Corpse Party – Book of Shadow


Finally I have finished this horror game that made me scream (despite I like playing horror game). Book of Shadow is kinda like an alternative version of Blood Covered – Repeated Fear. If you played the Blood Drive, you will remember one of the ending where Ayumi, Yoshiki, Naomi and Satoshi make a prayer to Sachiko to return home. When Satoshi wakes up and goes to school, he finds that Mayu, Morishige, Yui-sensei, and Seiko are still alive. Basically they are sent back to the time before they play the Sachiko Ever After Charm. This time only Satoshi who remembers the whole ordeal while he was in Heavenly Host Elementary School. When the gang perform the ritual again, Satoshi tries to prevent it but unfortunately he fails, resulting them to experience the horror for the 2nd time.

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