Dot Kareshi I -We’re 8bit Lovers-


Title : Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers-

Publisher: Rejet

The heroine in this game is you, a high school student who likes playing RPG called Ultimate Quest. You are absorbed into the game’s world and meet with the characters in the game (Hero,Wizard,Thief and Priest). Unfortunately they bear a grudge against you, the one who created them. Because of you they suffer death multiple times and have warped personality (since you are the one who is controlling them). So they demand you to take a responsibility by doing unfinished quests with them. While you are traveling with them, you will find out the debug list inside the pot. Lots of people have been absorbed into game due to this bug, and the only way to return to real world is by clearing a quest.



He is supposedly ‘the main hero’ so he is a bit arrogant but in a funny way. He is pretty angry with you because you named him takuan aka pickle radish. If you choose his quest, he’ll say that you are right to choose him since he is the main character. Suddenly he hugs you and says “so it’s mean, you like me the most?” His quest it to retrieve a legendary hero’s sword. He complains to you because you never change/upgrade his sword and only focusing to leveling him up into lv 99, so he wants a sword that is cooler than his current one. He is after all the handsome hero ( yes…. he did praise himself : ‘オレ様はイケメンゆうしゃ様 だからな’)  ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ Later on they need to slay the dragon to clear the quest, the priest comes with brilliant idea, he wants to use you as decoy and all of them agree. Of course you refuse the idea . Anyway it’s not the easy quest to kill the dragon, the wizard is confused, priest is silenced, and thief is dead. Hero protects you from dragon’s attack, he says not to worry. Fortunately he manages to kill the dragon due to his high level, he collects the dragon’s sphere and as a reward the villager gives him a legendary hero’s sword. Now you must be prepare because he demands the kiss from you as a reward.

(This event is the common route)

After clearing a quest all of them are having a bath, and because all the guys are pervert so they want to peep on you. The Thief tries to climb the fence (and you throw him a bucket), The priest uses magic to heal thief, and the Wizard creates a whirlpool to trap you.

At night Hero comes to your room, he pleads you not to go back to real world. He still wants to do another quests and spends more time with her. He will protect you from dragon or anything else that will harm her. While pushing you down, he says that he won’t let her go. Because you are so startled, you pushes him and run away.

Good ending


When you are surrounded by light, Hero hugs you and ends up in your world. Sometimes he gets bored because there is no monster to fight, and also he doesn’t know anything about this world. Since he is a hero, he is confident to overcome the difficulty. Later on he takes you to the park, and kisses you. For your sake he will try finding the job, he comes to your world not to  become your guest but he wants to spend your life with you. Then he confesses his love to you.

Normal Ending


When you are almost going back, Hero manages to snatch you and as the result you remain in the game. You are having adventure with him, and he helps you to level up. After you clear the quest alone, he is so excited and hugs you, and also he is planning to do more naughty things in the inn.



His quest is to retrieve a magic book, Wizard has low HP and weak at physical attack. He complains to you because you neglect him a lot, like turning off the movie effect when he casts a powerful spell. They arrive at spooky mansion, it seems Hero and Thief don’t like zombie because they are smelly and dirty. While others are busy fighting zombies, Wizards demands you to restore his MP by giving him a kiss. Unfortunately thanks to Hero, he loses his chance to kiss you. Finally they find the magic book but to retrieve it they need to kill a boss aka reaper. Since reaper is immune to physical attack so Thief backs away. The main attacker is Wizard for this quest, after some difficulty they manage to defeat the reaper and collect the magic book. It seems the book has the ability to summon a reaper, excited with the idea Wizard brings the reaper back because using a high level magic will have movie effect and he wants to appear cool. But too bad the movie effect is not activated since you already turned it off before. And his bad luck doesn’t stop there, he forgot that his MP is empty, and he demands you to strip naked so he can restore his MP ( ´艸`)ムププ

At night after taking a bath, Wizard visits your room to give you a water. He is sad because you will go back to your world, he doesn’t want you to disappear from him. He pushes you on bed and offers to give you drink mouth to mouth, but you run away from him.

Good Ending


You are going back to your world along with Wizard. In your world, Wizard gets a job by using his magic to investigate couples affair. He brings you along in undercover operation and demands you to act as love-dovey couple. In the end he kisses you and says ‘I love you’.

Normal Ending


You remain in the game, and helping Wizard with his research about other world. He promises will send you back, but from  now he wants to stay with you.



The Priest is the Do-S character and you need to beg or he won’t heal you. If you choose his quest  , he will hug you and say perverting thing. Others are complaining because most priest’s quests are boring but he manages to threatened them so they will cooperate. For the quest, they need to cure a disease in a particular village, and of course the Priest is boasting his skill and confident he can do it. He is glad for this quest, by clearing it he can become the savior and the villagers will worship him ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャ. First they are searching for the herb to cure the disease. Too bad the herb is in the monster’s nest area, while others are busy fighting, the Priest flirt with you. Hero shouts to do his job properly, and of course Priest wants Hero to beg and kneel first before curing him. A monster manages to break the fighters and run towards you but Priest shields you and in result he dies. Though he used auto-resurrection spell before so he is alive again, he assures you not to worry. After collecting herbs and curing the villagers, he demands you to show gratitude by stripping naked because he saved your life.

At night Priest comes to visit and wants you to strip  naked. He pushes you down on bed and asks you not return to real world. He wants you to stay by his side, and he will forces you by doing pervert things until you agree. Of course you push him and run away as usual.

Good Ending


You are going back to your world along with priest, but he complains so much because you are ignoring him and study a lot. Because of you he is coming to this world, so he demands you to have a date outside since he is so bored. After returning from date he lays down on bed with you. He admits he wants to do boyfriend-girlfriend activity. He kisses her and confess his love.

Normal Ending


You remain in the game and having adventure with Priest. He teaches you a simple heal spell while groping you from behind. You are his so he won’t let you go.



If you choose his quest, he will give you a chuu aka kiss. Other guys have zero interest with this quest because it involves stealing a tiara so they will wait until he returns. Thief threatens to do naughty things if he is alone with you ( ´艸`)ムププ and this makes you to beg others to join the quests. When they are arrive at the cave, they need to fight a boss, and it’s a strong one. They can’t hurt him so Thief suggests the others to keep him busy while he steals the tiara. Later on Thief gives a tiara to you and teases you, he wants to make you his.

At night Thief comes to your room without permission aka using his skill to open the lock. Since he is already clear the quest so he wants a kiss from you as a reward. You try to run away but he grabs your hand and pushes you down on bed. He kisses the nape of your neck and collarbone and wants to claim his reward. But you are flustered and push him away and run away just like in other’s route.

Good Ending


You are going back to your world along with thief, there are lots of thing he doesn’t know in your world but since you are here so he is okay. Thief and you are having a date in museum and when no one around, he grabs you from behind and kisses you. He is tempted to steal a tiara that is displayed in museum, but he won’t do it if you give him a kiss. You kiss him and he is so happy and says ‘I love you’.

Normal Ending


You remain in the game and doing a treasure hunting with Thief. In the middle of quest, the Thief is doing a naughty thing to you. He licks a dirt off your face. He tells you to remain here with him.

divider leafs


This game is short but totally fun, I just love all the guys here and even though the heroine doesn’t say actual word but her reaction is totally funny. The ranking of the guys for me : Hero > Thief > Priest = Wizard. Be warned though, all the guys in this game are pervert in their different way and I’m not complaining ( ´艸`)ムププ

6 responses

  1. おつかれさまでしたー☆
    Reading your review just made me want to play even more…….. From time to time I’ve been tempted to start the game but alas my seemingly-endless backlog and non-existent free time prevented me from doing so ; A ; but even if I do, the question becomes.. WHOSE QUESTS TO CHOOSE FIRST? orz

    Anyways, is this the order you played during your playthrough?

    • This game is very short, I think you can beat the whole game within 4 hours. I laughed so hard with their perverted lines lols. Yupz that’s my order during my playthrough but I’ll recommend : Wizard-Priest-Thief-Hero. Better save the best for the last xD

      And thank you for reading too ( ´艸`)ムププ

  2. Sekilas plot ceritanya agak mirip sama real rode ya, sis :p
    Bagus ga gamenya, sis? Tertarik sama wizard and priest-nya ❤
    Ada system RPGnya kan, ya? Soalnya lagi bosen sama otoge yang pure story gtu xD

    • Aku belom pernah main real rode sis tp klo ga salah denger emang mirip2 plotnya. Cuman sayang ga ada RPGnya sama sekali, jadi ini asli VN aja kok, cuman singkat banget. 4 jam bisa tamat semua xD Haha wizard ama priestnya emang kocak juga kok. Apalagi itu priestnya xD Priest tp pervert lols,

      Thanks for reading ^-^/

      • Iya sis emang mirip ceritanya, pernah mainin walopun ga smw route jga.. si heroine hobi main game and masuk ke dalam dunia game gtu 🙂
        Wah ga ada ya? Padahal pngen bgt main kalo misalnya ada coz kaya’nya kok lucu gtu and banyak yg bilang bagus pula.
        Tapi kaya’nya boleh deh dcoba, soalnya beneran penasaran sama wizard and priestnya hehe 😀
        Haha, emang kelihatan bgt kok sis dari matanya kalo si priest itu pervert xD

        Thanks too for the review! ^-^

        • Iya nih sayang ga ada, cuman patut dicoba soalnya kocak banget xD Karakter conya semua ga ada yang nyebelin ^-^/ Haha keliatan yah dr matanya paling pervert tuh, terus katanya yang ke-2 jauh lebih pervert karakter2nya xD

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