An Apology …

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry it is not a review.

First I want to apologize because I am so slow with updating the blog. These past months were really hectic for me, because I’m working from Monday to Saturday, and also at night I have a Japanese class. Basically I can only play on Saturday & Sunday. And also atm I clearing some my RPG backlogs.

With that said, I hope you can bear with my slowness. And thank you for sticking up with me, but fear not I’m still playing otoge ^-^

See you again soon キャァ♪ o(・ω・o) (o・ω・o) (o・ω・)o キャア♪


5 responses

  1. you’re not the only one not posting reviews xD; *coughmetoocough*
    I’m pretty much on hiatus from otome gaming as well. as much as I’d like to play, I can’t seem to find anything that fits my taste >: I’m really picky but I just want to play a really good otoge orz.
    anyway good luck with uh, anything you’re facing! XD

    • Yeah I think most of my friends kinda hiatus on otome gaming, and I’m the type that get bored easily lols. For good otoge I heard Mysteria has a good story? You are not the only one, I’m so picky too orz.

      Maybe if Dousei Kareshi is out I can get motivated again xD (cross-finger).

      Thank you so much, good luck to you too ^-^/

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