Yume Kare – Chihiro Version

chihiro夢カレ ver.千尋

CV: 瀬内蘭丸 (Seuchi Ranmaru)


Do you want to be loved to death by your yandere boyfriend? 

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PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Phantom

After you finish at least 1 ending for other guys (Raoul, Remy, Philippe, and Richard), the story for Phantom is accessible. The story begins when Moncharmin receives the letter from Phantom, it is said that Moncharmin will receive the punishment for his wrongdoing. He tears the letter and ignores the threat.  Later the story jumps to Christine, before she is hired at Opera’s Theater, she always visit the church to receive the letter from her benefactor. She doesn’t know the identity of this man, but he always sends her money, letter, and he even gives her the ruby necklace. The priest begins talking about Erick to her, but she can’t remember him at all. He only says that Erick is her childhood friend.

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PersonA – Opera Za no Kaijin – Remy

While practicing, Christine is thinking about Remy. He recommended her for taking the audition, that’s why she will work hard so she will not disappoint him. After her first debut as opera singer, she comes to Remy asking for her performance. Remy says she still needs to work hard. In the dressing room, Raoul comes to invites her for dinner, and in the hallway they meet with Remy. She introduces Raoul to Remy. At the restaurant, Raoul asks about her father and brother. Her brother is missing since she was child, and since then her father health is worsen and eventually died.

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