorn and feeds him making him blushing.


After the movie they go to restaurant for a dinner and Mai orders strawberry short cake for a dessert. She eats it happily and the cream spills on her cheeks. Immediately Suo wipes it but somehow he gets embarrassed saying he is used to do it with his younger sister. Hearing it Mai is sad, she feels like he is treating her like a kid.

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Kamizono says to Mai that Suo is sick and collapse, hearing it she dashes off to his home. When she meets him, she immediately checks his body temperature and turns out he is okay. Apparently Suo is only having a stomachache and Kamizono is lying to her (´▽`). After the misunderstanding, Mai excuses herself but Suo grabs her hand and invites her to have a tea. Mai stumbles, Suo goes to catch her but he also loses his balance and fall together. He is on top of her and their faces are so near, Mai can’t say anything because her heart is throbbing so fast. He leans forward as if to kiss her but suddenly stops and draws back. His face becomes cold and he asks her to leave. Mai is crying because of his rejection.


I was like : come on kiss her asap ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

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It’s been one month and Mai still doesn’t meet with Suo again after the last event, he won’t reply her mails too because he is busy. At school, Mai meets with Saiga-sensei, she tells him the whole event. Saiga says it’s adult decision and only Suo himself who can solve it. Hearing it Mai decides to wait until Suo gets the answer. Saiga also advises her not to hurry and change herself (Mai wants to become adult so Suo won’t see her as kid). She feels relief and thanks him for the advice.

On the way home she sees Suo comes out from SIESTA (a café owned by Takuto) with a pretty woman. He introduces her as Nikaidou Manami, she is working at the same company and right now is his assistance. He only says that Mai is a friend who is helping him with his job. He thanks her for her help but after this she doesn’t need to get involve again and he abruptly leaves her.

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Suo regrets when saying the harsh words to Mai, but he feels it is the right decision. It is 11 PM and Kamizono calls him, he orders Suo to come to SIESTA. At first he ignores it but Kamizono threaten him (this guy is awesome (ΦωΦ)ふふふ・・・・) so he has no choice but to come.

And it seems Kamizono, Saiga-sensei, and Sano-sensei plan to make him drunk, so he can answer the question honestly. Kamizono asks him why he is rejecting Mai.

Suo: It is because I’m starting to like her…

A small girl who is giving her courage suddenly grows up and becomes an attractive woman.  She is still a high school student and both of them are not suited to be together, his romantic feeling toward her is wrong. Sano comments that his reason is so stupid.

Sano: So, what? You will wait until she is in the appropriate age as a love interest?

He says when he is waiting someone else will snatch her away.

Sou says if she is in the same age with him, he will confess immediately but the age gap is big and he doesn’t want to hurt Mai. There are people who will talk bad about her if they are going out, she is only 17 and he is 31. After mumbling something else, he is fainted. Saiga comments that Kamizono and Sano are good friends because they care for Suo and Mai. Kamizono says it’s not a big deal because he knows one day his problem will be solved, he is after all the man who is chosen by God.

Mai is hanging out together with Mori and Miki, they are eating ice cream in the park. The weather is very hot and Mori suggests for the pool which his idea is rejected by Miki. He is suddenly imagining Mai in bikini ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. On the way home Mai meets with a woman, she is carrying bags and looking pale so Mai offers to help her. When she arrives at her house, Mai realizes she is actually Suo’s mother. And eventually Akira and Kiito drag her inside to eat dinner together. From the triplet, Mai finds out that their father is in hospital because he is sick since years ago.

When Mai prepares to return home, she meets with Suo in front of the door. Jiou explains the whole thing and Suo is really glad for Mai’s help. He then offers to take her home. Along the way Suo tells her that he will have an omiai (formal marriage interview), and the partner is Nikaidou. She grabs his arms and tells him not to act hasty and choose the wrong decision, but he coldly says it’s not her business. Mai finally realizes her feeling, she doesn’t want him to have an omiai because she likes him. It hurts her when he rejects her again and even treats her as a kid.

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Todaka visits Mai in the shrine, he tells her about Suo’s omiai. Todaka realizes her feeling and he comforts her. He invites her to visit SIESTA to eat ice cream. There she meets with Mori who has a part time job as a waiter. Not long after that Suo and Nikaidou comes together. Mai tries to hold her tears and she is saved by Todaka. He offers to feed her and when he tries to spoon-feed Mai, Suo scolds him. He grabs her hand and drags her outside, he scolds her about she should be in shrine working, and when he wants to say something important, Nikaidou approaches him and twines her arms around him. Nikaidou asks him to go to another café and he complies.

At the SNT Todaka is quarrelling with Suo, he hates a man who makes a girl cry. He orders Suo to apologize to Mai but Suo shouts it’s not Todaka’s business. And eventually Todaka leaves him. Suo keeps thinking that his decision is not wrong.


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Sano and Saiga asks Mai to help Suo, right now his father condition is worsening and they want her to help Suo with the household . At first she rejects it because right now he has a fiance but Saiga and Sano give her an advice, not to give up on Suo. To love someone bounds to get hurt but it is natural and she must fight for her love. Mai thanks both of them and finally makes a decision, even though she is rejected but she won’t give up her love. She goes to Suo’s house and finds Nikaidou is there. Nikaidou orders her to go home and not to see Suo again in the future, but Mai ignores it. She will not return home, her words make her angry. She raises her hand to slap Mai but Suo grabs it. He orders Mai to go home and goes inside the house with Nikaidou. A moment later the triplet and Jiou comes to her, they hate Nikaidou and starts crying. Mai calms them down and promises will return later and help them with house work.

Inside the house, Suo scolds Nikaidou for losing her temper and try to hit her. He doesn’t want her to do something like that again.

At night Mai asks Kamizono to lend her a power, she wants to help Suo. He says about a blooming Cosmos that changes its color; it has the power to cure people. Kamizono reminds her it will be difficult to find that flower but she won’t give up.

Meanwhile Suo is still working and Todaka eventually scolds him. Saying he is running away and his action only hurts her more. The decision shouldn’t be decided by him alone, she has a right to choose too. Hearing his word is really opening his eyes. Suddenly Kamizono calls him; he is telling her that Mai tries her best for his sake.  Mai is searching for the Cosmos in the pound and it’s already 6 hours. Before he rushes to Mai, he thanks Todaka and he comments the honest Suo is weird. ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八

After hours of searching, Mai feels dizzy and almost collapse, Suo grabs her shoulders. She thinks it’s a dream (ノ∀`●)⊃ He orders her to stop searching but she pushes him away. She won’t stop until she finds it. She is crying, she wants to help him because she loves him.


Suo hugs her, begging her to stop, seeing her efforts alone is enough, and he calls her his loved one. He also tells her the reason why he keeps the distance. He doesn’t want her to suffer because of him due to their age gap. But right now he doesn’t care anymore, he cups her head and kisses her (it’s kinda a passionate one xD I guess Cero C is in this scene (ΦωΦ)ふふふ・・・・).  After the kiss Suo is blushing meanwhile Mai accidentally sees the blossom Cosmos that changes its color. She goes inside the pond to pluck the flower and give it to Suo.


Suo carries her to Kamizono’s house and asks him to prepare for a bath. When she was having a bath, Suo got a call from hospital telling him that his father condition is improving. Mai is very happy for him. Suo doesn’t really believe that flower has a power to cure people, but the proof is really there. Mai hugs him from behind, from now on she wants him to share his pains with her because he is not alone, he has her.


The next day Suo breaks his engagement with Nikaidou, at first she won’t accept it because she truly like Suo but eventually she gives up. She realizes his feeling for Mai is really strong.

At school Miki and Mori congrats her for finally having a relationship with Suo, though Mori cries and saying ‘My love…. Goodbye…’, (this guy is so funny) but as long she is happy he will be fine. After school, Suo is waiting for her in front of the gate, since he already finishes his job he has a free time and asks her to have a date. Suo is happy because finally he becomes her lover, and he gives her a light kiss on the lips. Later on he grabs her hand and kisses her ring finger. In return Mai takes his hand and kisses his ring finger too. So cute (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】

Months later Mai is sick, she has a sore throat and currently resting at her home. Hearing she is alone (her parent having rabu rabu moment together aka a date xD) Suo comes visit her. He is very worried about her and ends up proposing to her.

Suo: Mai, after  you graduate from college, I want you to marry me.

Mai: Is that … a proposal?

Suo says it’s rather early because she is still in high school but in the future she will meet with new people. That’s why he feels uneasy, it’s not that he doesn’t trust her because he knows she won’t betray him but he wants a promise, the eternal promise.  Of course Mai agrees because she also wants to become Suo’s bride. He pushes her into the bed and kisses her. Together they seal the vow with a kiss.


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Other ending

After Suo breaks up his engagement with Nikaidou, he invites Mai  to SIESTA for a date, seeing his serious face Mai is getting worried and blurts out that she looks unattractive and he might loses interest with her (by saying he doesn’t want to push her down ァ ‘`,、’`,、’`,、’`,、(´▽`) ‘`,、’`,、’`,、’`,、’`,、).

Suo spits on his coffee because he is so surprise, he tells her not to have unnecessary worries, in fact he is here right now to propose her. She still in high school and he will wait until she graduates from college but he wants to advance their relationship, like increase the number of kissing ( ´艸`)ムププ. Mai doesn’t against it so he comes closer to kiss her in front of many people. Mai suddenly fells embarrassed, saying he can continues it when they are alone. He smiles and confess his love again to her.

cute heart divider

This game is so cute, I admit I was bored in the beginning because Suo doesn’t make a significant movement towards her but in the middle of the game I’m totally in love. His story is pretty emo but I like it, I can imagine how he is in pain because he needs to control his feeling due to their huge age gap. And in the end he stops running away and becomes a passionate lover ( ´艸`)ムププ There is another reason why I love this game (beside the arts and story), the friendship theme in this game is awesome. I totally love Suo and Mai friends, they are so understanding and support them all the way.

PS: Totally in love with Kamizono ( ´艸`)


4 responses

  1. Awwe man! I played the demo and I’m so looking forward to this game. Reading this review made it all the more appealing to me! I love it. Can’t wait to have more free time for myself to play this game! Thanks! (^v^)

    • ^-^/ yeah surprisingly this game is really good despite the age gap since the heroine is only 17 years old xD I will recommended you to play it too (ノ∀`●)⊃ Thank you for reading too ^-^

  2. Aaah, pengen main juga… tapi ga nemu link download-nya T.T

    Art-nya bagus bgt, and walopun chara-nya buka tipe kesukaanku ( pdhahal ossan tuh :p ), tapi aq suka bgt sama ceritanya…
    Walopun sempat kesel jga waktu dy bersikap dingin ke heroine coz alasan perbedaan umur and justru omiai ma orang lain, tapi aq tetep suka sama keseluruhan ceritanya.. bagus kalo bwt aq (^v^)

    Dtunggu yang selanjutnya and thanks bgt bwt review-nya 🙂

    • (ノ∀`●)⊃ aku juga main ini gara2 ossannya, pas banget umurnya sama aku haha Awalnya aku juga ga gt suka sama Suo soalnya dia agak jaga jarak gitu tapi di game ini ada saat2 pas PoVnya berubah jadi Suo. Pas itu jadi bisa tau apa yang ada di pikirannya, memang sih dia dingin sama Mai buat kebaikan Mai juga, cuman emang gregetan juga sih haha

      Sebenernya aku lebih demen sama Kamizono, kocak banget dia ^-^/

      Makasih udah baca juga sis (ノ∀`●)⊃

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